Essay on Companies in the Strongest/Weakest Positions

For the following section of companies in the strongest and weakest positions, one has selected three firms that were chosen in accordance with their profits and the quality of customer service. The proposed companies range from those successfully performing on the market, those starting their extension, and the one struggling with the business. Further, such companies as AT&T Inc., JamCell, and Virgin Mobile will be discussed and analyzed.

AT&T Incorporation
The first chosen firm is the well-known AT&T Incorporation which is enlisted as the second most profitable and successful telecommunication corporation in the United States. The sector of involvement can be identified as the sector: of communications, and respectively, the industry of significant telecommunications. The Company operates through four different segments, including Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility, and International (AT&T Inc. 2020). What is essential in its geographical coverage, is the fact that the business offers its assistance and merchandise to customers in countries such as the United States, Mexico, and Latin America and to companies and other providers of telecommunications assistance worldwide (AT&T Inc. 2020). The incorporation additionally controls other firms correlated with sports channels as well as online gaming platforms.

AT&s services and commodities combine wireless communications, data and broadband, and Internet services, digital video services, local and long-distance telephone assistance, telecommunications devices, distributed networking, and commercial services (AT&T Inc. 2020). What is more, the Company was considered to be one of the most profitable ones within the industry, with a market value of $276.923 billion in February of 2020 (AT&T Inc. 2020). The Company proved to be profitable and rapid to expand. Furthermore, AT&T Inc. is believed to be among those corporations favored by the customers as the quality and price do not rage drastically over the years. Although some complaints about customer service exist, the firm is quick to address the issue and improve the quality to satisfy the customer. Some had noticed the challenges when the Company was first introduced to the global arena. However, the blackouts and the disconnection is no longer evident in the Company’s services, unlike the further to be discussed Virgin Mobile.

JamCell is a somewhat fledgling but fast-growing company that challenges the already established corporations. The Liberia Telecommunications Authority has developed an individual as well as a universal license to start-up venture JamCell, allowing it to maintain and manage a public telecommunications network providing voice, video, and high-speed Internet data services throughout the country (TeleGeography 2019). The project at this moment is mainly based in Liberia. Accordingly, its geographical coverage will require more development and growth. What is more, if to consider the highly competitive market of the telecommunication industry, JamCell, might want to be more local than global, at least during the first quarter.

To consider the current situation, JamCell will effectively start operations towards the end of 2021, meaning that in a year, the customers might already receive specific amounts of services from a provider. The Company is planning to invest close to the United States hundred million dollars over the course of license. The authoritative figures foretell that some of the money will be used for licensing fees, along with spectrum procurement and infrastructure improvement. In the future, the Company plans to develop a 5G system along with the already existing 4G used in Liberia. As for the global integration of the venture, the information remains to be examined further. However, the discussed Company is discussed in accordance with the predictions of professionals in the field and the partner of JamCell Ericsson of Sweden. Considering the need for new communication means in Liberia, JamCell is sure to arise quickly if the customers’ service maintains on a high level.

Virgin Mobile
The final Company of personal choice is the infamous Virgin Mobile that even though proved to be successful in the past, suffers from poor customer service. Before the firm had addressed the issues with its services, it was well-known around the works. Its geographical coverage includes countries such as the United Kingdom, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, some areas of South Africa, México, Canada, and European countries such as France and Poland. The situation has changed as of today, yet the Company offered its services to Australia, Singapore, India, Qatar, and the United States prior to the failures.

However, in 2012 the failures of the Company were evident. The majority of Virgin Mobile customers in the United Kingdom were complaining about permanent shut-down. Ever since the first shut-down and issues with Internet access along with other problems, the corporation started losing customers. A month ago, in January this year, Virgin Mobile gave up trying to renovate the business and signed a contract. The representatives announced that the provider would be shut down, and all the, not numerous customers will be transferred to a similar branch of Boost Mobile. The situation with Virgin Mobile further proves the importance of developing relations with customers, addressing the mistakes, and providing efficient services as the lack of the aforementioned might lead to bankruptcy.

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