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Article 1
In the business world, various people have been playing the important role of ensuring the good allocation of resources within an organization. As such, the choice of the right steps to a given investment is one of the main functions of an entrepreneur. In most cases, successful business people have had to possess high level of IQ that allows the good coordination of all the available tasks within an organization. For example in the case of an entrepreneur, the individuals do not only deal with the present employees but also the suppliers and other critical people in the venture. Consequently, the article seeks to develop an analysis of the application of the big five personality traits and the issue of effective business management.

Remarkably, most people that take the risk of starting a business usually have the courage based on the available information concerning the intended industry by the person in question. As such, the concept of entrepreneurial self-efficacy has largely determined the success of diverse business people due to the need for good utilization of the available resources. In some cases, people that begin a venture without considering the entrepreneurial ability have the high chances of failing in the market. For example, without the application of the big five personality traits, the intention to invest is intensely affected due to the limited presence of the right techniques to handle certain vital matters. Therefore, based on the article, for any person to be a successful entrepreneur, there is the importance of considering factors such as the big five personality traits and entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE) concepts.

Notably, for any study process, the collection of facts largely depends with the method applied by the authors to ensure the effective coverage of all the available facts related to the topic. As a result, in the article in question, the application of the different data collection and analysis techniques highly depended on the variable being considered in the research process. In essence, the first technique that was relied on for this article is the fuzzy qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA). For this procedure, the main goal of the researchers was to keenly underline and explain big five personality traits and their effects on the concept of investment. With this method, the authors aimed at ensuring the utilization of all the available facts to come out with the best insight of the situation under analysis. Also, in the article, the other technique that was utilized by the researchers included the use of two different set of data to know the implication s of the five personality characteristics in the successful management of an investment. Therefore, as a result of the technique, the article achieved in unraveling some of the critical issues related to entrepreneurship.

Notably, based on the revelation of the study, the good application of the five big personality traits leads to the discovery of the best potentials within an individual for maximum utilization of the available resources. According to the article, the high application of the five characteristics prompts the intention to invest by a specific person in the business world. As such, based on the obtained findings, the study concluded that the triggering of any investment decision is primarily determined by the configuration of the big five personality traits for successful entrepreneurial activities in a particular enterprise. Subsequently, the article achieved its primary goal of educating people on the effective application of personality trait trick to determine one’s business leadership capability based on their efficacy on the issue.

Article 2
In the employees’ management sector, businesses have been trying their level best to ensure the good coordination of all the activities for fruitful results. In most businesses, the employer morally forgets that the human resource sector is the primary determinant of business performance in the market. As such, without taking the right steps to sufficiently motivate the available employees, high chance are that they will not give their best due to the formation of a poor work attitude towards their profession. In this article, the authors mainly aim at pinpoint the implications of going by a model to ensure the correct motivation of the staff members for maximum productivity. For a successful management process, the duties of all the available workers are supposed to be spelt out to deter confusion reasons. In cases where there is the challenge of role confusion, employees tend to give less concentration to the completion of the task in question. Consequently, the study is an effective process since it targets the inclusion of all the necessary factors in the coverage of the employee motivation topic.

In the working area, the studies determined that an individual’s desire to give the best is mainly contributed by some of the considerable drives that act as catalysts in the development of a particular employee. In essence, the fast drive is concerned with issue of acquiring within a person that leads to the maximum or minimum provision of services by the individual in question. As a result, in the business world, most of the people usually work hard due to the discoverable benefits of the process. For example, due to the need for having money, food, and shelter, individuals have to find jobs that can effectively aid their personal growth based on the present opportunities. In the case of an organization, the business leader should understand that the main reason for the workers’ dedication is the need to acquire resources for survival reasons. Therefore, the article stipulates that there is the importance of keenly analyzing the extent of the drive to acquire to know the right steps for effective motivation process.

Also, according to the article, the other crucial factor is the drive to bond by the people in the specific company given the presence of people from different backgrounds. In the case of most animals, the main purpose for any connection is to ensure the successful formation of stronger ties among close embers such as the family. However, in the case of human being, the extent of people’s association is wide due to the presence of different organizations in the universe. As such, for any organization, the article posits that there is the importance of keenly analyzing the types of bonds created among workers in a specific company. For example, in scenarios where individuals find it easy to form close relationship with the available task force members, high chances are that the person in question will largely deliver the expected services to the organization’s wants. Therefore, the drive to bon is another crucial factor in the development of employees’ motivation for most organizations in the world as argued in the article. Also, the extent of comprehending and defending are the other vital additives for a motivational process as argued by the authors of the paper under analysis. Thus, despite the actions of other people within the company, the employee in question is supposed to feel rightly motivated and supported to give out their best to the organization under analysis. Subsequently, the article is a good reference point in determining the role played by the employee motivational factor in the delivery of services to the management’s expectations.

Article 3
In this article by one of the most famous authors in the universe, the main aim is the analysis of the different applicable techniques that one of the most successful CEO’s Steve Jobs relied on to positively impact on Apple Company. As stipulated by one of the organization’s belief an saying, people that are crazy enough to think have the ability to change the world into a better place through business practices. Before his death, the success of Steve Jobs was mainly contributed to by his flexibility and ability to effectively understand all the involved players in a given business process. In essence, based on the article in question, the following is a summary of the diverse actions by Steve Jobs that led to his success while he was the leader of Apple Company.

In the article, the author stipulates that Steve Jobs managed to be such a successful leader due to the increased management of the organization’s goals. As such, there is the need of the management to ensure the strict growth and management of focus to positively impact on the business in question. Additionally, a good CEO should simplify all the available tasks to quicken the extraction of positive results of the practice in question. In scenarios where the management puts in place complicated rules, high chances are that attention will be lost contributing the increased cases of organizational failure. Subsequently, in the case of Steve Jobs, being at Apple Company was successful due to the increased simplification of facts by the CEO.

In most cases, some of the business leaders usually want to distance themselves from being associated with some of the mistakes within the company. As such, they normally throw the blame to the employees in question due to the issue of power. On the contrary, according to the author, Steve Jobs success was contribute by the acceptance of responsibility in case of any mistake within the company’s system. In essence, the other take away from the write up is the issue of being slow when handling crisis situations. In most cases, people that rush into making decisions end up committing huge mistakes opposed to those that take their time to analyze and deal with the challenge under analysis. Most importantly, there is always the need of effectively taking time before dealing with any emerging issue within an organization for effectiveness reasons as in the case of Steve Jobs.

Moreover, the other important aspect of any CEO is the consideration of the product in question as opposed to the amount charged by the organization for the item. In most cases, some of the managers usually apply high prices to the extent of pushing away all the present clients from the business. In the case of Steve Jobs, the CEO ensured the implementation of quality factor by Apple workers to give out the best. Also, when in the company, the general leader should highly consider the issue of relying on a single person than a whole group that is exposed to increased failure due to conflicting interests. For example, in most cases, people that tend to act in a group of people are dimmed lazy to the issue of joy riding. Therefore, as in the case of Steve Jobs, there is the importance of a CEO ensuring the application of the most appropriate techniques to deter issue related to business failure as a result of poor management.

Article 4
In the fourth article, the primary focus is on the development of an individuals’ behavior relating to their profession. In most cases, every person in universe usually aspires to work in place where they are comfortable for maximum productivity level. As a result, various methods have been developed by diverse scholars with the main intention of helping people to effectively find the employment that suits theme best. On the contrary, people working in the different organizations usually face varying challenges based on their priorities. For example, in the case of an introverted person, spending a lot of time with people drains their energy. For such an individual, there is the need for looking for a job that does not involved many people for maximum productivity. On the contrary, extroverted people tend to be more active in a group of people since they gain energy from such scenarios leading to the adequate provision of the required services. As such, in the article, the author classifies the different personalities with their main elements for an efficient analysis of the topic in question.

Notably, regarding the issue of orientation to the world, introverted people tend to use a lot of energy when with people. During such instances, the individual usually has to brainstorm on the available ideas a lone before reading them out to people. When explaining the concepts, an introverted person has to use all the means possible for success reasons. On the contrary, the extroverted people normally gain energy from interacting with a large group of people within an organization. For such individuals, they normally prefer working in groups to obtain the best since people contribute to the further growth of their interests. As such, for introverted people, there is the need for considering a job that does not involve uncontrolled interaction with the involved team members. Besides, the extroverted persons usually feel restrained by being requited to work in a specific environment. Therefore, for outward individuals, the efficient delivery of services lies within the level of contribution by the available team members as opposed to introverted people.

Moreover, another important factor about people’s personality and their jobs are the ways of taking the available information. As such, some of the people tend to rely on the present data to come up with a final decisions rather than consulting with others in the firm. For the extroverted people, the article posits that they most likely use all the five senses to determine the implications of the issue of question. Without a testing procedure, extroverted people feel that their main duty is not accomplished as per the organization’s desires. On the other hand, introverted individuals normally rely on their instincts to come up with the final decision in an organizational situation. As a result, when a decision in not in line with an introverted person life, high chances is that the person in question will fail to work towards achieving the set organizational goals.

Also, according to the article, the other important aspect of people’s personality is the issue of making the final decisions by both introverted and extroverted people. In the case of the introverts, one normally first considers the feeling of others with the company to deter harmful effects on their development. On the other hand, extroverts tend to be logical when making important decisions within an organization. Therefore, for any business across the universe, the management has the duty of ensuring the understanding of each person’s personality to get their best when it comes to services delivery.

Article 5
In the commerce world, there is always the need for managements to ensure the successful motivation of the available employees for maximum productivity. In most cases, workers fail to deliver their best due to the lack of good motivating factors. For example, when the payment is low compared to the services offered a staff member, the motivation level will be low leading to the failure of effectively accomplishing the available organizational goals. In the article, the author mainly discusses the issue of motivation to employees in both a theoretical and practical perspectives for success within organization. Therefore, the primary consideration when working on projects in a company should be the level of motivation provided by the management in question.

In the article, the author provides the benefits of motivating workers for managements to take the appropriate steps in handling motivation issue. As such, due to the motivation factor, the executives ensure the increment in one’s accountability because of the given reward. In some instances, managers might promise a particular gift upon the successful completion of a given task. In the end, every person works hard targeting the reward leading to improved accountability among the staff members.

Additionally, because of motivation within organization, people tend to be more responsible with the tasks since it acts as a way of automatically issuing duties to people. When there is a motivating factor within an organization, the extent of success largely lies on the kind of reward issued by the management. On the contrary, the lack of motivation leads to the failure of having a responsible task force due to the less concentration given to the organizational norm. In most cases, employees are likely to adhere by the stipulated rules based on the level of motivation offered by the executives.

Moreover, with the presence of the right motivation, employees usually have the required information on time which reflects on the company’s performance in the market. For most people, the level of information access is determined by the strategies applied by the management to gain their attention. Also, when rightly rewarded, employees tend to be more concerned with organization’s welfare. On the other hand, with less motivation, individuals take less time to deal with problems affecting the company’s well-being. Therefore, with the right motivation, the author argues that there are chances of people making improved follow up to the organization’s affairs.

Remarkably, the presence of the required motivation largely impacts on the tackling of new challenges by the involved employees. In most cases, when there is a reward, the human brain tends to adjust for the adequate completion of the task in question. Contrary, even in the cases where employees are lowly paid, the completion of simple tasks is usually hard since their efforts are not rewarded accordingly. Most importantly, the presence of motivation leads to the specialization of duties since people get used to their line of duty. In the end, motivation highly impacts on the concept of output within an organization as posited in the article.

Article 6
In this article, the author mainly aims at discussing the various leadership styles that most of the leaders commonly used for the betterment of their companies. As such, the paper seeks to develop both theoretical and practical analysis of the issue of leadership styles application for diverse business managers across the universe. However, as the author write, most of the executives have largely been practising their leadership styles without considering their implication on the company’s performance. Despite the kind of business in question, the leader has to ensure the utilization of the best strategies to gain the required support from the human available resources. Consequently, in this paper, the author proposes that managers should consider the combine application of the different leadership styles for effectiveness purposes.

According to the author of the article, leaders have to first understand the importance of applying the concept of intelligence competencies to deter confusion reacted to the leadership styles. The following is a discussion of the factors postulated by the author reacting to the issue of intelligence competence for successful leadership. As such, the first issue of consideration is the concept of self-awareness on the styles chosen by the leader in question. In most cases, the author claims that managers take limited time to study themselves and determine the best technique for their development and organizational success. However, the keen evaluation of the diverse styles needs one to examine him/her to deter falling into confusion. Thus, in any company, the leader has to utilize the concept of self-awareness to select the most right step when faced by a challenging situation.

Additionally, the techniques utilized by the leader in question needs the investigation of whether it can promote the concept of self-regulation to deter interfering with other people’s beliefs and practices. For example, when a method requires high level of supervision, the manger might regulate the action based on the scenario presented. Nonetheless, some cases required the strict adherence to the given leadership technique to effectively guide in the involved persons. Most importantly, the primary function of any leader is to ensure the successful motivation of the staff members in question. When choosing a leadership model to rely on, the person in question should consider its impacts on the motivation level as stipulated in the article. For example when working on a hard task, employees will require the technique that allows the brainstorming of ideas to come up with the best solution. In essence, motivation is one of the key additives in determining the success of a leadership style as argued by the author in the article. Interestingly, socially, mangers should be friendly to the available employees since it determines their level of dedication relating to the tasks in question. Consequently, the article is a good document concerning the usefulness as well as the application of diverse leadership models as discussed in the article under analysis.

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