Cohabitation and Marriage Essay

The subject of human relationships is one of the most complex issues in our life. Our opinions on marriage, love, sexuality, and cohabitation vary from person to person, and there is no single point of view. One the acutest problems is cohabitation before marriage. In the current paper I will discuss it using information from interviews with five people having marriage experience (see Attachment) and the textbook.

Before getting married it is important to know the partner very well. According to the survey I conducted, it is possible now to create a list of things I would want to know about prospective marriage partner. This list will include the following facts: propensity of the partner for drinking alcohol or taking drugs; his habits and traditions in everyday life; his interests and hobbies; his behavior in sexual life; his financial state and relation towards money; his goals in life and plans for future; and his attitude towards family members and children. It is possible to learn these things while cohabiting with a partner. However, if being careful and attentive, you may find out many important facts even without cohabitation before marriage. For example, Mr. Priestley did not live with his girlfriend before getting married, and they had to learn many things about each other while being married. The differences of their habits in everyday life led to some problems in their relations. However, Mr. Priestley and his wife overcame those difficulties, and they live together for eight years already and consider their marriage successful.

The opinions about cohabitation prior to marriage vary from person to person. Thus, before choosing whether to live together with partner before marriage we must consider all advantages and disadvantages of such act. The list of advantages of cohabitation prior to marriage include the following: the opportunity to know better the character of a partner; the possibility to find out if you match; the opportunity to get used to each other and to try living together not being married; the absence of legal boundaries. The list of disadvantages of such behavior to my mind consists of two major factors: religious aspect (some religions forbid cohabitation without marriage), and moral (parents and relatives may not approve such behavior).

While conducting my interviews I observed few very demonstrative cases that portrayed the facts listed above. For example Mrs. Woodsdale cohabited with her partner before getting married, and it helped them to understand each other better and to live together for five years for now. From the other hand, Mr. Wilkinson came from religious family and did not cohabit with his girlfriend prior to marriage. In three years they divorced due to serious differences in lifestyles.

In the conclusion I want to add that I will choose cohabitation with my partner before marriage. I hope my parents and family will understand and respect my decision.

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