Case Study Essay Example

Taylorism and Fordism are some of the most influential classical foundations of work organization. They not only exemplify the earliest building blocks of the modern management frameworks, but they also present theories and issues that recur in contemporary work organization literature. F.W Taylor first developed the assemblage of information about the organization of work following scientific and mechanical techniques.

His scientific management approach, also known as Taylorism, was built on the division of work that involved the classification of tasks into basic and habitual movements. The theory draws a clear distinction between the planning and execution roles. Taylor believed that the right job could only be effectively performed through one way that could only be scientifically developed and organized by managers and instructed to the other employees. To maximize efficiency, Taylor examined how his workers executed their tasks, classified the jobs into steps, and used a stopwatch to monitor the workers’ performance. He rewarded high output with high piece rates and set lower rates for poor results. Continue reading “Case Study Essay Example”

Essay on Companies in the Strongest/Weakest Positions

For the following section of companies in the strongest and weakest positions, one has selected three firms that were chosen in accordance with their profits and the quality of customer service. The proposed companies range from those successfully performing on the market, those starting their extension, and the one struggling with the business. Further, such companies as AT&T Inc., JamCell, and Virgin Mobile will be discussed and analyzed. Continue reading “Essay on Companies in the Strongest/Weakest Positions”

Paper Presentation on the Workplace

How to Create a Better Workplace
A workplace is a platform where people go to get their daily livelihood. People imagine having a working environment that is conducive and welcoming. There should be diverse perspectives welcomed and flexible enough to live a life outside work. People’s approach to work and life has evolved with time, but the working environment has remained the same all through. Some measures can be considered to ensure that the working environment is made conducive. Continue reading “Paper Presentation on the Workplace”

Conserving an Exhibition Essay

Conserving artworks is an essential activity since it ensures they remain stable for a long time, enabling future generations to observe them.

Conservation refers to the process of maintaining and preserving a collection and safeguarding them against deterioration.

Artworks are prone to risks, which may damage their original outlook. The exhibition 10,000 Years of Luxury at the Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2019 is prone to damage due to water, light and heat, fire, and theft, therefore requiring a comprehensive conservation plan.

First, the artworks are prone to water, which may result from poor ventilation. Exposure of water to the painting may damage the collection appearance since it may erode the original colors through a chemical reaction. For instance, in the first exhibition, the dress may rot if exposed to water since they are made of fabrics. Moisture may expose an artwork to short or long-term damage; hence, precaution should be taken to eliminate this risk. Continue reading “Conserving an Exhibition Essay”

MyAssignmentLab Review: Assignment Help Service with Experts

Today’s STEM programs are a rigorous and effective education designed to prepare students for a future career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Because STEM graduates are more likely to find a quality position, have higher starting salaries, and often have shorter job searches, STEM degrees are in high demand. However, the course work for STEM programs can be a challenge for even the best students. Most students who enter a STEM field do so because they are good at hands-on work or computation. But many have less facility with the academic skills necessary to complete STEM homework assignments. If you fall into the category of students who need a little bit of help with your STEM homework, what should you do? Continue reading “MyAssignmentLab Review: Assignment Help Service with Experts”

Auditory Training Essay

Auditory training is the development of specific skills using speech to transmit information.There is two types of acoustic training techniques, the synthetic and analytic. The training is the process of learning to improve listening skills, especially for children who are deaf and blind.

Interpretation of auditory details enables the development of skills, such as mobility, literacy, and communication. The exercise of learning is increasingly difficult as an integral part of the program. The hierarchy of the program involves a different level of skills. They include sound awareness, discrimination, identification, and comprehension. An effective training program improves theory-passed information, ability to communicate, and adequate hearing, and it enhances the quality of an individual’s life. Auditory training programs are useful when the trainer applies different methods. Continue reading “Auditory Training Essay”

Blockchain Technology Essay

A blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology for distribution and immutable ledger transfer ownership. It also involves record transactions, tracks assess and transparency, security, trust, and value exchanges in different types of operations with digital assets. Wells Fargo digital cash is one of the blockchains that run distributed ledger technology. It is a service that brings in operational efficiencies by completing internal book transfers of cross payments as it removes barriers to real-time financial interactions across its networks (WF Digital Cash). Continue reading “Blockchain Technology Essay”

Two Strategic Concepts with Google Strategy

Undoubtedly, Google has been a game changer in the modern world by revolutionizing how people connect and access information. Its services ranging from search engine optimization, web hosting, data storage, analytics, and advertisements have propelled it to become one of the top five most valuable companies. As of 31st September 2012, Google had a market valuation of $250 billion and was ranked as the second most valuable tech company after toppling Microsoft and only behind Apple. At this time, Google’s management launched a plan that aimed at becoming the leader and dominant player in online advertising, a niche that raked in billions of dollars yearly. To achieve this goal, Google adopted an acquisition strategy whereby it acquired several companies that operated in the online advertisement market. This strategy was supported by the argument that acquisitions saved Google a lot of time to develop products and gain a significant market share in different sub-sectors and regions. However, a deeper look into the efficiency of this strategy shows that it was inefficient and poorly thought as evidenced by Google’s failure to capture the Russian and Chinese markets. A better understanding of this case is gained when examined through the lens of publications by Nelson, Martin, and Powers (2008) and Simons (2010). Continue reading “Two Strategic Concepts with Google Strategy”

Gender Psychology Exam Essay

According to the research, men have been found to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence than women. The three a DSM diagnosis includes;
Characterized by how one thinks feels and behaves. These diseases show gender bias in terms of percentages of diagnosis as males are found to have higher rates than females. This makes the disorder to be associated with men.

Borderline personality disorder, the disorder is characterized by functioning instability, behavioral, ongoing moods. In terms of numbers, women are more diagnosed with the disorder than men are. It considered being gender bias since when women engage in irresponsible behavior like sexual acts due to this disease, they are perceived to be wrong, but for men, it looked like an ordinary act. The condition also is female serotype
Psychosis. The lack of contact or reality characterizes it. The disease may result in drug addiction and depression. People mostly associate this disorder with women. Continue reading “Gender Psychology Exam Essay”

Wayang Kulit Essay

This essay explores wayang kulit, a unique and precious Indonesian art form. Wayang kulit is an indigenous Indonesian performance art that has been cherished for many centuries and that forms a critical part of the native musical tradition of that uniquely multicultural nation.

Wayang kulit is a form of puppetry that is widely encountered on the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, and Lombok. The words actually mean “leather puppet” in the predominant Bahasa Indonesia language. The wayang kulit figures, which are carved from leather by expert craftsman, are interposed between a translucent linen screen, and their shadows are projected upon the screen from behind by using a traditional coconut oil lamp. The interplay of the shimmering light and the dancing shadows, silhouetted behind the screen for the pleasure of the audience, makes for a dramatic performance venue in which the puppeteers act out classical dramas that treat grandiose themes of good and evil (Blumenthal 236ff.). Continue reading “Wayang Kulit Essay”