Colonialism Through the Four Lenses

Colonialism from the Humanities Perspective
In the United States, Americans took solid control over the natives when the European settlement initially occurred. More conflict became predominant as the Europeans increased their focus on colonizing other countries. Colonization placed new, increased demands on the natives. For example, they were expected to convert to some form of Christianity and not only comprehend, but merge themselves into European culture and language for any chance of income, employment, or success. Various institutions like religion and schooling began to change for the natives, forcing them to become part of a culture that was alien to them. The prospect of European colonization continued throughout the seventeenth century, as many natives that still had control of their lands fought valiantly to preserve their culture. Continue reading “Colonialism Through the Four Lenses”

Indian Education Essay Sample

Westernization is the greatest challenge to the preservation of certain heritage languages and cultural practices across the globe. The popular use of English and other w western languages has led to the erosion of many languages in Asia and Africa (Wiley, Terrence G., et al., 124). However, many communities are struggling to restore their cultural heritage through continuous training and educational programs geared towards informing the people of the cultural benefits of their local languages and cultural beliefs. Even though it is difficult to restore them in totality, the idea is that preserving certain fundamental aspects of social history is beneficial for the sustainability of the culture. India has rolled out certain educational programs geared towards promoting heritage language as well as the cultural connection among people other the various cultural beliefs. Though it is faced with a lot of challenges, the program is beneficial to the country’s cultural and language preservation. Continue reading “Indian Education Essay Sample”

Synthesis Essay: Negative Effects of Technology on Communication

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Today’s technology advances have expanded exponentially, a factor that, according to Qualman (2011), is an effect of the internet and smartphone use among the public. Since the turn of the century, the internet has become the most significant tool in society. Indeed, it has allowed individuals from different areas of the world to communicate within an instant. The sharing of large amounts of information was unseen in previous eras. Social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Tweeter, and Facebook are products of increased internet use. Nevertheless, the technological marvel that is the internet did not reach its full potential until the introduction of the ‘Smart device’ such as the smartphone and electronic tablet. These devices granted social networks such as Twitter and Facebook a platform that allowed billions of people to communicate. Despite the advantages drawn from the advancement in technology there have been a number of issues that have been highlighted of its negative effect on conversations.

Ted Talk link.Sherry Turkle in her TED talk lecture Connected, but alone
Continue reading “Synthesis Essay: Negative Effects of Technology on Communication”

Essay on Airport Terminal Incident

Recently, an Asian doctor was violently pulled out of his seat and pulled across the aisle. This removal was done after the flight got overbooked and there was no volunteer to surrender his/her seat from a United Flight departing from Chicago to Louisville on a Sunday evening (Sini, 2017). The airline wanted two persons to volunteer their seats for personnel required to work the following day. When no one volunteered, the airline chose an Asian doctor and his wife for forceful removal (Sini, 2017). It seems the doctor was beaten up because 10 minutes later, he ran back onto the plane with a bloody face chanting that he needed to go home. The only response from the airport concerning handling the incident was for the airline to tweet an apology and put the security officers involved on leave (United Airlines, 2017). One can conclude that the airline has no respect for its customers or the security officers are racists. The incident caused a public outcry and exposed the consequences of human error and machine error in booking systems. Continue reading “Essay on Airport Terminal Incident”

Leadership Change Project Framework

Today, the most significant concern across healthcare organizations is the impact of technological innovations on the quality of care. There is growing support for adopting information technology to improve clinical outcomes and promote patient experience. In most hospitals, the storage of healthcare records has posed a severe problem. Mutshatshi et al., (2018) found that poor record-keeping undermines patient care, which arises from communication breakdown among healthcare providers and increased medico-legal risks that hinder clinical care goals. Relying on paper-based records limits accessibility of health records and decreases clinical workflow. Unlike electronic health records with cloud backup and storage, paper-based records lack backup and have limited security leading to increased healthcare information loss. As a result, integrating information technology in healthcare is necessary to improve health outcomes and reduce medical errors. Recent healthcare reform creates opportunities for digitalizing health records to reduce medical errors and improve patient care. Transitioning from paper-based records to electronic health records can significantly improve clinical efficiency and productivity. This implies that emerging technologies can transform care to improve patient outcomes. Continue reading “Leadership Change Project Framework”

Clinical Decision Making Essay

There is a difference between evidence-based and clinical practices in treating conditions facing patients. The significant gaps in the decision-making concerning the treatment show the need for an elaborate plan to gather information quickly to help decide the treatment that healthcare professionals can administer to a patient who gets an accident. It has become obvious that two systems are used in helping unconscious patients. System 1 deals with the intuitive idea that health care professionals may lack the opportunity to examine the patient using the approved standards. The second system deals with analyzing the evidence of the existence of a condition in a person. Although the second system could take a longer time to address the condition, it would be the most appropriate one to address such patients like those who experience falls. Proper decision-making in clinical health has to take three specific steps: collecting evidence, assessing severity, and management. Continue reading “Clinical Decision Making Essay”

Mother Korean Movie Review

Mother, is a Korean film that is based on a murder suspect and the unconditional love of a mother comes to the forefront to defend her accused son. It is hard for mothers to accept anything that depicts their children in a negative manner. Such are the accusations facing one of the character’s sons in this epic film. Obviously, the mother is not only in a rare denial mood but also would rather defend her son, Do-joon at all costs.

Mother comes from a modest family, whereby she is not well endowed materialistically. However, this material lack is well balanced out by her dignity. She is a traditional herbalist. Trying to make a living in the midst of biting poverty levels, Mother employs traditional herbal remedies to eke a living. Lack is the mother of all invention. Mother goes an extra mile in using her skills to practice private acupuncture, in a quest to make an extra coin. Basically, this film depicts the squalor lifestyle that some people lead in the midst of plenty. Her son, Do-joon is spared this struggle because of his underdeveloped memory capacity. Whereas the duo are struggling to make ends meet, the neighborhood cuts a complete different image. Continue reading “Mother Korean Movie Review”

Essay on ADHD Drug Overdoses

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ADHD appears among the most diagnosed disorders in child health. The acronym ADHD stands for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The term is broadly defined in scholarly literature. However, a succinct and complete definition by American Psychological Association defined the term as a mental condition in which an individual “displays patterns of, inattention, impulsivity and overactive behavior that interfere with daily functioning” (106). ADHD has established a causal relationship with a diverse number of mental and behavioral problems, including high school dropout rates, frequent accidents, and lower academic performance, to mention a few (Felt et al. 456). Scholars and scientists interested in cognitive science have established three distinct levels of ADHD. They suggest that when people living with ADHD are examined in a participant group consisting of students, three distinct groups can be identified from a selected sample depending on the severity and seriousness of the condition. The first set of victims tend to submit assignments late, are easily distracted, and less cooperative in class. These are the predominantly inattentive set of victims. The second group is predominantly hyperactive/ impulsive. Continue reading “Essay on ADHD Drug Overdoses”

Special Education Essay

Special Education Teachers’ Expectations of Principals
Principals and schools have new opportunities to create a learning environment that presents new challenges for educating children with special needs and their peers without. American scientists justify the need for a differentiated approach and the provision of conditions for each child’s optimal learning, emphasizing the need for change and transition from regular to inclusive schools or “effective schools” (Hughes et al., 2020). A school is useful when all learners can study successfully. An “effective school” concept differs from traditional education, where the student is considered inadequate and is blamed for low academic performance. The dysfunction of schools explains the student’s adverse learning outcomes and non-compliance with established educational standards. Kauffman and Badar (2014) consider the situation tragic, as the potential for growth and development exists. On the other hand, young people at the first stage of their lives think they are incapable of achievements (Pijl, 2007). Continue reading “Special Education Essay”

Intelligence and National Security Essay

The priority intelligence topic relates to the negative impact the UAE politics have on its police officers, which jeopardizes the safety of local citizens together with police units. UAE politicians are a threat and a nuisance to the nation’s police service. Political interference has not only led police officers into making unethical decisions that do not adhere to the nation’s constitution, but also has resulted to death of police officers and inhumanity within the police system. The nation created a distinctive national security strategy, although it is a project criticized as a mercenary operation developed by shady security firms. In 2011, the UAE sent around 500 officers for military intervention to Bahrain to work under the Saudi Gulf Cooperation Council to support Al Khalifa’s regime against the Shiite-led uprising (Katzman, 2017). Continue reading “Intelligence and National Security Essay”