Cyber Bullying Term Paper

Cyber bullying is a term which means intentional insult, threat, defamation and any other harmful content delivered with the help of the means of communication during the long period of time. The aim of cyber bullying is to fear and to humiliate the target. Cyber bullying has become quite widespread nowadays, because of the rapid development of IT and the increase of its role in our life. The most widespread targets of cyber bullying are students, celebrities, public figures, politicians, businessmen, etc. What is more important is that the victim has already been a target of bullying in her real life, so cyber bullying is just a new approach from her abuser’s side. For example, if the student is not popular in his class because of some reasons, he can be abused with the help of the Internet, social networks, smart phone, etc.

The consequences of cyber bullying are quite tragic, because the child loses his self-esteem and self-confidence and it can cause harm to his future life and worldview. Cyber bullying is characterized with anonymous 24/7 psychological abuse, because the target receives a great number of insulting messages and telephone calls any time of the day and night. Continue reading “Cyber Bullying Term Paper”

Sula Term Paper

Sula is the novel written by the American author Toni Morrison in 1973. The novel is one of the numerous successful books by the famous writer who has received Nobel Prize and several other awards in the field of literature. Sula describes the live of the African Americans in the town Bottom in Ohio. The major character is Sula Peace – the girl who lived in unconventional family and the whole town treats the family as the eccentric one. Sula’s best friend is Nel and she is completely different with Sula, because her family is conventional and they always follow rules and try to keep to the regular traditional lifestyle. In spite of the deep difference the girls became best friends and remained such till high school when they decided to choose the different path in their lives. Nel chose family life and got married with Jude while Sula left the town and lived her own life. Continue reading “Sula Term Paper”

Term Paper on School Choice

School choice is the process of the detailed and attentive analysis of the schools which can become the most useful for the child.

The problem of school choice has always been relevant in the human society, though the number of schools and their types is bigger than centuries ago. Nowadays the problem focuses on the material and spiritual basis of the school, its speciality, location and price for education. The majority of schools in the USA are free of charge as they are financed by the local government or by the citizens’ taxes, though there are private schools which offer expensive and more quality education. Years ago the biggest factor which influenced the school choice is the location of the institution, because if the school was too far from home, it was not accepted by parents, so they chose schools which were close to the residence. Continue reading “Term Paper on School Choice”

Siddhartha Term Paper

Siddhartha is an allegoric novel written by the German writer Hermann Hesse in 1922. The novel is about the young Brahman Siddhartha and his friend Govinda. Siddhartha is a noble and respected man and he has decided to devote the whole his life to the search of ?tman – the absolute which exists inside every human being. During the journey Siddhartha turns into Sama?a – ascetic and poor and Govinda follows him believing that this lifestyle can help them find the absolute. Nevertheless, Siddhartha feels that Samana lifestyle will not help him reach his aim, so he decides to fulfill the pilgrimage with Govinda to Gautama Buddha. Unfortunately, Siddhartha does not accept his doctrine, while Govinda has attained enlightenment and does not question the truthfulness of the doctrine but he understands that he is not worthy to accept and follow it. It is impossible to become Buddha only with the help of doctrines – one can reach to it only with the help of experience. Continue reading “Siddhartha Term Paper”

Term Paper on TV Violence

TV violence is the practice of broadcasting TV programmes and movies which contain too much violence. Nowadays the problem of TV violence is quite relevant, because every day people watch TV and see there movies and programmes with the scenes of crime and shocking content which can cause harm to the human psychics. Naturally, TV is a kind of business and one of the means of manipulation of the human mind. Obviously, the scenes of violence not just disturb the human mind but also shock the society and cause harm to the vulnerable child’s psychics. When the child spends much time watching films full of the scenes of crime, he will gradually think that the scenes are real and numerous phobias can be caused. In addition, TV violence is supposed to cause such problems as child violence and child anxiety, because the child watches the content and absorbs the information treating it positively.

Very often children who watch violent movies and cartoons transfer this violence on the streets and into the family treating negatively younger brothers and sisters. On the other hand, violence on TV can cause a very specific problem – indifference towards the real dangers, family abuse and pain. Continue reading “Term Paper on TV Violence”

On the Road Term Paper

On the Road is the novel of the American writer Jack Kerouac. The book was written in 1951 but any publishing house agreed to publish it, so the author had to edit and revise the text till 1957 when the book was accepted by the publishing house Viking Press. In spite of the negative response of the readers and critics the novel became a bestseller and made Jack Kerouac famous as one of the classic American writer in the genre of prose.

On the Road is one of the most prominent and popular novels belonging to The Beat Generation, no wonder the book is considered to be among the best 100 books of all times and among the best 100 books of various categories. Every year more than 130 000 books are sold all over the world. The novel is about the travelling of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady about the territory of the USA and Mexico. Francis Ford Coppola received the right to make a screen version of the book and the movie saw the world in 2012. Continue reading “On the Road Term Paper”

Term Paper on Marijuana

Marijuana is the mixture of the grinded parts of Cannabis plant which can be used as psychoactive drug or painkiller in medicine.

The most common way of making the drug is to grind the leaves and flowers of Cannabis where there is high concentration of resin. Most often marijuana is produced form the female plants as they are the richest in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the main narcotic substance. People have known about marijuana for thousands of years and its effect was widely used for various purposes. The popularity of the drug increased in the 20th century because of different reasons – religions, cultural and political factors. In many countries marihuana became illegal in the 20th century while in other countries (the USA, the Netherlands) it is only slightly illegal and can be used for medical purposes.

All in all the use, storage and distribution of marijuana is not a felony and the person is punished with the fine and a few years of imprisonment for distribution. The impact of marijuana on the human health is different. Continue reading “Term Paper on Marijuana”

Digital Image Processing Term Paper

Digital image processing is the complex of actions which are characterized with the processing of digital photos and images with the help of the computer algorithms. Nowadays with the rapid development and growth of popularity of digital photography and computer technologies it has become possible to process any image in the most effective way. There are many computer programs which are aimed at the improvement of the quality of digital images or application of various effects on them with the aim of making them original and beautiful. Digital image processing is not just the processing of the simple photos taken by a digital camera; it is something more important and serious, because the technology of image processing is applied in many spheres of the human life. The process started in the second half of the 20th century with the space explorations. The experts processed the first photos taken by satellites in order to provide the humanity with the images of open space and galaxies. Continue reading “Digital Image Processing Term Paper”

Term Paper on E-Waste

E-waste is the computers, TV-sets, cell-phones, home appliances, etc which have been thrown away by their owners. There is no precise definition of the appliances which are recognized as e-wastes, but the general understanding of the problem is the wastes which consist of the appliances used for the storage and manipulation of information. In spite of the fact that the definition of the issue contain the term “wastes”, the actual meaning of the matter is a bit different, because the electronic devices which are thrown away can be still used.

For example, the most common types of wastes are the old parts of the computers, the owners of which decided to improve the quality and power of the machine. In spite of the fact that the old parts are not as effective as the new ones, they can still be used on practice. So, the main problem of e-wastes is the unreasonable use of the resources which are at the human disposal.

It is possible to insert the old parts into another computer instead of throwing it away, utilize or repair the details, but people fail to do it and waste enormous amount of resources. Continue reading “Term Paper on E-Waste”

Term Paper on Happiness

Happiness is the psycho-emotional condition of the deep satisfaction and joyfulness about the human life. It is obvious that happiness gives the biggest joy for the human being and this condition can be called the major one if one speaks about the quality and the sense of life. The issue on happiness can be observed form different points of view – philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, economics, etc.

Naturally, the phenomenon of happiness is quite an abstract one and it is very difficult to explain its nature from all possible sides. The easiest way to describe the state of happiness goes through the field of psychology. There have been created a lot of concepts and explanations of the cause and effect of happiness but all of them have something similar.

It is possible to observe the problem from the point of view of the research of the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow who claims that there are such sources of happiness – the satisfaction of physical needs (hunger, thirst, sleep); needs for safety; love; respect and self-actualization. Continue reading “Term Paper on Happiness”