Alcohol Consumption in the US Essay

Alcohol plays various significant roles in American society, just like other beverages, such as juices, coffee, and soft drinks. Americans take alcohol primarily to relieve stress, facilitate social engagement, and have fun. The impacts of alcohol can be non-threatening or detrimental based on how responsibly it is consumed. Despite the negative ramifications, alcohol should not be banned in the US due to the substantial revenue it generates upon sale and the considerable number of jobs that the industry creates.

Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for various adverse health outcomes. A study posted in 2017 in JAMA Psychiatry showed that the rate of alcohol use disorder rose by almost fifty percent between 2000 and 2010. Currently, one in eight American adults is suffering from alcohol use disorder (Ingraham 1). The researchers mention that the findings indicate the severe nature of the American public health crisis. Their conclusions show that alcoholism is a considerable driving factor of mortality caused by various ailments such as hypertension, stroke, liver cirrhosis, cancer, infections, cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. These findings are supported by statistics listed by the CDC, which depict that mortality resulting from these ailments, specifically alcohol-linked cirrhosis and hypertension have increased concurrently over the ten years. The CDC also cites that around 88,000 individuals die annually due to alcohol-associated causes.

Despite the adverse effects, the alcohol beverage industry contributes substantial revenues to the US economy. In 2018, sales of alcoholic beverages reached a whopping $254 billion, an increase of more than five percent from the previous year’s value (Morris 1). Furthermore, alcoholic beverage companies employ thousands of individuals all over the US.

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