Career Research Essay Example

is the job of your dream? How much do you want to earn? Doubtless, it is impossible to survive without a good job. Every person should apply her professional skills and talents in the definite occupation. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to build the best career, because very few people know about their own talents and strong sides. The choice of careers is great. You can become a lawyer, a dentist, an engineer, a teacher, etc. I would like to describe a very popular occupation related with business. I will write about entrepreneurs.

When you think about a common entrepreneur, you imagine a creative and inventive person who starts her own profitable business. An entrepreneur should possess a great number of professional skills and traits of character. To begin with, this person should be ambitious. If you are not ambitious, you achieve nothing. You ought to dream about the development of your own firm. Of course, you should think about profit. These two elements are the main factors, which encourage the development of your career. Then, a businessperson should be risky and patient. Very few people manage to start a successful company at once. Nearly every entrepreneur has to go through bankruptcy and crisis. Furthermore, business requires risky and cool decisions. If you want to restore the quality of your products and attract customers, you should act radically and cold-bloodedly. You must not be afraid of failure. Everybody knows that only the strongest survive in business. If your firm cannot compete with its rivals, you lose. You should work hard all the time in order to improve your goods and services and introduce the new ones. Your firm should be better than other similar companies on the market. Consequently, a skillful entrepreneur is a creative, industrious, attentive, sober and cool-headed predator who knows how to deal with his rivals.

If you want to work as an entrepreneur, you should be ready to face a great number of challenges. Firstly, it is difficult to start your own firm. You should plan this process intensively. It is smart to study the market in order to get to know whether your product can be interesting to consumers. You ought to prepare a business plan, which will reflect the potential of your business. An entrepreneur should get to know whether his goods or services are required on the market and whether there are any similar companies, which offer the same products. Obviously, the price of your products will depend on this factor. If you want to attract clients, you should reduce the price.

A professional businessperson pays attention to marketing. You will never attract customers if you do not advertise your firm and products. Naturally, it is hard to choose the right approach towards marketing; therefore, one should be very creative to invent his own brand, logo and slogan. In addition, a good firm should possess its own ‘history’, which emphasizes the quality of its production.

An entrepreneur should manage his company wisely. He should learn how to hire the right employees and how to train them rapidly. He should realize that the staff is the most important element of every firm. Then, the businessperson has to cope with such problems as logistics. It is reasonable to cooperate with the reliable companies and organizations, which can help you manage your business and produce and deliver your products on time.

In conclusion, you can see that it is very difficult to start and develop your own business. An entrepreneur is a broad-minded and multitasking person. He should invent a new product, make a successful project, make all possible calculations, teach his employees and resolve all possible conflicts on the workplace, etc. A businessperson is a psychologist, scientist, adventurer and speechmaker. Such people should possess sharp mind, knowledge and critical thinking skills.

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