IFRS Research Proposal

Key References
Uyar, A., Kılıç, M., & Gökçen, B. A., (2016). Compliance with IAS/IFRS and firm characteristics: Evidence from the emerging capital market of Turkey. Economic research-Ekonomska istraživanja, 29(1), 148-161. doi.10.1080/1331677X.2016.1163949.

Globalization affects the accounting sector significantly, just like in all other fields. It is among the leading drivers for the harmonization of universal accounting practices. Harmonization is a technique of using a common language of business to facilitate global understanding. This reality is one of the main reasons for the emergence of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Uyar, Kilic, and Gokcen (2016) investigated the compliance level in Turkish companies coupled with the factors that influences the magnitude of adoption. This research was similar to that of Appiah et al. (2016), who assessed the same problem from a Ghanaian perspective. Notwithstanding, the former research is somewhat original as it investigates the level of IFRS compliance in Turkey. The authors used a comprehensive survey targeting the biggest Turkish industrial corporations, the ICI 500. The researchers realized that firm size, foreign ownership, training staff, and the listing status are primary determinants of IFRS compliance, while profitability and leverage are not (Uyar et al. 2016 148). This study will, thus, be a key reference point for the proposed research, which will focus on IFRS compliance in the United Kingdom. Continue reading “IFRS Research Proposal”

Student Retention Research Proposal

Student retention is a strategy aimed at the improvement of prestige of educational institution in order to save the number of its students and to prevent their transfer to another school. Obviously, student retention is a very relevant problem, because every college and university wants to attract the best students in order to increase its own prestige and improve its rates in comparison with other educational institutions. Naturally, if there are many talented students who receive high scores, their influence on the average progress of a college or university can not be overestimated. If a college possesses high average rates, it will receive grants and donation from the state government.

Therefore, administration of every university strives to provide its students with the best conditions in order to avoid their transfer to other universities and colleges. Continue reading “Student Retention Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Law and Economics

Law and economics is a process of the use of economic theory for the detailed analysis of law. It does not worth mentioning that the spheres of economics and law are interconnected and it is possible to observe law from the point of view of economics and vice versa. Laws affect economics seriously, because if the government makes good laws that enable everyone to start his own business easily, business environment of the country will be favorable and its development will be rapid and intensive. It is natural that small and middle business is the main factor of a country’s prosperity, so it is important to make the right laws that will provide small and middle entrepreneurs with favorable opportunities for the development of their business. When there are no such opportunities, economy of a country will be poor. It is also possible to say that economy influences laws, because very often, unfaithful governors create laws in order to support their own business. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Law and Economics”

Research Proposal on Social Capital

Social capital is a concept in sociology, economics and political studies that defines social networks and their interconnections in society. In addition, there are many extra explanations of this term that define the value and importance of social capital for the good of human society. Social capital is often confused with physical and human capital, though all these types of capital are interconnected and influence one another. For example, physical capital is represented with equipment and material resources; human capital is understood as human knowledge and skills obtained through education. Complex of physical and human capital define the effectiveness of social capital, because it illustrates how people apply their knowledge on practice and use equipment for their benefit. Social capital is an interesting phenomenon, because it plays the role of an accumulator of human knowledge. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Social Capital”

Unsafe Abortion Research Proposal

Unsafe abortion is a procedure that is aimed to stop pregnancy in the improper conditions by an amateur physicist. Nowadays, when a woman wants to terminate her pregnancy, she is able to apply for help at a physicist who will do this operation in the safest and professional way. Unfortunately, the problem of abortion is very delicate and it requires its own original approach.

Some young women are afraid of informing their parents about abortion or they avoid doing it officially in order to prevent informing their family doctors about this decision. As a result, many women decide to do unsafe abortion asking amateurs and unskillful third people for help. Obviously, many women also conduct this operation, because it is cheaper. Unsafe abortions are quite widespread among young women all over the world, especially in the countries where abortion is a crime. Of course, women are deprived of their right to terminate their pregnancy in the regular conditions, so the single way out is to do it under assistance of an amateur. Continue reading “Unsafe Abortion Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Judiciary

Judiciary is the independent branch of government that makes sure that other branches of government fulfil their duties in the right way. Judiciary is represented by courts of different levels. The most important and influential court of the majority of countries is the Supreme Court that makes sure that the President and Parliament fulfil their constitutional duties well. When other branches of government have questions about the validity of laws, they are able to find the answer at the Supreme Court, because its duty is to solve all problems in the legal constitutional way. Moreover, the Court interprets every law in detail in order to make it clear to every citizen of the country, though the Court does not have any rights to invent its own laws. The Supreme Court observes only the most important problems and its decision is supposed to be the most important one. Problems of lower importance are observed at other regional and local courts. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Judiciary”

Social Psychology Research Proposal

Social psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the human activity and behaviour in the conditions of the relations between different people in different social groups. The most important problems for the research of social psychology are the rules or communication and cooperation between people; activity of big (nations, classes) and small social groups; socialization of the personality, etc. It is natural that social psychology is a complicated and well-structured discipline which has close connections with other disciplines, like sociology, psychology, economy, political sciences, philosophy, etc. The discipline focuses on the great number of problems, for example, the social and psychological phenomena in big social groups, the influence of mass media and communication on the human behaviour and psychics; the rules of spreading of the public mood, culture, traditions and customs. Then, social psychology studies the peculiarities of the human relations in microenvironment, like small social groups, the issues of leadership, motivation, etc.

Finally, the discipline learns the social and psychological peculiarities of the human psychics studying the human individual. Here the experts pay attention to the problems of the human behaviour in different social situations, the issue of self-esteem, self-respect, adaptation, the role of an individual in small and big social groups, etc. Social psychology is quite a young discipline, because it had its birth in the 20th century when the value of the human life increased. The experts decided that it is necessary to study the peculiarities, cause and effect of the definite human behaviour in the particular situations with the purpose of conflict resolution, improvement of the methods of the process of socialization, etc. Continue reading “Social Psychology Research Proposal”

Retail Marketing Research Proposal

Retail marketing is the process of the professional promotion of products in small quantities to consumers with the aim to receive the highest profit. Retail marketing differs from other forms of marketing with the simple element – retail sale is the sale of a very small number of goods in the definite place, while other forms of marketing are aimed at the promotion of goods among the broad audience. It is quite difficult to carry out the right policy of retail marketing, because small retailers often face the problem of serious competition with big supermarkets and malls which sale an enormous number of products in one place. The choice of goods at small retail stores is poorer, and the only way out is to brainstorm the right strategy which will help one to promote retail products better. Retail marketing starts from the right identification of the product. Most often the products sold at retail stores are original and handmade, what makes them attractive to the certain categories of consumers. Continue reading “Retail Marketing Research Proposal”

Marketing Strategy Research Proposal

Marketing strategy is the complex of efforts and actions aimed at the professional organization of one’s business and promotion of his goods and services and receive the highest profit. Obviously, it is not enough to produce quality goods and services, because one should also do his best to make them popular among consumers and a good and well-balanced marketing strategy will be quite useful in this case. Marketing strategy includes a great number of components which have the idea of promoting the product to the target audience. The first element is the choice of the target audience which will purchase the product eagerly. The experts will need to pay attention to the cultural, ethical, social and economic background of the target audience in order to persuade them to buy the product. For example, a smart promoter will dwell on the practical usefulness of the product advertising it to men and on its look and exclusiveness advertising it to women. Then, the strategy depends on the expert’s ability to work out a successful pricing policy. Continue reading “Marketing Strategy Research Proposal”

E-Procurement Research Proposal

E-procurement is the process of purchase of the goods by the customer and it includes the processes of making the order, understanding of its purpose, the choice of the supplier, signing of the contract and delivery of the product with the help of the Internet.

Procurement is one of the core elements of logistics. Very often people understand procurement as supply, though the term is much broader than the simple supply of the resources or products. In simple words, procurement is the process which embraces the move of materials from suppliers – storage and transportation.

E-procurement is the same process but it is maintained with the help of the Internet. Nowadays it is fairly impossible to imagine a company which would not possess its own website and provide its clients with the opportunities to order the goods and services online. So, the sector of e-procurement is quite developed today and it is based on the business-to-business, business-to-customer and business-to-government operations. The operations are maintained by the electronic networking systems which provide both businessmen and clients with the opportunity to communicate with one another or interchange data. Continue reading “E-Procurement Research Proposal”