The Adventures of Tintin Essay

is a young and energetic Belgian reporter with a characteristic forelock, main character of the comic book series The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) by Belgian artist Hergé worked from 1929 until the late 1970’s. Tintin constant companion in all his adventures is a white fox terrier Milou.

In all probability, the hero’s name is associated with the French expression Faire tintin, which is close to the English saying to do much fuzz about nothing (about not effective, but the accompanying sound effect action).

In addition, the French diminutive names are often formed by the doubling of one of the syllables of the name: Cricri – from Christian, Doudou, from Édouard). Thus, Tintin can be diminutive form of a name containing the syllable “tin,” such as Constantin, Martin, Augustin or Valentin. In favor of this version, we can also say that in the name of the Tintin predecessor, Totor, it is easy to guess the Victor.

However, Hergé himself has refused to clarify the internal form of the name.

The forerunner of Tintin was externally similar to him boyscout Totor. Hergé’s comics printed the Totor comic series in the Scout Journal between 1926 and 1929. Some experts believe that a prototype of Totor, and Tintin, was Hergé’s younger brother Paul Remi, professional military. In addition to it, as a prototype of Tintin many other names were called.

As Totor, Tintin is savvy, with stamina, in good physical form and radiating optimism. He constantly engages in a variety of backroom intrigues that led him to exotic countries, distant from his native Belgium. In all series except the last, Tintin wears golf-trousers and trench coat.

In the post-war series Tintin constantly lives with Captain Haddock in a country estate of Marlinspike Hall. None of them seemed interested in women that still stirs whispers about the sexual orientation of the personages.

In the last two series published during Hergé’s life, his hero seems to be more cynical than ever before and somewhat tired of adventures. In both series (accepted without enthusiasm by the audience), he is embroiled in a string of events against his will. According to the artist, “Tintin had manipulated events, and now events manipulated him.

Like the other characters in the Adventures of Tintin, the protagonist of the comic book series has his age unchanged, that is, for half a century he maintains a constant appearance (although the surrounding world has evolved). His exact age is unknown; Tintin is young, but excellent at driving a car and even handling an aircraft; on the other hand, in Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Tintin au pays des Soviets), he often dresses in a police tunic, too big for him, which shows him as a teenager. In a questioning of Tintin fans, the majority (37%) believe that Tintinu is from 20 to 24.

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