Essay on Color and Race Discrimination

Dealing with the topic of racial discrimination, it’s important to mention that nowadays lots of measures have already been taken to solve this problem. Revolutionists stood for equality of all people, apart from their race, sex, language or religion. All people are born equal and they have right to be free. In this way, racial discrimination is supposed to be false, blameworthy and unfair in every respect. No matter whether a person is black or white, whether he is from West or East, he should be respected as a representative of human race. People are equal before God.

Speaking about racial discrimination it’s important to mention an outstanding person Athalie Range who defended rights of Afro-Americans. She is famous for her unbelievable prospects in life, being the first Afro-American woman to occupy high positions in government. At first, she used to serve in Miami Commission and later in the government of Florida. Athalie Range actively participated in political affairs. Maybe that was the reason for her outstanding knowledge of politicians. Speaking about her activities I can’t help telling about probably the most amusing ones. At the age of 80 Athalie took responsibility for the reconstruction of Miami Museum into a “colored” beach, trying to renovate old views.

Although Range is known for being intelligent and polite, she never lost a chance to criticize poor, miserable sides of life. On the whole, she was a real activist in the problem of racism. This can be justified by her struggle for Haitan immigrants, desperate attempts to find working place for Blacks, born in America. She even took part in less important sides of improving life conditions. That is to say Range fought for the building of new playgrounds and proper refuse collection. She even fought against women discrimination, giving them a chance to become political leaders. Athalie greatly improved the situation of Blacks in America, being motivated by her own sad life experience. She once told about awful conditions in an overcrowded school for blacks where she used to study. Educating more than 1000 students it afforded only 13 toilets. There wasn’t enough space for toilets, let alone auditoriums. Her own poor life conditions made her deeply concerned in taking certain measures in order to improve even unimportant elements of Blacks’ life.

Lots of other activists used to fight against racial segregation in the USA. Many of them continue to take measures even now, when people became more tolerant to colored nation. They used different methods of resisting the oppression. Black children had to study apart from their white colleagues.

Even public toilettes used to be separate. Moderate black revolutionists were called “Uncle Tom”, for they were not strict and persistent in their actions. Along with “soft” activists there still were hard-edged leaders.

Their supreme question was to achieve true equality between white and black population, women and men of different social status and sexual orientation. They gave a dare to established views. Even cultural life touched the problem of whites and blacks. That is to say literary or film characters often differed by skin color. In this way love between blacks and whites was often a source of mental pain and suffering which inevitably led to tragedy. Writes, film and theatre directors tried to establish new views among people which would probably create tolerant and indulgent attitude towards black nation.

What is the actual point of racism? It is supposed to be the result of 1000 years history of human society, based on inequality and tendency to approve it. During the times of slave-owing, slaves gave birth to children, condemned to be slaves as well. Another form of oppression is certainly colonialism. Highly developed white nations began to oppress less developed blacks. There were created various racist theories, trying to approve cruel behavior of whites toward blacks. White people considered themselves to be higher race, tending to predominate over colored people.
Racism concerned not only Afro-American people, but Asians as well. Japanese people as representatives of “yellow race” had to resist the oppression as well. Such methods as aikido were quite amusing.

I dare say that nowadays racism at its state level doesn’t exist anymore. Society however still faces these problems. In Japan for example Koreans driven out of their homeland by force, have to give finger-print regularly in order to live in Japan legally. That is especially amusing considering that we’re living in a civilized world. Though the problem of racial discrimination is not really burning nowadays the whole world still suffers from its consequences. Gradually more and more organizations are being arranged in order to destroy racial inequality on any account.

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