Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko Essay

Just like in most Native American cultures, Leslie Marmon Silko’s “Ceremony” explores storytelling as a vital spiritual component.

Storytelling is an efficient method of connecting the present and the past, providing moral guidance with respect to life, and a reliable source of entertainment (Silko 305). The author delineates the impact of narrating in his locale and weaves the segments of the customary craft of narrating in Native America to give an exciting and fascinating contemporary epic that trains and instructs the target audiences about the most ideal approaches to recuperate the feeble world. Continue reading “Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko Essay”

Corporate Challenges and Opportunities at Tesla Essay

Tesla began business in the early 21st century, a time when there were many business opportunities to identify. The Automobile industry was dominated by fossil fuel driven vehicles which created a lot of controversial issues in regards to their contribution to environmental pollution. Many industries were facing a transitional period where new and innovative ideas were coming up and replacing the traditional models. It was an era that saw significant advancements in technology which enable new business to arise. However, most of the startups and some of the already grown companies faced challenges, especially in adopting the technology which was utterly expensive to implement. The market was segmented in income levels and mode of lifestyle. Most companies in this field did not have a specific market but there were a few, though fueled in gasoline like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche that targeted the exclusive wealthy market segment. Continue reading “Corporate Challenges and Opportunities at Tesla Essay”

History of International Relations Essay

The research question that will guide the discussions throughout the semester is the history of international relations in political science.

Understanding the role that political science plays in examining political behavior and outcomes will assist in understanding the current and future of the global political landscape and why people make the decisions they do. I shall also discuss its impact on life today through reviewing statistical data from the QoG 2018 Update codebook. Such an analysis will improve the quality and coverage of statistical data researched. In the United States, the higher the voter’s age, the higher their chances of voting in the general election. The implications are that voters in America are more likely to head to the ballot box if they are older. The older citizens profoundly feel the general influence of the political wave as opposed to the younger ones. This is due to their outlook on their responsibility mandate for voting and their high regard of responsibility the exercise means to them. Continue reading “History of International Relations Essay”

Education Law Essay

In an undeniably belligerent society wherein guardians and their kids document a wide range of cases against school frameworks, it is fundamental that instruction pioneers have at the very least an essential comprehension of school law. Graduate schools are the gatekeepers, cultivators, and transmitters of a collection of information and encounter that is basic to the prosperity and structure of American culture. They are the setting for a transformative involvement in which understudies connect with a testing scholarly convention that instructs them to scrutinize their presumptions and figure out how to be imaginative issue solvers. Graduate school enables understudies to wind up specialists of progress since it shows understudies about the legitimate arrangement of the United States, a framework that has the seeds of progress incorporated with its structure. Common society and its encouraging start with the governor of law. Continue reading “Education Law Essay”

Essay on Game Theory Strategies

According to Watson, the authenticity of any game produced depends on the strategies required by the gamer for a successful mission. In every game, the availability of puzzles or challenges to address makes it attractive to the users. The solving of the various problems and difficulties requires the incorporation of strategies by the player in question. The excellent use of the available strategies results to the player emerging as the winner. Despite that, at times, the loss of concentration profoundly determines the success of a strategy implemented by the particular gamer. The excellent application of the available gaming techniques results in the efficient solving of the possible challenges. Additionally, the presence of payoffs plays a critical role in determining the viability of a strategy. With the consideration of the beliefs that exist among the players, it defines the technique that will be best fit the scenario. Therefore, the primary focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the gaming theory strategies regarding their appliances.    

The dominant strategy is one of the best regarding gaming and the viability of the player in question. The application of the technique helps in determining the leader of the game if it involves multiple players. With the use of the dominant strategy, it means that the player that applies the best techniques comes out as the victorious one hence high payoffs. The dominant approach is the best response since it allows the best player to have the most favourable outcomes. The dominance of the given player allows him/her to have a higher competitive advantage than others in the game (Watson). As such, dominant strategy has the primary purpose of providing efficient survival techniques by the best player.      

Gaming allows the provision of security which enables the process of determining the winner. The availability of security strategies provides the player with good responses to others in the game. Having a suitable security mechanism in a game means the dominance of the best player. The application of the security strategies depends on the knowledge of the player regarding the challenge in question. When a player applies the best security measures, it means that the individual will possess high chances of dominance. As a result, being the most dominant in a game involves the use of the best response by the gamer in question. Therefore, security strategies determine the survival chance of a player hence best response outcomes are realized.    

Regarding gaming, the best responses outcomes are Pareto since it allows the rewarding of the winner. At the end of every game, the player that applies the best response strategy emerges victorious. For one payer to be the winner, the other has to be the looser meaning that he/she gets the few points in the given game. The Pareto principles argue that viability of a given choice depends on the 80/20 rule. The winner has to win the larger share while the loser gets the smaller one. Concerning best response, the winner of a particular game is determined by the gathering of most points. In essence, the loser in the game is usually expected to get the minor share which is 20 according to the Pareto principle (Han 264). Therefore, the viability of a strategy is determined by the outcomes. As such, each player believes in the application of the approach to gain more points hence Pareto principle incorporation.    

Works Cited

Han, Hsiao-Cheng. “Gamified pedagogy: From gaming theory to creating a self-motivated learning environment in studio art.” Studies in Art Education 56.3 (2015): 257-267.

Watson, Joel. Strategy: an introduction to game theory. WW Norton, 2013.

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ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay

The professional practise of nursing brings with it several daily, ethical dilemmas. This sometimes makes it hard for nurses to make ethical decisions and to help them do so, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has provided a code of ethics for guidance. Apart from ensuring that nurses make ethical decisions, the code helps improves their morale, makes their work less stressful, and augments the patients’ outcomes. Some of the issues addressed in the code of ethics pertain to the safety of patients, the promotion of the rights and dignity of patients, and the advancement of the nursing profession. 

The Principles of the Nursing Code of Ethics

There are nine essential provisions in the ANA code of ethics. They ensure that nurses remain ethical in all their duties. Some of the provisions include; 

  1. Every human being has dignity, worth and unique attributes and the nurse is enjoined to practice her profession with compassion and respect for every person.
  2. Whether an individual, a family, a group, community or population, the nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient is mandatory.
  3. The basic rights, health and safety of the patient are what the nurse is enjoined to promote, advocate for, and protect at all times.
  4.  The nurse is required to advance the profession through research and scholarly inquiry, professional standards development, and the generation of both nursing and health policy in all her roles and settings. 

The most important issue for an aspiring nurse like me, among the above four essential elements of the ANA code of ethics, is the one pertaining to safety of patients. One has to be alert as a professional to the doctors’ instructions, understanding of the patient’s physical and mental condition,  the prescribed medications, their effects and side-effects and dosage timings, and the use of technologies that enhance patient safety, treatment, recovery and recuperation. While I am confident about being professional about the above aspects, being compassionate and respectful towards the feelings of both patient and his/her relatives is a tougher challenge. Further, given the busy schedule of a nurse, I have to be careful not to allow any accidents, infections, injuries, or clinical errors in dealing with each patient.             

Today, nurses live in healthcare scenarios that are more holistic in terms of treatment procedures. The commitment and care towards the patient is primary and, in this context, I find it challenging to improve my communication skills with other nursing and clinical staff, the patients and their families. Communication skills are critical because sometimes one is not just treating a single patient but may be dealing with many similar cases in a group scenario and yet each patient is unique in terms of their needs and assurances required. I have to constantly keep in mind that patients and their relatives also have both fundamental human and legal rights and that my services and communications must keep those rights in mind when dealing with them so that no offense is given. Respecting the worth and dignity of patients is also about respecting their legal rights and I am aware of the challenges in  respecting the patients’ right to autonomy, information about their treatment and medical condition and to make choices on their treatment and privacy.

Nursing is a hectic profession and I struggle with fulfilling the principle in the code of ethics that encourages me to advance my profession through research. I have been consistently trying to upgrade my knowledge base by keeping both mental and written notes about interesting cases and then referring to medical or nursing books or discussing these with peers so that I can gain a broader and deeper understanding of the profession and how it can be advanced. I propose to enrol myself in taking short courses that help me undertake research projects to harness knowledge and learn more about evidence-based practices to improve patient care. This learning will also help me develop nursing policies, along with peers, that can guide our practice.

The American Nursing Association’s code of ethics is a very useful starting point that enables nurses to  make ethical decisions that facilitate the provision of high-quality healthcare. I am interested in various ways the ANA code of nursing ethics is being interpreted in a variety of situations pertaining to how medical professionals can and must respect the rights and dignity of patients. Another emerging area I am interested in relates to how patients from different cultural backgrounds and belief systems can be looked after without their sensibilities being offended. Overall,  I find that the ANA ethical guidelines are a strong foundation for nurses to safeguard the patients’ right to safety and compassionate care and to improve healthcare through research. 

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University of Pennsylvania Admission Essay

University of Pennsylvania offers many courses that are of interest to me. The three most relevant areas of study I’m going to focus on are political science, business, and economics. I believe that University of Pennsylvania has a very good record in teaching subjects like this. And as for me, I think that the combination of these three areas of study can guarantee me a good career start and further professional development. Furthermore, I’ll be able to choose from a wide range of interrelated occupations.

I deem that the University of Pennsylvania is a good choice for me for the main reason that it offers outstanding quality tuition. It also has good facilities for academic and recreational purposes. For instance, “[l]ibraries [comprise] 5.37 million books; 4.0 million microform items; 39,426 serials received; 9,196 computer files (including CD-ROM); 9,552 e-journals; 239,537 locally digitized images; 9,731 videos.” (University of Pennsylvania, 2005, “Libraries”)

I believe that good library and computer base (and Penn has both) is essential for those students who are interested in research and extracurricular activities, beyond studies themselves. As for recreation, University of Pennsylvania has very good sport facilities, and I’m keen on sports, too. As University of Pennsylvania (2005, “Athletics and Recreation”) informs, “[a] charter member of the Ivy League, Penn offers intercollegiate competition for men in 17 sports.” University also offers various facilities for community service and volunteerism, which I also find important:

“Approximately 6,500 University students, faculty and staff participate in more than 300 Penn volunteer and community service programs, as well as the more than 150 academically based community service courses that Penn offers.” (University of Pennsylvania, 2005, “Community Service”)

And finally, University of Pennsylvania is known across the state for its atmosphere of friendship and cooperation among the students and between student community and faculty. Those of my friends who have studied or simply visited the University say that it has a very strong corporate spirit. It also boasts an atmosphere of tolerance, and there are also many international students at Penn; “[m]ore than thirteen percent of the first year class are international students.” (University of Pennsylvania, 2005, “Internationalism”)

I believe that it’s very useful to be exposed to other cultures in the process of studying. International students can introduce various views about same issue. And the University offers Study Abroad programs:

“Penn offers opportunities to study abroad on more than 100 programs in 36 countries. Penn ranks first among the Ivy League schools in the number of students studying abroad, according to the most recent data.” (University of Pennsylvania, 2005, “Study Abroad”)

I think that at some point I may chose to take advantage of these offers.

Therefore, I’m strongly convinced that University of Pennsylvania is a perfect choice for me. It teaches the courses that are of interest to me, it offers perfect facilities for study and recreation, and it’s noted for its atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and tolerance. I’ll be proud to be the student of Penn.

…and that was my first job. While the majority of my peers were working in fast-food restaurant, and the luckiest of them in school libraries, I was very proud to get such an “intellectual” job. Moreover, it was a freelance job, so I had to learn much of self-management. These skills, together with the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure, became a very important asset in my further studies and career.

So what was the job about? At first, they employed me to edit the speeches of the President of their organization. He was a very busy man and never bothered writing speeches himself, and the organization was a charity one, so delivering speeches was virtually he main occupation of their president. The organization had a staff speechwriter, but several time the lady made serious stylistic blunders, and they decided to hire a part-time editor of the speeches to be on the safe side. They were looking for a person, preferably a student, who would agree to edit the speeches for the humble pay they offered. I was ready to work for them because I was more interested in the professional experience than money.

I applied via Internet and they invited me for an interview. I was very anxious and spent a sleepless night before the interview. But it went smoothly, the HR manager was scrutinising my school record and recommendation letter from my teacher and seemed not to listen to me at all. But I employed all my rhetorical skills to persuade that I was the right person for that job because deep in my heart I believed it was so. In two days they invited me to the office and gave me the first task. The president of the organization was invited to charity ball and had to deliver a 5 to 10 minutes speech there. Their staff speechwriter, Marion (we were introduced to each other), handled me the draft of the speech and asked to read through it and make all the corrections I would find necessary. The draft was a complete mess, and it required lots of work done to polish it.

That afternoon I went to the bookstore and bought myself a huge pile of books on speechwriting, persuasion, business etiquette and protocol. I took me two days to complete the first task, but then I acquired some skills and experience and could do the tasks much faster. And at the end of December an event that decided my promotion in the organization took place: Marion got married and left for a honeymoon to LA. I became the staff speechwriter, and they allowed me to work part-time. I was responsible for writing the speeches from the beginning to the end. It involved communication with the PR department and the president himself. The job gave a unique inside into the work of an organization and business etiquette. I dreamt of becoming the speechwriter of a famous political leader; although now I changed my career plans, that job gave me an invaluable experience of business writing and communication. I was working for them for a month or two and then…


University of Pennsylvania. (2005). “Penn Facts and Figures.” Retrieve December 13, 2005, from http://www.upenn.edu/about/facts.php

Steve Jobs Leadership Style Essay

Great leaders come in many forms. From one point of view, solid leadership is a subjective thing, from another there are certain characteristics that are, by common consensus, typical for leadership. Leadership is the process of influencing people within the group to work hard towards, and be fully committed, to the common group goals. Newsweek names Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple as the best of the 10 Best Leaders of 2005. Let’s try to figure out what qualities possesed by Jobs caused him such a success.

Jobs is both adored and criticized for his skills of “persuasion and salesmanship”, as well as for being rough and hasty, witty and straightforward. But no matter whether he is admired or hated, every one would admit that Jobs possess the characters of the great leader, he is charismatic, bright and quick learning, motivated and not afraid to experiment, as he himself once said :“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” Continue reading “Steve Jobs Leadership Style Essay”

Essay about Logical Fallacies

“Critical thinking is a lot harder than people think, because it requires knowledge,” – said Joanne Jacobs, modern columnist and writer. Indeed, critical thinking is a process of mind that involves numerous skills, including observation, analyzing, reasoning, and evaluating. Therefore, any statement may be analyzed critically and examined according to logic. As long as logic interrelates tightly to critical thinking, its techniques have significant meaning to critical thinking theory and practice. For example, examining logical fallacies is very useful to critical thinkers, as it helps understanding the most distributed wrong logical chains in human mind.

Logical fallacies vary soundly according to categories, types, and structure. There exist around fifty logical fallacies (Gula 2002), however it is possible to distinguish most popular of them. As long as people often make the similar mistakes for many times, the most distributed of them may serve as demonstrative examples to be examined. Thus, learning popular logic fallacies can bring us closer to understanding reasoning and logic, hence mastering critical thinking skills. Continue reading “Essay about Logical Fallacies”

A Doctor’s Story Book Review

“A Doctor’s Story” written by a prominent author William T. Close is a fascinating and compelling story where a keen reader can find both fear and courage, amusing and awesome details of a remarkable journey. It is the truly personal drama of one doctor who has shown unbelievable view on medicine in today’s high-tech world.

In the book Dr. William Close shares lots of unique and captivating stories written on the ground of his medical practical researches in New York, Wyoming, and Congo. Most readers consider his fascinating stories about his journey to Africa to be the most interesting and valuable. He depicts the results of his being in pre-independent Belgian Congo where he worked firstly as a surgeon in Kinshasa hospital, later in independent Zaire, as a personal physician of President Mobutu. His perspective as a physician gives him a hint concerning the end of colonialism in Central Africa, and the beginning of the chaos and collapse in Zaire. There is also a really touching chapter is of a security guard, elderly veteran of World War II. He tells to a doctor about his wish to see his dying wife, just because he wanted to tell his grandchildren that a doctor examined her before she died. The stories about a journey to Mobutu depict a man in a very different way comparing with how it is typically done; evidently even dictators have good side. Continue reading “A Doctor’s Story Book Review”