Leadership Change Project Framework

Today, the most significant concern across healthcare organizations is the impact of technological innovations on the quality of care. There is growing support for adopting information technology to improve clinical outcomes and promote patient experience. In most hospitals, the storage of healthcare records has posed a severe problem. Mutshatshi et al., (2018) found that poor record-keeping undermines patient care, which arises from communication breakdown among healthcare providers and increased medico-legal risks that hinder clinical care goals. Relying on paper-based records limits accessibility of health records and decreases clinical workflow. Unlike electronic health records with cloud backup and storage, paper-based records lack backup and have limited security leading to increased healthcare information loss. As a result, integrating information technology in healthcare is necessary to improve health outcomes and reduce medical errors. Recent healthcare reform creates opportunities for digitalizing health records to reduce medical errors and improve patient care. Transitioning from paper-based records to electronic health records can significantly improve clinical efficiency and productivity. This implies that emerging technologies can transform care to improve patient outcomes. Continue reading “Leadership Change Project Framework”

Research Paper on Comparative Genomics

Humankind has been utilizing the antimicrobial effect of Lactococcus SSP and various lactic acid bacteria in its diverse forms for a long time. The aim assumed the extension of the shelf life for the food products due to the formation of lactic acid with a concomitant decrease in pH, and also biologically active substances that have a bactericidal effect on microorganisms, including the pathogenic forms. In the currently available literature, researchers assign a leading place in explaining the phenomenon of antagonism of lactic acid bacteria to the bacteriocins. In the future, interest in the use of bacteriocins will only increase. One of the foremost aspects of this interest presumes the increased consumer demand for food quality and health safety since the widely used chemical preservatives and antibiotics, which increase the shelf life of food, cause critical concerns. Synthesis of bacteriocins designates a hereditary feature of microorganisms manifested in the fact that each strain is capable of forming some antibiotic substances strictly specific for it. In most populations of lactococci, bacteriocin synthesis could be subjected for inducing by genetic engineering methods in terms of comparative genomics. Continue reading “Research Paper on Comparative Genomics”

Export Strategy Research Paper

The long-term goal of a company in a market economy is to increase its value. To do this, the company seeks to maximise its profits, leading effective activities and increasing its competitive advantages. Entering foreign markets, companies set the strategic goal of ensuring access to resources, access to markets, access to a variety of preferences and favourable business conditions, economic effects of development (synergy effect, economies of scale, the economic effect of outsourcing). It is important to understand that a higher level of risk characterises work on the international market compared to the domestic market due to differences in cultural, economic, political, legal conditions, a higher level of competition and requirements for product quality, and a higher level costs associated with international marketing research and product sales. An effective method is to internationalise the company via e-commerce.

Europe is a potential region for promoting internet business. Growth will occur mainly due to the increasing number of users of mobile devices and the Internet in emerging markets, the penetration of mobile sales, the development of delivery and payment options and the entry of international brands into new markets. As a result, considering the changes in production technology, expansion and improvement of product distribution channels, shortening the life cycle of modern high-tech products, there is a change in the system of relationships between market actors, which, in turn, leads to a transformation of the market structure. Continue reading “Export Strategy Research Paper”

How to Build a Men’s Ministry Research Paper

Men are known not to be as social as women. Thus, the development of ministries for men needs to be approached from a perspective of first promoting relationships between the men involved before the rest of the agenda can be pursued. In essence, there is a need that ministers working among men understand the different dynamics of men-men relationships and develop ministries with an understanding of the specific features. Specifically, men are known to form their relationships from activities whereas women build their relationships face-to-face through talking. Therefore, a men’s ministry should work on developing a trusted mechanism of promoting relations and allowing men to form support systems among themselves. Besides, it is vital that men be directed towards a close walk with God because this is the ultimate goal of ministry. This document presents a description of the different considerations in the formation of a men’s department in the church. Continue reading “How to Build a Men’s Ministry Research Paper”

Acculturation of Australian Immigrants and Its Psychological Impact

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Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. As of 2017, Australia had a population of 24.6 million people. The original occupants of Australia were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. However, the country has had a steady increase in immigrants, mainly from Europe, and the indigenous people today make up only 2.4% of the population. The immigrants are now from different parts of the world, but the majority still comes from Europe. The country has had favourable immigration policies, a factor that has contributed to the steady increase in the number of immigrants to the country. The country has three main immigration programs, which include humanitarian programs, migration programs, and settlement and migration services. Continue reading “Acculturation of Australian Immigrants and Its Psychological Impact”

Final Report for Internship Evaluation

Executive Summary
This is an internship report by a university student undergone at Ufq Al-Aqsa, a limited company, as an assistant to the project manager. The internship program started on 19 January 2019 and was completed the program on 12 March 2019. It was mandatory for the student to undergo the three-month internship program, which will equate to 3-hour credits, for the awarding of a university degree.

The objective of the internship program was to introduce the student to real-life situations in the professional world, away from the classroom. The program allowed students to put into practice, in the industrial environment, the theories they had learned in class. It enabled young professionals to practice the code of conduct in the business environment. The program was a great opportunity for the intern to learn how people conduct themselves in the business environment. Continue reading “Final Report for Internship Evaluation”

Gene Therapy Research Paper

Many patients have been able to be treated from complicated diseases due to the improvement that has been achieved in the field of modern medicine.[1] However, some diseases have become quite a challenge to the medical world as they do not have a cure. Most of these incurable diseases are as a result of genetic disorders or deformities. Genetic disorders are not only inherited but can also be acquired through a number of mutations that occur in the gene resulting in a changes on a number of gene factors. Cystic fibrosis is such a genetic disorder and it occurs when there is a singular gene nutation on a chromosome. Another disorder from gene mutation is multiple sclerosis that is linked to multiple mutations on a chromosome [2]. The two disorders do not have a cure and the treatment used on such patients are only to manage the available symptoms and not to treat the disease. However, there also a number of diseases that are not caused by chromosome abnormalities alone. Continue reading “Gene Therapy Research Paper”

Risk Analysis Research Essay

Risk analysis can be described as the systematic process of identifying and managing imminent threats that may compromise business growth and development. Today, the business landscape is under constant threat of risks such as natural disasters, employee liabilities, financial constraints, legal compliance issues, and operational failures, which is why firms should conduct risk analysis to recognize impending risks. A business entity utilizes the outcome of risk analysis to manage and mitigate their impact. The process guarantees the growth and sustainability of a business since adequate procedures are instituted to build the resilience capacity to cope and minimize the effects of risks. For Intel, having a risk analytic program against different types of threats is critical to its sustainability. Due to its global presence, it faces stiff competition risks that it has to mitigate in order to maintain its relevance in the marketplace. Intel should implement an effective and well-thought risk analytic program to lower competition risks and guarantee the sustainability of competitive sales and profit margins. Continue reading “Risk Analysis Research Essay”

Women With HIV Research Paper

Introduction and Identification of the Marginalized Group
Cook County leads in the population of women living with HIV across the state of Illinois. According to Brady et al. (2017), there exists a pronounced impact of HIV infections among marginalized groups such as women of low income earning category. Particularly, their ability to mitigate infection rates or manage the active cases of HIV is challenged by their income limitation. As a result, addressing their plight in the management of HIV may have a resounding effect on the mitigation of the statistics associated with Cook County. At the same time, an evaluation of the challenges related to the management of HIV among low income earning women may have a spiral effect beyond the geographical limits of the County or the state of Illinois at large. In essence, marginalization along income brackets features among the challenges facing women across the global societies (Hall et al., 2015). Equally, since HIV manifests across the globe, the developed findings regarding the marginalized women in Cook County may have an unambiguous effect on the practices adopted towards mitigating HIV infections across the world. Continue reading “Women With HIV Research Paper”

A Marketing Plan for Spirox

Spirox is a firm within the medical industry. It focuses more on the development of medical devices that can be used in the treatment of nasal complications. Initially, the firm was referred to as nasoform LLC. However, its transformation has made it to expand to other jurisdictions, away from its initial headquarters in California. Quite recently, Spirox has been operating as a subsidiary of a medical establishment referred to ad entellus. The firm has been seeking for funds so as to ensure the expansion of markets within several jurisdictions. This has been geared towards enabling product commercialization. Continue reading “A Marketing Plan for Spirox”