Discussion of Results in Social Work and Human Services

From the results, it is clear that many people appreciated the value of their personal lives. The mean for people valuing their personal lives is 3.67 as compared to those who understands the spiritual issues. Positive religious coping is a plan that uses religion as an effort to relieve depressing situations. The coping method can be illustrated through intercession, asking for direction from God, or seeking prayer guidance from one’s worship mates or the priests. The level of spirituality, discovering the basis or meaning of life and having a strong relationship with Jesus and other people can most times be practiced by individuals that take part in this method of coping. Therefore, seeking help or assistance from prayer partners, nuns and the clergy, is of great importance to the people who are facing challenges because it reduces suicide instances. On the other hand, post-traumatic growth is the positive psychological change that a person develops as a result of facing many challenges to ascend to a high level of functioning. Continue reading “Discussion of Results in Social Work and Human Services”

Brain Contusion Essay

Contusions of the brain and concussion are among the most characteristic injuries causing both direct and indirect damage to this organ. The lesion is accompanied by point hemorrhages, swelling, and vascular disorders. Shock and disorder of the centers of the medulla oblongata and vegetative nervous system are typical for tremors. Contusions of the brain represent one of the common injuries that people can get during hostilities, as well as it can turn into a trauma after accident and attack.

The head is one of the most important organs of the human body. Even in the most lightly armed forces from immemorial time specialists tried to protect it. In this case, a contusion of the brain represents the most frequent injury that people receive during the war. Therefore, it is spread in countries where active military actions take place (Scremin, Li & Scremin, 2007). It should be borne in mind that in addition to bullet and shrapnel wounds, as well as contusions due to close gaps, in combat conditions including the field, the trench, and during work with armored vehicles military men risk injuring their heads when they strike hard objects of the environment. Such strokes can cause head injuries, chopped head wounds and cause a serious deterioration of health and even death of the victim. According to statistics, the number of head injuries due to its blunt injury has corresponded approximately to the number of gunshot with the exception of the active offensive phase of the fighting. Continue reading “Brain Contusion Essay”

Retail Entrepreneurial Idea Essay

People always have a constant need for some goods or services. These needs and wants shape the overall demand that the market should satisfy. The critical role in meeting the needs of the consumers belongs to the retail industry. It is one of the most complex and unpredictable elements of the way people interact, consume and exchange goods evaluated by money. The retail industry is a developing sphere of the economy that experiences permanent transformations and evolution due to the emergence of new technologies and the changes in consumer behavior. Each stage of society’s evolution induces the new needs and ways of consumer behavior.

Therefore, any small business must learn and consider the needs of the customers and introduce new technologies including online-shopping. Continue reading “Retail Entrepreneurial Idea Essay”

Uber Research Paper

Globalization denotes the reduction of barriers or boundaries that exist between people. Globalization has seen the world change to a village where communication which is the sharing of meaning has been made easy.

Various apps have been introduced to enhance this globalization, One such app is under which is a transit app that links a customer to a driver within a given location. The app uses GPRS and mobile communication to understand the location of the customer for easy movement. The growth and development of uber has seen transport made easy with people getting picked and reaching their destinations without having to travel to a central location to access public means of transit. It has also improved convenience and above all led to economic growth and development of the countries like the UK where it started (Chang 1). Continue reading “Uber Research Paper”

College Evaluation Essay

Personal literature has been involving especially when the correlation between personality traits is the subject of the matter. Consistency in psychometrics of correlations between traits has been difficult given the fact that human beings are distinct and dynamic, and so do their characters. However, some predictive validity between different personality traits can be achieved to help in describing the general correlation of different characteristics.

Predictive validity is defined as the degree in which a score under one scale for a given trait predicts the outcome of the score when an unusual feature is investigated. Despite the underlying difference of the extraversion impact on the level of positive affect, there exists a relationship between extraversion and positive affectivity, whereby they both classify an individual as either an introvert or an extrovert, and biological concept in which the dopamine receptor impacts on positive affect and also the biological factor influence feeling of pleasure. Continue reading “College Evaluation Essay”

Baby Boss Movie Review

Animation films are currently gaining popularity among adults and babies.

The Boss Baby (2017) for instance, is an animation film that uses bathroom humor to detail a story about babies, which is ideal for both grownups and children. Created and directed by Tom McGrawth, the film incorporates animation designs that are stylized, more graphic, and enhanced stark designs. The characters are simplified and the approach is realistic. While the main characters are made of caricature designs, they look close to human as they have human features, including blood vessels. The animation is proof of technology milestone in the film industry, especially the animation segment. Traditional animations that used the 2D technology were lacking in many properties (McCarthy, 88). It is clear that the character designer was particular on the graphic and exploited the element of human features. For instance, the eyes of the main character are big, blue, and have a more pronounced pupil, thus, making it look like a human baby. In this regard, the film Baby Boss has integrated vital elements of animation film, which are important in creating the ideal resolution, expressions, and manipulating cinematography effects for the purposes of entertaining the audience. Continue reading “Baby Boss Movie Review”

Refrigerants and Global Warming Essay

Initially, natural substances such as methyl ether and dimethyl ether were used in the compression units of refrigerating units. However, these substances were retired following toxicity and safety concerns. Later, safety issues were overcome with the introduction of CFCs. Unlike the former substances, CFC’s were considered safe since they were non-flammable. However, the introduction of these second generation refrigerants raised environmental concerns were they were observed to cause ozone layer depletion (Wallington et al., 1994). Consequently, all ozone depleting substances are being banned from used with companies advised to seek less harmful refrigerants. Continue reading “Refrigerants and Global Warming Essay”

King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Essay

World history is full of outstanding leaders. One of them is King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. The full name is Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud. This name belongs to one of the most famous people in the history of Saudi Arabia. This is the founder and the first monarch of the new kingdom. The man led a long and difficult struggle to restore the integrity of his homeland. The future king was born on January 15, 1876 in Riyard. The boy was not interested in religion at all and dreamed of great military campaigns. Since childhood, Abdulaziz wanted to restore the family honor of the house of the Saudis. At the age of 23, being quite young, the boy was able to win back the homelands of Riyard. In the world, the king is also known as a good reformer. The system of the armed forces created by him had no changes until the death of Abdulaziz (Wilson & Graham, 2016). Continue reading “King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Essay”

Pop Culture Essay

Popular culture is understood as the culture based on the tastes of the common people as opposed to the tastes of the elite. Although there is difficulty in establishing a working definition of the popular culture, it can described as the set of available artifacts such as films, clothes, architecture, television programs and records. From an anthropological point of view, culture from a broader sense encompasses a particular way of life that expresses certain meanings both in art and learning as well as in institutions and the ordinary behavior. In the contemporary cultural studies, popular culture is used to describe the industrial societies since the term became widely used during post industrial revolution era. In this sense, anthropology creates an ethnographic sense in this evolving and ambiguous cultural perspective that spreads across disciplines. Continue reading “Pop Culture Essay”

Applying Mission Command to Overcome Challenges Essay

Mission command is the meticulous execution of mission type orders through the art of balancing the command and the science of controlling during a military operation. General David H. Petraeus, was assigned the responsibility of rescuing a failing war according to the then President which was characterized by daily deaths averaging 100 or 2000-3000 per month, increasing resurgence of dissidents both internally and externally.

This report highlights how he managed to visualize and design a sustainable restoration of order in a complicated environment. It also addresses how using the mutually dependent principles of mission command enabled his ability to overcome existing challenges. Continue reading “Applying Mission Command to Overcome Challenges Essay”