Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay

Digitalization in front offices and call centers for public offices continues to be a significant issue in business. It is always essential for companies primarily in the current generation to make sure they stand in a better position regarding technology used and the number of customers they can service at a time. Abu Dhabi Municipality is currently facing challenges pertaining to customer service from the front desk and the call centre. They rely on paperwork to respond to demands in the markets and questions raised by customers. This creates bulk and a lack of a properly formulated response system that can be relied upon to make the final decision.

Companies and organizations in the current generation strive to use digitalized response systems to queries, and this is what Abu Dhabi Municipality should be looking forward (Walliman 2017). It is intolerable for a company of this magnitude to continue bearing such an amount of challenge. Continue reading “Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay”

Essay on Globalization Effects on Pakistan

Globalization has its positive and negative effects in the countries involved in it. Pakistan is one of the nations that have been greatly affected by globalization. Globalization has affected its economy, politics, technology and living standards of the people, society at large and the religion.

Pakistan has always followed an economic reform policy that made its economy open to the rest of the world. Initially, Pakistan strived to take structural reforms in order to make its economy policies liberal and to speed up the process of integrating itself with the international markets. Continue reading “Essay on Globalization Effects on Pakistan”

Lymphatic Disorder and Respiratory Disorder Essay

Lymphatic Disorder
Lymphoma is a common cancer among people, which starts from the immune system’s infection-fighting cells, lymphocytes. These cells are located in the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and bone marrow among other body parts. Therefore, the main attribute of a lymphoma is the overgrowing of the lymphocytes to the extent that it is out of control. The signs and symptoms of the lymphoma include fevers, swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpits, neck, and groin, and/or constant fatigue. The primary types of this condition include the Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, their treatment depends on the type as well as the severity of the condition, and it can entail immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy (Sabharwal et al., 2013). The major cause of this cancer is not clear but it starts from the genetic mutation of the lymphocytes, which rapidly multiply resulting in unhealthy lymphocytes. Continue reading “Lymphatic Disorder and Respiratory Disorder Essay”

Management Psychology Essay

Management psychology, which is otherwise described as managerial psychology, occurs as a sub-discipline associated with industrial and organizational psychology. It focusses solely on the individuals working within a given workplace environment. Management psychology seeks to provide managers with an understanding of what they would expect in their bid to enhancing efficacy for their employees. Basically, this means that management psychology creates a front through which managers are able to study, understand, and learn how to control the performance of their employees. Additionally, management psychology builds on a structured framework, through which to engage in an in-depth examination of some of the varied elements that are likely to bring out non-efficiency in work performance. Therefore, the adoption of management psychology has been viewed as being essential towards ensuring that companies work towards advancing their general positions and success rates. Continue reading “Management Psychology Essay”

Recent Issues about Animal Rights Essay

There are different schools of thought and philosophies on how the animals whether wild or domesticated should be treated. There are several movements that advocate for the rights of animals all over the world.

However, not everybody supports such movements because some people believe that animals do not deserve any rights and can be treated with any form of cruelty (Legge 19). This study will evaluate the philosophies of Zhuangzi and the Analects and come up with the findings on their views, beliefs, and practices about the welfare of animals more especially regarding using them for experiments and entertainment. Continue reading “Recent Issues about Animal Rights Essay”

Essay about Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Inc. is undoubtedly one of the leaders on the market of video games development. Throughout the decades of its existence, the company has experienced both financially beneficial advancements and stock value declines. Overall, in order to present and analyze EA’s performance, it would be the most reasonable to take into account the company’s performance since 1982, while also focusing on the most recent decade due to its significant impact on the company’s position on the market. Continue reading “Essay about Electronic Arts”

Gene Therapy Research Paper

Many patients have been able to be treated from complicated diseases due to the improvement that has been achieved in the field of modern medicine.[1] However, some diseases have become quite a challenge to the medical world as they do not have a cure. Most of these incurable diseases are as a result of genetic disorders or deformities. Genetic disorders are not only inherited but can also be acquired through a number of mutations that occur in the gene resulting in a changes on a number of gene factors. Cystic fibrosis is such a genetic disorder and it occurs when there is a singular gene nutation on a chromosome. Another disorder from gene mutation is multiple sclerosis that is linked to multiple mutations on a chromosome [2]. The two disorders do not have a cure and the treatment used on such patients are only to manage the available symptoms and not to treat the disease. However, there also a number of diseases that are not caused by chromosome abnormalities alone. Continue reading “Gene Therapy Research Paper”

Flourish Book Review

Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being – and How to Achieve Them is a psychology-related motivational or self-help book written by Martin Seligman. It was published by Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., in 2011. Seligman, an American psychologist, academician, and author, is one of the prominent proponents of theories of positive psychology as well well-being. He has a written a number of books, including Flourish, which empirically assessed those theories and provided optimal life lessons. In Flourish, Seligman presents a dynamic perspective of what constitutes well-being and how to attain it. In the conventional sense, the goal of psychology and psychologists is to alleviate human sufferings. However, in the book, the author indicates that the objective is to optimize human living. By providing a holistic model of happiness, he gives important lessons on how to build a better life. Flourish creates frameworks and initiatives for individuals, communities, and countries’ well-being, which are rooted in positive psychology, and based on concepts and activities, such as PERMA, psychological exercises, the MAPP program, the process of GRIT, and positive physical health, among others. Continue reading “Flourish Book Review”

Essay about Black Europe

Immigration of black people is the root cause of diversity in the European regions. The big question is Europe ended up with so many blacks and African-Americans? Blacks started immigrating in small amounts until they reached their present number. In the 1700s immigration of black people were either forced or voluntary due to the slave trade. Slave trade between Europeans and black immigrants led to an increase of black people in Europe where they were used as attendants to the Europeans. Due to racial discrimination, freed slaves were forced to beg as they could not get a job anywhere. The population of black people continued to increase with time. Continue reading “Essay about Black Europe”

Racism in the 21st Century Essay

Racism is manifested through skin color in a world which is characterized by multiple races. Skin color has massive implications to human populations since it determines the social, economic, and cultural outcomes to the affected groups. In America, racism dates back to the colonial era, particularly through slave trade. The continuity of the vice is associated with the maintenance of the colonial status quo. Victims of racism are faced with inferiority feelings and other social injustices. Racism in society highlights the importance of close kinship ties, and the social setting whereby people compete for resources leading to the devaluation of others and social harm in order to benefit the group one identifies with. Racism is not only a biological basis and definition of skin color but also a social construct which brings about inequality among different races. Racism is, therefore, defined as a “pervasive form of tribalism” which is present in all human societies and it is prevalent globally. Given the common origins of all humanity, it is important to understand the biology behind skin color, ancestry, and social interactions of race in order to promote racial tolerance and equality in society. The paper focuses on exposing racism as a social vice, thereby presenting a reflection of its implications in society, as well as evaluating ways to eliminate the discrimination and bias associated to race and skin color. Continue reading “Racism in the 21st Century Essay”