Essay about Advice Columns

Over recent years the advice columns became a very popular place to seek the solution to different problems. The problem of family is among them. Despite the category contains many sorts of possible problems the problem of infidelity is one of the most topical.

Researching in the advice columns one is sure to find many letters that address that topic. Mainly there are of two types. The first type of letters is written by one of the partners who was deceived or suspects the other partner being unfair. Those writers often ask what to do with the partner who had some relationships outside the partnership. The question of possible ways to find out about possible infidelity is also common. The third category of questions in this field is how to affair proof the relationships. Continue reading “Essay about Advice Columns”

The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck Essay

In his short story “The Chrysanthemums”, John Steinbeck tells us a story of a thirty-five-year-old Elisa Allen, who lives with her husband Henry on their farm in the Salinas Valley. The calm couple’s life in the valley was one day meddled with a stranger, and in the course of the day we find Elisa is not very happy with her life.

We find more about Mrs. Allen through her appearance, conversations with husband, with the tinker, and through her anxious feelings to the chrysanthemums. In fact, the chrysanthemums symbolize Elisa’s strong yet tender character. She tries to look strong but deep inside she is a real woman – passionate, beautiful, giving, eager and vulnerable sometimes. Continue reading “The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck Essay”

Essay on Day SPA

Even ten years ago, spas were primarily viewed as luxury reception rooms and pampering palaces for the rich, powerful and famous, who went there “to take the waters”, but today, they are viewed as an integral part of people’s health and beauty routine – at home, at work, on holidays and on the road. Day spas are growing so rapidly that there are ones to fit your needs and expectations within driving distance: fabulous day spas are located in luxurious hotels, picturesque villages around town or within the neighborhood shopping center. Whatever your taste and comfort level is, all salons have one thing in common and that is to refresh, tranquil and coddle you.

A lot of average women nowadays get manicures every week or every two weeks, massages every other week, facials once a month. But there are still some people for whom this experience is rather new, a special luxury, a rare treat. Many have their first taste of the spa only when they get a gift certificate. Either way, the day spa is the place to go for one or two treatments, it is a mini-getaway for couple of hours where you can retreat from your daily routine. Continue reading “Essay on Day SPA”

The Value of Taking an Online Course Essay

In today’s world, speed is of the essence. Information, the new commodity in the world is moving at speeds unimaginable 5 years ago. As such, the student of the 21st century must learn to adapt to these changes. Unfortunately, with the way today’s economy is, students are in a greater bind than their parents a generation ago. It is therefore, necessary for them to take online courses to ease some life pains associated with the current scholastic situation.

The baby boomer generation, as well as their parents, the generations that made our country a powerhouse, had it a bit simpler. Although, college was not for everyone, many attended, allowing the number of Americans with college degrees to rise to about 28%, a five-fold increase since 1940. (Symonds, 2005) Although many had to work through college and sustain themselves one way or another, the familial backbone was behind them to guarantee that they succeed. Today, with more and more people seeking to enter college, and very high competition it is not as simple as it once was. Continue reading “The Value of Taking an Online Course Essay”

UW Madison Application Essay Sample

Academic history: Although I am from another country, I have had quite diverse educational experience in the United States. I have studied here for almost 3 years. The first year I came to the United States, I joined the Foreign Exchange Student Program. The first educational establishment that I have studied in was Judson High School in Texas. After obtaining my first experience, as well as becoming acquainted with American academic culture, I went to study in the Community College. I could not speak in English fluently at first. However, after joining the Exchange Student Program, I was able to steadily improve my skills as I was required to speak English all the time with multitude of native speakers.

Although I am not among the best students in my college, my performance is quite satisfactory. I can maintain my GPA at around 3.8. I am especially good at Economic, Business and History. As I am an active person, I like to hang around with my friends and sometimes, I would like to chat with the professors in Dean community college and discuss my future academic and career plans (for example, which universities are suitable for me or what major I should choose). Continue reading “UW Madison Application Essay Sample”

Essay: History of Arab Countries

The Islamic elements are important in the context of popular nationalism of the age. Their preconditions were: the ideas of the “Third World”, of Arab unity and socialism, which was predetermined by historical events of the time.

Marxism ideas influence states of Asia. There appear nationalist movements in reaction to French order. On gaining their independence, Tunisian, Algerian educated classes form parties as in other independent countries of Maghrib, such as Marocco. In the majority of Middle East countries the ruling elites did not manage to create a state, following their own interests and soon collapsed. Iraq renounced the agreement signed in 1948 with Great Britain. In 1950s in Syria there emerged two parties, also represented by educated people. Aflaq wrote that Arab nation should do its best to live in a single state.

The Bath party was spread in Lebanon, Jordan, etc. and touched questions of identity. It led to the formation of United Arab Republic in 1958. In Egypt Abd al-Nasir became a leader and formed the socially orientated ideology, speaking of Egypt as a dominant, which summoned to Arab unity. The movement resulted in growth of Egypt. Kuwait and Algeria became independent, British influence decreased. Syria and Egypt could not find a compromise. “Nasirism” showed its imperfection. Arab states conflicted with powerful Israel, it resulted in the war which positively changed America’s attitude to Israel. Palestinians turned into fugitives. Arab states refused to recognize Israeli victory though. Continue reading “Essay: History of Arab Countries”

Trade Policy Analysis Essay

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Corporate Network, Russia now holds the 12th place among the largest retail market of the world. In foreign trade, this country has been experiencing steady growth along the recent years. Among the countries Russia sells massive quantities of natural gas and oil are the Europe, China and Japan. Other major trading partners are the US, countries of the former Soviet Union, Italy, Germany, and other members of the EU. Russia is the largest energy exporter and it enjoys a large trade surplus due to its vast natural resources, like gas, timber, oil, precious metals, etc.

The list of most important legal sources of Russia’s foreign trade regulation include: Law on principles of state regulation of foreign trade activity (21.11.2003), Custom’s Code (28.05.2003), Law on currency regulation and currency control (10.12.2003) and Law on export control (18.07.1999). Continue reading “Trade Policy Analysis Essay”

Black, White and Jewish Book Review

When Mel Leventhal, a successful liberal Jewish lawyer married Alice Walker, a famed African American writer during the civil rights movement in the late 1960s, it caused a shock, a shock that strong and massive that Mel’s mother declared her son dead and did not reconcile until after the birth of her first granddaughter – Rebecca Leventhal Walker, who became a famous writer, feminist and activist herself.

Rebecca Walter’s life was not easy, after her parents got divorced she started changing homes every couple of years, spending time in Mississippi or Brooklyn, San Francisco or Washington D.C., Bronx, NY or suburban Westchester. With each new place came a new sort of identity and the frantic desire of a child and then later a teenager and a young woman to fit in: as white or black, or Jewish, as a party girl, a geek, a fighter, surrender or a lover. Confused, and most of the time lonely, for her mother and father were too busy with their careers, Rebecca turned to sex, drugs and other seemingly thrilling things in life. Continue reading “Black, White and Jewish Book Review”

Essay on “A Love Medicine” Poem


Writing a poem involves not only a lot of time and effort, because all authors try to make their works perfect, but it also involves peering into the deepness of poet’s soul, unfolding his/her the most intimate emotions about relevant events in the society, about relationship with other people, consciousness of self and the world around. All poets are unique makers of literary masterpieces, which not only reveal poets’ perception of different subjects, but create a new image of reality for the readers, who get involved into the setting introduced by the poets, who live and feel everything together with the main characters, and after finishing reading, the readers either agree with the authors’ thoughts or disagree with them, but in any case poems provoke a lot of thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Essay on “A Love Medicine” Poem”

Definition Essay on Masterpiece

It is impossible to say what kind of quality make one work a masterpiece while the other is regarded as not worth of attention.  There is the belief that artists are living in front of their times and for this reason their works are marked as masterpieces long after their death.  Masterpiece is the piece of the art that makes people excited. Usually, masterpieces are described as beautiful, unusual, exciting, eternal, and unique.  The painting of Leonardo Da Vinci “Mona Lisa” is not his greatest work, but it is definitely a masterpiece, which excites millions of people for many generations.  This painting is full of mystery even though nothing is hidden, it causes numerous debates while it does not depict anything doubtable.

Every artist dreams to create his own “Mona Lisa” but not everyone is able to create similar masterpiece.  Michelangelo Buonarroti’s name has become synonymous to the masterpiece. He is called the “creator of the works of sublime beauty that express the full breadth of the human condition” (  Unlike many other artists of his time, his talent was recognized.   Continue reading “Definition Essay on Masterpiece”