Essay on Lean Operations

The movie industry has been operating on a global scale to gain more sales and increase revenue. The process of production for international movies is entirely different from local films. The marketing strategy should be more comprehensive than local film. However, to ensure the sale of such film, the producer and distributors ought to take certain risks. Sometimes, filmmakers may lose due to the wrong anticipation of a break through. The paper compares and contrasts the processes of production and distribution of two successful franchises the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “The Avengers Infinity War” and J. K. Rawlings’ “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

The Avengers: Infinity War
The film was produced in three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production involved establishing the idea. The directors, Joe and Anthony Russo created teams to develop the probable storylines and scenes. The Virtual Effects team generated 3D imagery of characters to be in the film (Bajwa, 2016).

Furthermore, the Virtual Effects Team created multiple stages of each act and what it would look like. The preproduction presents much theoretical skills — the movie comprised of many characters from other MCU franchises. They did not receive scripts until production. Anticipated films tend to be ‘spoiled’ by the actors. Therefore, the production team created multiple, long, fake, and true scripts to ensure the actors do not have the complete idea of the film.

The directors confirmed the start of filming in November 2016. The filming involved staged and real acts. Staged acts were performed in green or blue screen stages. Real acts were performed in the actual environment. For example, open fields and streets. The acts were not performed as they appear in the film. The directors mixed up the acts. Postproduction was involved in arranging the acts. The movie is divided into three acts, the opening act, the body, and the concluding act. The scenes were done in the United Kingdom, USA, Philippines, and Brazil.

Post-production is the crucial part of the production. The movies required more than five VFX companies to succeed (“Animation Boss,” 2018). The whole movie consisted of thousands of shots. The VFX teams comprise Weta Digital, Double Negative, Perception, Digital Domain, Elstree Effects, Cinesite, Lola Visual Effects, Framestore, and Industrial Light & Magic (“Animation Boss,” 2018). The use of many VFX teams ensures production was faster and the movie would not leak wholly. The music director Alan Silvestri edited the film by adding music components. The postproduction was done approximately two weeks before the official release.

The distribution of the “Avengers: Infinity War” was orchestrated by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Walt Disney signed contracts with theatres to assist in providing the platform for airing the film. The film made approximately over 1.5 billion dollars worldwide.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The production of a movie of magic is quite hard. However, the production of the final part of the sequel was easy since they used sets and decks in previous Harry Potter films. The director states that most of the acts were performed in blue and greens screens. The production is different from other types of films since the movie is directly from a book. Therefore, pre-production was not strenuous since the books provided a few edits. The architectural concept was the hard part. The production teams had to present magical sets. The architecture in the film was from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. The preproduction involved theoretical stages and scripts. The production involved filming and postproduction involved editing.

The production of the Avengers involved a lot of trial and error to produce the best scenes (Rocha de Siqueira, 2016). The directors created many possibilities for each stage and tried which was the best fit. Trial and error provides effective outcomes (Rocha de Siqueira, 2016). A single stage would involve three to five trials then the directors and producers modified the scene to coordinate with other scenes. Generating scenes is not as simple as writing scripts. They would eliminate scenes that were confusing or distracted the storyline. Scenes were selected based on best fit. The production would be more efficient if they wrote simple, unique, and interesting storylines. They would not need to engage in a lot of trial and error to eliminate scenes that did not correlate to the storyline (Rocha de Siqueira, 2016). Marvel Cinematic Universe produces movies with minimal mistakes. The MCU movies have very few bloopers. The studio contracted many VFX firms to ensure the video quality is at its best (Bajwa, 2016). The VFX teams used advanced software to ensure the motion and pictures are of high quality. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” too relied on the efforts of the VFX teams to produce great motion pictures. The VFX teams developed preliminary amateur shots of the intended pictures. The preliminary pictures were edited for live motion. The motions are keyed to give greater feedbacks. The tech experts then edit the colors of the films. The motion is then tracked to improve synchronization (“Importance of Visual Effects (VFX) Animation Course”, 2017). However, the quality of the video or picture motion depends solely on the type of software used. Best VFX softwares are Nuke, Houdini, Blender, and SilhouetteFX.

The studios should join contracts with more theatres to increase the sales of tickets from the opening weekends. The theaters are frequently full during opening weekends. Many people do not get the chance to watch the movies. Working with more theatres would increase the film’s revenue. Furthermore, it would increase the audience and assurance of more audience members in consecutive movies. The theaters should facilitate quality services to its customers. Filming firms like IMAX and Dolby theaters have been attributed to quality services. Other organization should emulate the services and strive to provide even better quality.

The main problem with filmmaking is getting the film to the right audience at the right time. Some movies do not sell since the season of the premier finds the viewers very busy. Most studios rely on distributors to market the movie. Some sell to distributers while others sell to theatres. Marvel Cinematic Universe signed the contract with Walt Disney to distribute the movies and share the revenue according to agreement. Some studios distribute their films and have done it successfully (Sveen, 2017). Studios are trying new strategies to distribute their movies thus reducing on costs (Sveen, 2017). Marvel studios use IMAX video cameras and techniques to ensure they produce quality pictures, which can be improvised for 3D and 2D. Furthermore, IMAX cameras ensure quality projection.

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