Blockchain Technology Essay

A blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology for distribution and immutable ledger transfer ownership. It also involves record transactions, tracks assess and transparency, security, trust, and value exchanges in different types of operations with digital assets. Wells Fargo digital cash is one of the blockchains that run distributed ledger technology. It is a service that brings in operational efficiencies by completing internal book transfers of cross payments as it removes barriers to real-time financial interactions across its networks (WF Digital Cash).

The US, in collaboration with Canada, will implement the digital cash system by using US dollars. The dollars will be tokenized and exchanged with the banks. For example, transactions from the payers account to the payee’s account and a tokenized dollar will allow users to move money internally across the firm’s global network. The main goal of this is to enable substantial money transfers and provide a solution to all banks and business owners. It also helps to save time in that the previous system included many intermediaries, and for the money to reach the end-user, it would have taken much time. Upon reducing time, the transaction cost also reduces. This system will allow the banks to move funds for 20 hours a day up from only six to nine hours, five day week when it relies on wire transfers and a system like SWIFT and Faizer. Apart from that, the digital cash system will do away with differences in the infrastructure across its global network since the businesses and banks will benefit from it as compared to the traditional method. Lastly, the WF digital cash will do away with the intermediaries that exist in the money market as it makes transactions difficult and more costly.

The WF digital cash uses the R3 Corda software to handle internal book transfers. The software has its financial responsibilities including, one, the cost-saving responsibility. This can only be achievable by removing the intermediaries in the money market. Such intermediaries tend to increase the transaction fee across the world, and the second responsibility is getting revenue for the business to maintain its operational cost, and this can be met by licensing the financial institution like banks and making sure they comply with the regulations of licensing.

Concerning the corporate social responsibility, the WF digital system takes into consideration the small business operations by providing faster and cost-effective cash transfer that would favor them much in running their businesses, it will also ensure that international money transfer procedure is improved to save on time and cost. Apart from the responsibilities as mentioned earlier, there are environmental responsibilities; with the digitalized money transfer, cashbook, and database, the system has enabled the reduction of paperwork, which is valid for ecological conservation. The WF digital cash technology being the core objective, other technologies to enhance efficiency, and reducing the cost of operation were incorporated; this includes the solar, hydroelectric, and wind power blockchain technology.

Vendor: r3s Corda
Wf digital cash chooses its vendors and then enters into a legal contract to ensure an excellent operating environment with both parties and greatly complying with the set and agreed terms. The contact information is kept private to ensure minimal tamper.

Information system
The WF digital ledger technology manages its information by them being stored in a different location. This will significantly help when data is lost due to hacking or system failure. Two servers are located in the US and the other two in Canada. The information system is also set in a manner that enables the operation hours worldwide to increase to allow time efficiency of operation, for useful information system management time to time control and monitoring is required to maintain the information in track and updated. In every country, for a business to be operational without government inference, they have to follow the government regulations like remitting tax.

Organizational changes
The digital cash organization has gone through some changes to achieve the world transaction of money significantly by the use of digital cash technology. One is by ensuring cybersecurity to prevent the high chances of their rivals, bringing them down. It also prevents others from developing a fake technology system as they bring competition by great rival business partners. This can also be achieved by enhancing much security on the information system by a quick check on data loss, which can be effectively done by the IT department. The other way is by training the IT staff on the latest cybersecurity trends. After which the organization conducts testing on the new cybersecurity trends and lastly implementing the learned latest trends and goes into high surveillance to check if the implementations are picking up.

The organization should adhere to international status in the global compliance department. That helps to monitor and oversee if the organization is complying with the set status between the corporate parties. For instance, the US and Canada, not forgetting the signing of contracts with financial institutions like banks. of the better operating environment. The organization will also include monitoring and overseeing the intermediaries that operate in the money market to ensure that the end-user gets the best services.

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