Chicken With Plums Essay: Review & Analysis

Marjane Satrapi is known for several works as: Persepolis, Monsters are Afraid of the Moon, and The Sigh. In this novel, Chicken With Plums, she shows Iranian culture, as well as situations that concern daily life in various cultures, also embracing topics as love, music, and marriage. The passages selected from this work are directly related to his instrument and the story around it.

In the first passage, one can find the story behind his marriage with Nahid. “The reader finds out that she is in love since she has met her husband, when she was only 8 and he was 15 years old. Firstly, he uses Nahid for delivering letters to another girl that he likes without realizing the latter’s interest in him.” (Satrapi 43). It is one of the signs of Nahid’s position as a victim of delusion, but she grows up foolishly in love with Nasser Ali. This first aspect shows how deep can a person’s conviction towards uncontrolled feelings be, and how one can sometimes sacrifice oneself for another person’s happiness, even if the feeling is not reciprocal. Continue reading “Chicken With Plums Essay: Review & Analysis”

Final Exam Essay on The Presidency

The American presidency has much paradox because the people want an individual who is honest and has humility, but at the same time when one looks at the presidents voted in especially the recent one, they do not display this kind of character.

They want a president who is also areasonable person like himself or herself but at the same time the president even though normal should be extraordinary, that marks him different from a usual person.
The people want anice and down to earth person but at the same time, being too nice is considered a weakness because it means that they are weak, and if they are weak then it means that they are not fit to hold that strong position.

In other words, the individual character that the Americans wants does not necessarily match up to what they gate. Case includes the recent 2016 elections. Hillary was the ideal presidential candidate who had vast experience in public service, into the political realm but all that experience did not matter as American loudly spoke and voted for the candidate that they deemed fit to run their country. His character to the point of elections did not matter, the voters accepted him. Continue reading “Final Exam Essay on The Presidency”

Animal Behavior Essay

Orangutans do not belong to the monkeys’ family as a lot of people think since they are members of the great apes family, to which humans, gorillas and orangutans belong. Our human evolution split from Orangutans’ evolutionary process somewhere about 6 million years ago.

Orangutans live in such natural habitats like the humid forests, various mixes of savannas and deciduous woodland of West and Central Africa. Their physical parameters are commonly like these: the usual weigh is between 67 and 196 pounds and the usual height is from 28 to 36 inches. Their pregnancy period is quite like the humans’ (from 230 to 240 days). Usually orangutans live to about 45-55 years old which is greatly dependant of their place of environment – captive orangutans live up to ten years longer than the wild born. Another orangutans’ similarity to the human kind is their sensory abilities. Continue reading “Animal Behavior Essay”

Life Skills Support Group for Young Adults Essay

This report offers a proposal for a life skills support group intended to assist young adults with their development, maturation, and integration into society. It begins by presenting an overall rationale and then articulating specific objectives based thereupon. Practical considerations are evaluated, based upon which specific procedures are developed. Finally, means and mechanisms for evaluating the efficacy of the support group are postulated. Continue reading “Life Skills Support Group for Young Adults Essay”

International Training and Development in Languages Essay

Language and cultural competencies are crucial in the global marketplace because cultural differences can significantly affect organizational performance. The proliferation of information communication technologies has increased global interconnectivity, which means that organizations have to deal with an increasingly diverse workplace. Some countries have instituted language and cultural learning initiatives into their education systems while others with an outward orientation have actively sought to influence other people’s cultural and linguistic orientations. The analysis considers the case studies of five countries, how they deal with the increasing cultural diversity in most organizational contexts, and the different policy and regulatory environments that influence their respective operating environments. Continue reading “International Training and Development in Languages Essay”

To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection Essay

The first chapter portrays the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ as a coming of age-story where following circumstances chip away at the truths that the children believed as they mature. The Novel starts with Scott remembering the events of her childhood and introducing Maycomb, the town of their childhood in Alabama. The first chapter is told in retrospect, which gives the reflection a sense of objectivity. Scott is looking at her childhood from her adult point of view. Importantly, Scott provides the reader with a sense of place by portraying a town where survival depended on following the rigid social rules. Continue reading “To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection Essay”

Free Will vs Determinism Psychology Essay

The determinism concept remains among the far-reaching terms that explain the relationship between human behavior and natural events in the universe. It is one of the areas of concern in the field of psychology in a way it states that the current activities are the result of some prior occurrences.

In this view, there is no new aspect that can come into existence since all happenings depend on a pre-determined sense that the universe holds occurrences emanating from the effects of other activities. Based on this fact, the concept has serious implications on the debate about free will as it considers human freedom as an illusion because the environment plays an important role in influencing decisions and capacity to exercise self-control (Locke 13). As Strawson notes, people behave in a particular manner for the reason that other external factors around them affect their choices and conditioning toward achieving a desirable outcome or reward (27). The determinist view of free will emphasizes the concepts of law, reward, punishment, and sentiments of guilt as the main factors that define the ability of a person to satisfy their needs. Continue reading “Free Will vs Determinism Psychology Essay”

Seussical Live Production Essay

I had the pleasure of attending the Seussical show together with my colleague students from Wichita State University where the Seussical a musical theatre show was organized and performed live. The show I attended took place between October 25th and 28th and was performed from 7.30 pm to Sunday at 2.00 pm. The performance was prepared to take place at the Wilner auditorium where it was to be based on the work of Dr. Seuss and the book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Stephen Flaherty made the music while the lyrics were done by Lynn Ahrens and the show directed by the Dexton Bloomquist and assisted by Courtney Wages. Continue reading “Seussical Live Production Essay”

Reading Wiki Essay

The two texts selected are Djamila Ibrahim’s “Things are Good now” and Stevie Howell’s “I Left nothing inside on Purpose”. The second text is a collection of poems by Stevie Howell while the first text is a novel. Djamila Ibrahim’s text focuses on the central conflict because the novel is about innocent people who are subjected to years of war and turmoil. Stevie Howell uses an interesting language, which is not typical of poems using voice and tone. Consequently, it is necessary to determine whether the approach used by the authors aptly depict their intentions. Continue reading “Reading Wiki Essay”

Play Trifles Essay

Aristotle’s Poetics

Aristotle presents that the plot of the story is the most important aspect and should include an organized model that offers a logical flow of the sequence of the events. The plot of the play Trifles is arranged consistently as the play starts with a scene that introduces the primary characters and the events that are taking place revolving around a murder. The plot thickens as Mr. Hale the court attorney investigates the murder of Mr. Wright. The men search for clues upstairs in order to resolve the murder. However, the women find some clues in the kitchen, I form of a dead bird, which makes them believe that Mrs. Wright killed her husband. They identify that she killed him due to being abused, but they hid the important piece of evidence from their husbands to help Minnie. Continue reading “Play Trifles Essay”