Tips: How to Write a Good Business Letter

A business letter is a fundamental part of business correspondence. The letter is a short document bearing information of a commercial nature and affecting one or more questions. With the help of a business letter, you can not only correspond with partners, but also create an image of the company. The writing of a business letter is a link between the departments of the company, and between institutions, legal entities and individuals. There are many reasons for writing a business letter: Continue reading “Tips: How to Write a Good Business Letter”

Writing a Critical Analysis Paper on a Movie

you study at high school and college, you need to prepare a movie review from time to time. This assignment teaches young professionals to analyze the chosen movie profoundly and pay attention to the smallest details. It helps develop your critical thinking skills and analyze problems objectively. Doubtless, it is sometimes difficult to complete a successful analytical paper on a movie; therefore, students need special instructions to cope with this challenge efficiently.

#1. Watch the Movie

  • Watch the Movie for the First TimeYou will hardly make a successful movie analysis paper if you do not watch the suggested film attentively. Be ready to watch the movie at least two times. Firstly, you will need to watch the film without taking notes. Understand the main idea of the movie and catch its message. In simple words, you are supposed to enjoy the film and recognize the most captive moments and choose the most gripping characters. Make your general impression of the movie.
  • Watch the Movie and Make NotesWhen you watch the movie for the second time, you will need to be much more attentive. You should even stop the movie to make notes. Write down the descriptions of the main characters and events. Mark the plot development in the chronological order. Write as many details as possible. Pay attention to the work of the cameraman, designers and the experts who are responsible for special effects and decorations. The quality of your notes will determine the professionalism of your paper. Finally, if you manage to note enough details, you will not need to waste time and watch the movie for the third time.

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How to Write an Article Review for Psychology

article review sounds like a challenge, because a student is expected to read an article and present its main elements. When you need to prepare an article review for psychology, you should know how to organize your work properly. Although article review writing is similar in any discipline, it will be useful to get to know how to review a psychology article correctly.

  1. Read the Article Attentively: If you want to prepare a high-quality article review, you should read the suggested article attentively. When you read the text intensively, you save time and energy. Remember that you need to make notes in order to record every important idea, phrase and concept mentioned by the author. If you make notes effectively, you do not omit any sensible thought. Consequently, your review contains the major points of the article. Doubtless, a psychology article is a specific challenge, because it is a scientific piece of writing.
  2. Understand the Problem of the Article: A successful article review should contain the enumeration and brief analysis of the main psychological concepts and problems mentioned in the article. The author can write about the main issue distributing it into several minor subtopics. You ought to understand the main thought and describe it in brief. When you do not understand some psychological terms and surnames of the famous psychologists, you ought to read about them in other sources. it is impossible to inform the reader about the problem effectively, if you do not understand the author’s message.
  3. Make an Introduction: In the introductory section, you should provide the reader with the general information revealed in the article. Write the title of the text and say a few words about its author. Is his name famous in the circle of the reputed psychologists? Has he created any brand new psychological concepts? Why have you chosen his article for analysis? Then, you should prepare a brief summary of the article pointing out at its main problem. Very often, an article for psychology is based on the definite case, which has its cause and effect. There are also informative articles, which focus on the original idea of a famous psychologist about the definite psychological disorder or method.
  4. Enumerate the Main Problems of the Text: The main body of the article review should consist of the enumeration of the main points analyzed by the author. You can organize this review in a logical way. Devote a paragraph to every new thought in order to make your paper more readable. You do not have to pay attention to the slight details of the article. You need to inform the reader about the most important ideas and categories, which can be useful to the audience. Mind the language of your review. Bear in mind that you ought to prepare a scientific text. You review an article for the people who know at least something about psychology and its elements. As a result, you should use your professional language and the proper terminology related with psychology. Moreover, you have the right to express your personal point of view about the content of the article. You can agree and disagree with the author and his approach towards the problem.
  5. Conclude the Article: It is important to finish the review in the best way. Mention the strong and the weak sides of the article and say whether this information is useful to you. Remember to say whether the problem of the article is relevant. Psychology is a dynamic discipline; therefore, its concepts and methods can change rapidly. You can share your personal knowledge about the research of the same topic conducted by other experts. You are able to compare this article with the achievements of other authors and draw your conclusion about its accuracy, urgency and usefulness.

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Good Hooks for PowerPoint Presentations

it is very difficult to create a gripping and illuminating PowerPoint presentation if you do not possess enough skills for this task. Very often, we have to make a genuine and uncommon presentation at the worst possible time. When you need to compose a superb assignment at a moment’s notice, you are able to look through these elementary writing guidelines.

They will assist you with the design of your remarkable and engrossing PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Develop Your Personal Authentic Style. Even so, Microsoft provides its users with numerous alluring effects and tools; you must not use everything they offer. You are expected to attract attention of the audience with the help of the catchy and absorbing picture and fresh design. When you make a business PowerPoint presentation, you should bear in mind that serious people do not accept any informal solutions and ways out. Thus, you need to avoid bright background colors and splashy frames, because they make your presentation look ridiculous. If you compose a project for students and groupmates, you are able to choose an informal approach towards this job. Nonetheless, it is important to develop your own taste and style of presentation writing as early as possible. Do not think that the audience will accept your presentation in whatever way you design it. There are many demanding and sophisticated viewers who are waiting for the chance to criticize you for your irresponsibility and carelessness.
  2. Edit the Design of Your Slides. Before you start working, you ought to set up the required size and template of your slide. It will help you save much time in future. Think about the right font and its size, because it will influence the way the audience accepts the entire information. Most often, professionals choose Times New Roman and Arial fonts for PowerPoint presentation writing. These fonts are the most perceptible for our eyes. Care about the elderly people and the colleagues who have poor eyesight. Do not use small fonts, because you can lose this audience.
  3. Do not Overload Your Slides with Text. Although you want to make a factual and newsworthy PowerPoint presentation, you do not need to insert long paragraphs into your slides. The audience will ignore your long text, because they come to listen to your speech instead of reading the information placed on your slides. It is reasonable to choose the most essential points from your presentation and write them down on your slides. This method will help you attract their attention and keep them involved in the discussion. Moreover, you can provide the audience with the instructive handouts, which will contain the details of your speech.
  4. Avoid Using Ridiculous Effects and Tools. The biggest problem of every amateur is his desire to make a striking and indigenous presentation. Hereupon, he applies such weird tools and sounds and tasteless visuals. Avoid transition animations and irritating sounds, because they spoil the quality of your work.
  5. Use Informative and Quaint Graphics. Textual information is very important for the general understanding of your main idea. Howsoever, you should improve your presentation with the help of the authentic photos and revealing graphs and diagrams. When you speak about any business or accounting matters, you should insert tables, diagrams and other weighty tools, which demonstrate the usefulness of your statistics. When you advertise a product, you should provide the audience with its detailed and profound photos and schemes. Bear in mind that people receive more than 90% of information with the help of their eyes. A splendid and native photo of the object, phenomenon, personality or event will help the viewers grab your point of view better. On the other hand, you must not overload your slides with images. Try to balance your textual and visual elements, because both of them are beneficial for the success of your PowerPoint presentation.

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How to Start an Essay on Divorce

you study sociology as your major discipline, you can be asked to prepare an essay about divorce. This topic is very specific and broad. It is possible to observe this problem from different angles. Many students do not know how to start their divorce essay effectively. You are able to look through these writing instructions in order to get to know how to start your essay about divorce professionally.

  1. Collect Information about Divorce: If you want to complete a good divorce paper, you should read about this problem a lot. You can go to the library and read a few articles devoted to divorce and its impact on the couple and its children. Then, you can touch upon its legal basis. It is smart to take notes attentively and use a few quotations of famous authors who observed this issue in the past. You should collect arguments and counterarguments to write the main body of your essay professionally. If you possess many facts about divorce, you will be able to prepare a high-quality assignment.
  2. Observe Your Problem from Different Sides: Divorce is a broad topic; therefore, you are able to observe it from different sides. To begin with, analyze it from the point of view of psychology. Think about the effect of divorce on the couple. How do they behave before and after their separation? What is the impact of divorce on children? Does the child’s age influence the type of his/her behavior? Then, you can analyze divorce in the cultural context. Think about divorce in different countries of the world. Is it possible to divorce in China or Iran? Finally, collect information about the legality of divorce and its financial consequences on the husband and wife. Sometimes when people separate, they decide to divide their property. Pay attention to such situations.
  3. Make a Good Outline: It is important to plan your essay on divorce if you want to cope with it successfully. Think about the chapters of your essay and choose the best arguments, facts and situations, which will be described in your paper. You ought to understand that every essay should consist of three parts. Start your divorce essay with a captive introduction. Develop this topic in the main body and summarize it in the final concluding part. Bear in mind that your essay should be logical.
  4. Write a Captive Introduction: When you have prepared for the process of essay writing, you are ready to compose a good introduction. The main role of introduction is to attract the reader’s attention. You should inform the reader about the topic and the main problem of your essay. You should emphasize the relevance of the problem of official separation in the modern society. Say why you have chosen this topic for analysis and write about your attitude towards divorce. Write about the methods, which have been utilized for the research of this issue. You can make your introduction interesting if you write a short real-life situation about divorce. You can ask a rhetorical question addressed to the reader. You can write a humorous anecdote about divorce. In simple words, do everything to make the reader interested in your essay.
  5. Prepare a Successful Thesis Statement: Every essay should contain a high-quality thesis statement, which reflects its main idea. You are able to use a famous quotation of a well-known author, which touches upon the problem of divorce. You can also write a firm response statement or your personal opinion about divorce and its impact on the human society.

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Tips for Writing a Critical Book Review

student who studies language and literature is expected to read books in order to develop his outlook. Moreover, students have to read extracurricular books and review them professionally. A critical book review is a specific assignment, because a student should read a book, understand its plot and analyze its characters and the author’s style of writing. If you require additional information about critical book review writing, you are able to improve your knowledge with the help of these simple instructions.

  1. Observe the Title and the Author of Your Book. To begin with, present the title of the book and define its genre. Then, point out at the date of its publication. It is important to connect the date of publication of a book with the historical events, which occurred at that time. This historical context will help you review the book effectively. Then, mention the author of this book and write a few words about him. It is reasonable to recall his other famous books and compare them with one another. Try to get to know about the author and his worldview in order to understand his works better. Very often, writers reflect various everyday social and political problems in their books.
  2. Write a Brief Summary of the Book. If you want to analyze the book critically, you should provide the reader with the general information about its plot. Of course, you should not mention its slight details. You ought to write a short paragraph, which informs about the general idea of the text.
  3. Write about the Genre and Composition of the Book. It is important to write about the genre of your book, because it will affect the quality of your review. Then, pay attention to the structure of the book. Mention the number of chapters and say whether they are built in the logical way. Say whether the composition is regular or not.
  4. Review the Main Problems of the Book. Every book hides a great number of problems, symbols and motives. If you want to prepare an effective critical review, you ought to find these problems and describe them professionally. You should try to find any social, theological, cultural and political problems, which can make the book interesting for reading. If you cannot define any problems or motives, you can read various articles of the reputed critics who observed the book years ago. You can use their ideas though you ought to cite every borrowed sentence.
  5. Analyze the Style of Writing. Every famous author has his original style of writing. You should observe the text attentively and find various stylistic devices, which improve the quality of the book. Pay attention to metaphors, similes, hyperboles, transliterations, etc. You can name the favorite stylistic device of the author. The teacher will appreciate your work if you decide to count every type of these devices.
  6. Pay Attention to the Characters. Every book has a great number of characters who play the most important part in the plot. Focus on their appearance, feelings, emotions and lifestyle. Obviously, some characters are universal and they represent common people. Then, write about the descriptions of the natural environment. Very often, the feelings of a character are described with the help of the weather changes. For example, the grey sky and rain symbolize sorrow and negative emotions.
  7. Summarize the Review. Devote the last paragraph of your review to the general evaluation of the entire book. Why do you like or dislike it? Would you recommend someone to read this book?

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What Goes in Abstract of Lab Report?

lab report is a complicated assignment. Students conduct their experiments and describe them in their lab reports. One has to write about the actions, methods and findings of his scientific experiment.
Obviously, this paper consists of several sections. Each section has its own rules of writing.

You will learn how to write an abstract of your lab report if you look through these simple tips.

  1. Mind the Length of Your Abstract. When a student is asked to prepare an abstract for his lab report, he is always confused, because he does not know what to write there. To begin with, an abstract is a brief summary of your entire experiment. You ought to write about the most important elements of this report in the most condense way. You need to mention the purpose of the research, its key results and conclusion. The entire abstract consists of 100 words. This section is very brief and you will have to insert much information into one short paragraph. Evidently, one should train a lot if he wants to master the skill of brief writing.
  2. Describe the Purpose of Your Experiment. Every abstract of a lab report should clarify the purpose of the experiment. When you conduct a scientific experiment and analyze the definite problem, you expect to achieve the definite results. You have your own hypothesis and predictions and you expect to achieve the predicted results. It is smart to write about the aim of the experiment in the simplest words. When the reader understands the purpose of your actions, you can be calm about the quality of the entire lab report. Therefore, write precisely and clearly. The reader should catch your point of view and expectations at once.
  3. Mention the Key Results. The abstract should contain the results of your experiment. Obviously, you must not describe and explain them in detail, because you are expected to write a short paragraph about your entire report. You ought to enumerate the major results of your research without any detailed explanations. It is reasonable to devote one or two sentences to this issue. When you have any calculations and visual results of your research, just present this information as your major achievement.
  4. Present the Key Points of Your Discussion. You should write a few words about the discussion of your experiment. Say about your expectations and actions. Present the most significant point to the reader in order to make him understand the crucial moments of the experiment. It is smart to enumerate the most important elements of your experiment in order to illustrate your approach towards the research. Naturally, you do not need to demonstrate many points. Most often, students focus on the most important one in order to save time and space.
  5. Present Your Major Conclusion. Every experiment has its result. It can meet your expectations or break them. You should learn to prepare the briefest conclusion, which will summarize the result of your experiment. When you check the definite rule or theorem, you simply say whether your results meet this rule or scientific law. When you have achieved any unexpected results, you can say that the research broke your entire hypothesis. Bear in mind that should not evaluate your research critically, because you can do it in the discussion and conclusion sections. You should write only dry facts. Write about your expectations, predictions, hypothesis and results. The reader should see your main actions and the most significant achievements in order to understand the aim of your work.

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Tips for Writing a Scientific Report

scientific report or a lab report is a detailed description of your experiment. You have to write about theoretical and practical side of your experiment and draw your own conclusions about your achieved results.

  1. Focus on the Theoretical Background of Your Experiment. When you write a report, you should write about the theory of your research. You should write about the subject of your research, your hypothesis, etc. You have your own hypothesis and you should prove it with the help of your experiment.
  2. Mention All Tools and Methods of Research. Every experiment should be conducted with the help of the definite equipment. You should enumerate all tools, substances, items and appliances that have been used in your experiment. Remember that a scientific report requires precise and coherent manner of writing. Therefore, you should write about the characteristic features, shapes, colors and sizes of your instruments. In addition, you should mention the time limits and terms of your experiment. It is possible that other students will decide to conduct your experiment in order to check your results on practice.
  3. Make the List of Your Actions. Every experiment is a logical process. It consists of several steps. It is important to enumerate all steps in the chronological order. It will play the role of your outline. When an expert looks at the list of your actions, he will understand the idea of your experiment better. Moreover, he will be able to find your mistakes and controversial steps at once.
  4. Describe Every Step in Detail. A good scientific report should contain a detailed description of every step of your experiment. You have to clarify the choice of the method of research, tools and equipment, their usefulness, etc. You need to be persuasive and precise. When you describe an item, dwell on its main physical characteristics. Do not insert odd words and unnecessary descriptions. You need to persuade the reader in your professionalism. Prove that you know what you do. When you write about the definite step of your experiment, you should explain your actions and choice. Try to write in simple words in order to make your description understandable to the reader. Simple actions require simple descriptions.
  5. Write about Your Results. Every experiment has its definite purpose and results. When you do something, you expect to achieve the definite results. This section is very important for your scientific report, because it clarifies the value and success of your experiment. If you have solid achievements, your report will be awarded with the highest mark. Finally, conclude your scientific report and provide the reader with appendices that will help him understand your paper better.


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Difference between Technical Writing and Academic Writing

students do not understand the actual difference between technical writing and academic writing. The explanation is very easy. Academic writing occurs in education, printed media and literature. Technical writing is more specific and resembles instructions or official documents. Obviously, students have to get to know how to prepare both types of documents if they want to build successful career. It does not worth mentioning that every student has to prepare a lot of academic assignments which require academic style of writing. While at the workplace one will have to master technical writing in order to inform officials about the performance of his firm.

Tip One: The Place of Application
Doubtless, academic writing can be met in every educational institution. When a student writes an essay, a term paper or a research paper, he applies academic style of writing. Then, academic writing is a common style of writing among scholars, journalists and writers. When a scholar wants to share his smart ideas about the definite topic of his research, he uses academic style of writing. This format is understandable to other scholars and men of thought. When you read scientific periodicals, articles or movie and book reviews, you recognize academic writing. Technical writing occurs in business, official organizations and industry. When a company manufactures a product, it should provide this item with instructions. These instructions explain how to use this item in a step-by-step form. Finally, every document related with accounting, management, marketing, governance, etc. is written in a technical style.

Tip Two: The Main Purposes of Writing
Every piece of writing has its definite purpose and function. When we speak about academic writing, we should say that its main purpose is to inform readers about something. When a scholar writes his dissertation, he wants to deliver his point of view to the wide audience. Moreover, academic writing helps one persuade others in something. Such papers can have other functions. For example, one can debate, argue, inform, describe, compare and criticize different things in a common academic paper. Technical papers do not have such functions. To begin with, a typical technical document is personal. The author of a technical paper addresses the definite reader. Then, a technical paper should teach a client how to use the definite product. Finally, a technical paper describes all procedures that occur in a firm or official organization.

Tip Three: The Main Features of Writing
Every written paper has its definite style of writing. Every style of writing has its own characteristic features that help readers recognize it among other similar styles. It is quite easy to recognize academic writing. When you read an essay or a dissertation, you will notice learned words, a great number of terms and stylistic devices. Authors try to write in a fluent way trying to observe their problem from all possible sides. They can suggest several approaches towards research and analysis of their issue. Academic papers are always big-in-volume and occupy many pages of scientific text. Such papers possess logical structure. They should have an introduction, the main body and conclusion. Every academic paper is a composition about a specific topic. Technical papers a more or less short. A typical technical paper is a set of brief and precise instructions or guidelines. The language is poor and dry. You will never find any stylistic devices or learned vocabulary. The main duty of a technical paper is to teach someone in the simplest way. No wonder, the language is poor, neutral, unemotional and understandable to everyone.