Boston University Admission Essay

Since I arrived in Boston, the opportunity to continue my education in Boston University always loomed as a highly attractive prospect. Going to Boston University for my Undergraduate degree would allow me to meet all my expectations of college studies. On the one hand, it would expose me to a diverse student environment and rigorous academic standards of the establishment. On the other hand, it would enable me to stay in the city I really came to love for its exquisite beauty and rich culture.

Enrolled at the moment in Dean College in Franklin, I have had plenty of opportunities to discover the unique academic atmosphere of Boston. In my mind, this is one of the places ideal for studying as it inspires one to delve in the depths of science and culture. I also enjoy its rich cultural life that gives one excellent possibility to engage in cultural initiatives of a very broad scope. This also complements students’ professional and personal development, helping them to take a broader view of life, not restricted to just academic perspectives. As a result of my fascination with the place, I began to look for academic institutions that would further my goal of becoming a top professional in the chosen field, starting with the area around.

My interest in Boston University was first sparked by meetings with currently enrolled students. Talking to them occasionally at parties and public venues, I was pleased to hear that they were generally impressed with the quality of academic programs and excited about campus life. I believe in word of mouth as the most effective way to get information, given that one consults a number of individuals. Since what I heard was favorable, I decided to probe further. Searching for information online, I was impressed with the scope of programs offered and really excited about the prospect of becoming part of the diverse student community that undoubtedly includes many interesting and outstanding individuals. With the large number of programs offered by the school, I was assured that I could find courses to my liking.

With my passion for knowledge and commitment to grow both personally and professionally, I am positive that I will be able to make the most of learning opportunities granted by Boston University. My performance in college demonstrates that I am able to concentrate on learning new information and use creative approach to studies. I can bring this passion for knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and persistence to the academic program in Boston University, and these qualities will surely help me succeed in my studies. Having studies in college for two years, I have a better understanding of the career world, which will navigate me among different subjects, helping me pick the electives that will model my education, making it more career-oriented. College studies have also helped me acquire a strong foundation of knowledge that will help me see new things in perspective.

With a deep interest in learning new things and commitment to quality performance, I am positive that I will be able to use my time at Boston University effectively. In addition, I believe that student life spent in my favorite town, socializing with the diverse student body, will be both productive and exciting.

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