Research Paper on Comparative Genomics

Humankind has been utilizing the antimicrobial effect of Lactococcus SSP and various lactic acid bacteria in its diverse forms for a long time. The aim assumed the extension of the shelf life for the food products due to the formation of lactic acid with a concomitant decrease in pH, and also biologically active substances that have a bactericidal effect on microorganisms, including the pathogenic forms. In the currently available literature, researchers assign a leading place in explaining the phenomenon of antagonism of lactic acid bacteria to the bacteriocins. In the future, interest in the use of bacteriocins will only increase. One of the foremost aspects of this interest presumes the increased consumer demand for food quality and health safety since the widely used chemical preservatives and antibiotics, which increase the shelf life of food, cause critical concerns. Synthesis of bacteriocins designates a hereditary feature of microorganisms manifested in the fact that each strain is capable of forming some antibiotic substances strictly specific for it. In most populations of lactococci, bacteriocin synthesis could be subjected for inducing by genetic engineering methods in terms of comparative genomics. Continue reading “Research Paper on Comparative Genomics”

Essay on Information Policy

Ways of Solving the Emerging Problem
In the world today, 99% of contracts between two parties are embodied in written standardized documents (Braun, 2005). For example, upon getting a phone repaired, a receipt which contains the customer’s name and the price of the service on the front is issued. The back of the receipt contains various terms and conditions of the servicer that has been offered. When paying for an airplane ticket after entering the credit card number at the bottom of the form there are standard term and conditions and two buttons marked “I accept” and “I do not accept” respectively. Most people click on “I accept” even without reading through the terms and conditions. Often, the submitting party is placed in an inferior bargaining position which may result in abuse of the contract terms of the standard form (Braun, 2005). Therefore, measures should be put in place to protect from unfair treatment that may arise from biased contract terms and considerations to the broad implications on licenses should generally be made. Continue reading “Essay on Information Policy”

Essay on Dove: Evolution of a Brand

Question One
A brand is the identity of any business. It gives distinguishing features to a service or a product. Whenever used for the firm, the favored term is considered as a trademark.

Unilever’s vision was that lessening the number of brands would give room for the corporation to improve the image and the brand of its organization.

The current decentralized method had prompted a cracked approach to managing different geographical markets. With fewer brands, Unilever could use them with existing solid characters and showcase these brands as the organization’s worldwide “Masterbrand”. Unilever intended to execute this approach through worldwide brand directors and influence the organization’s capacity to team up across all markets. Under the “Masterbrand” technique, just two umbrella brands later called “Masterbrand” would be pushed forward in making the global vision among their differing geographic markets. It would be reached by cleaning their image portfolio and muscling up resources for building a more grounded brand. Continue reading “Essay on Dove: Evolution of a Brand”

HIV and AIDS Treatment Essay Sample

While great progress has been made in preventing and treating HIV and AIDS, it continues to be a problem for countries around the world. It is a global pandemic causing suffering and millions of death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019), approximately 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV and about 15 percent of them are not aware that they are infected. An estimated 38,700 Americans became newly infected in 2016 (CDC, 2019). HIV is a virus which is spread through body fluids such as breast milk, blood, semen, anal fluids, and vaginal secretions. The virus attacks the body’s CD4 cells and overtime, it can destroy many of the cells that the body cannot fight off infections and diseases. This paves way for opportunistic infections such as cancer to take advantage of the body’s weak immune system and signal that the person has AIDS. This paper will focus on examining the known description of HIV and AIDS, how conventional and alternative medicine understands its cause and treatment, treatment, and research articles on the success of treating HIV and AIDS.

Known Description of HIV and AIDS Continue reading “HIV and AIDS Treatment Essay Sample”

Export Strategy Research Paper

The long-term goal of a company in a market economy is to increase its value. To do this, the company seeks to maximise its profits, leading effective activities and increasing its competitive advantages. Entering foreign markets, companies set the strategic goal of ensuring access to resources, access to markets, access to a variety of preferences and favourable business conditions, economic effects of development (synergy effect, economies of scale, the economic effect of outsourcing). It is important to understand that a higher level of risk characterises work on the international market compared to the domestic market due to differences in cultural, economic, political, legal conditions, a higher level of competition and requirements for product quality, and a higher level costs associated with international marketing research and product sales. An effective method is to internationalise the company via e-commerce.

Europe is a potential region for promoting internet business. Growth will occur mainly due to the increasing number of users of mobile devices and the Internet in emerging markets, the penetration of mobile sales, the development of delivery and payment options and the entry of international brands into new markets. As a result, considering the changes in production technology, expansion and improvement of product distribution channels, shortening the life cycle of modern high-tech products, there is a change in the system of relationships between market actors, which, in turn, leads to a transformation of the market structure. Continue reading “Export Strategy Research Paper”

Contextualizing Humor / Comedy in Culture Essay

Satire can be considered as a popular element of comedy that has been practiced for many decades. As an aspect of humor or an art form, satire can be used to point out the shortcomings of certain people, behaviors, and social issues in a manner that makes it rather absurd and funny and therefore, appealing to a larger audience (LeBoeuf 1). Furthermore, the use of irony to point out different problems and concerns is also commonly used in the satirical work. As it seeks to help the lower classes raise a voice against the class powers, satire thus can be contextualized in cultures as a form of left-culturalism (Barker and Jane 17). This essay will focus on the evolution and development of satire as a result of multiple forces and the work of famous satirists. Furthermore, this piece of writing will highlight the social actors that are connected to satire, and an episode from a modern satirical show will also be analyzed. Continue reading “Contextualizing Humor / Comedy in Culture Essay”

The Mind and the Body Essay

The existence and functionality of the mind and the body remains controversial concepts, both in the pre-modern and postmodern world. Ancient philosophers had difficult time explaining the connection or disconnection between the body and the soul – that is, the relationship between the physical properties and the mental properties. The physical science aspects of human beings include time, movement through space, color, weight, and size among others. Similarly, people have the mental properties, which entail mind consciousness – emotional experience, perceptual experience, and others and intentionality – desires, beliefs, and others. Since the self possesses the mental properties, they are private to the subject, unlike the physical ones, which can be observed by all. The body-mind challenge raises several questions – whether the mental states affects the physical states and vice versa. If so, to what extent? – causal question. On the other hand, the ontological question reviews the categories of the two states as well as their definitions. Continue reading “The Mind and the Body Essay”

Effects of Drought in California Essay

California is a western State of America with a population of about 40 million. It is the 3rd largest state and the most populous one in the. California has experienced the longest drought which as of January 29th 2019 had lasted 371 weeks beginning on December 27, 2011. The extreme cases were recorded in between 2014 and 2015 where almost no rainfall was experienced. The prolonged drought has caused acute water shortage in the state, seriously dented the agricultural based economy and adversely affected the state’s wildlife. The effects of the drought are still being experienced 2 years after the drought.

The drought resulted in a severe water shortage in the state. Responding to this, the state introduced strict water conservation measures wherein the urban centers were to reduce water consumption by 25% by whatever means necessary (Sokolow et al. 941.) Water scarcity triggered a hike in water price in the state and this extending to the agricultural sector and therefore the nutrition of the state was affected. The low income earners were the most affected as they only use water for domestic purposes. The availability of water has a direct bearing to the level of health of a state. The scarcity of water will expose the citizens to diseases and nutritional disorders both directly and indirectly adhered to water conservation the measures imposed during the drought. Continue reading “Effects of Drought in California Essay”

Brief Summary Essay Sample

Article 1
In the business world, various people have been playing the important role of ensuring the good allocation of resources within an organization. As such, the choice of the right steps to a given investment is one of the main functions of an entrepreneur. In most cases, successful business people have had to possess high level of IQ that allows the good coordination of all the available tasks within an organization. For example in the case of an entrepreneur, the individuals do not only deal with the present employees but also the suppliers and other critical people in the venture. Consequently, the article seeks to develop an analysis of the application of the big five personality traits and the issue of effective business management.

Remarkably, most people that take the risk of starting a business usually have the courage based on the available information concerning the intended industry by the person in question. As such, the concept of entrepreneurial self-efficacy has largely determined the success of diverse business people due to the need for good utilization of the available resources. In some cases, people that begin a venture without considering the entrepreneurial ability have the high chances of failing in the market. For example, without the application of the big five personality traits, the intention to invest is intensely affected due to the limited presence of the right techniques to handle certain vital matters. Therefore, based on the article, for any person to be a successful entrepreneur, there is the importance of considering factors such as the big five personality traits and entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE) concepts. Continue reading “Brief Summary Essay Sample”

How to Build a Men’s Ministry Research Paper

Men are known not to be as social as women. Thus, the development of ministries for men needs to be approached from a perspective of first promoting relationships between the men involved before the rest of the agenda can be pursued. In essence, there is a need that ministers working among men understand the different dynamics of men-men relationships and develop ministries with an understanding of the specific features. Specifically, men are known to form their relationships from activities whereas women build their relationships face-to-face through talking. Therefore, a men’s ministry should work on developing a trusted mechanism of promoting relations and allowing men to form support systems among themselves. Besides, it is vital that men be directed towards a close walk with God because this is the ultimate goal of ministry. This document presents a description of the different considerations in the formation of a men’s department in the church. Continue reading “How to Build a Men’s Ministry Research Paper”