Composition of Music Essay

Composition 1: Addiction to Love
The title of the music is, the addiction to love, which describes what love is all about. Furthermore, the music theme focused on a love story that occurred between two people who have been friends for a long. The rhythm solely repeats on love and highlights critical experiences such as depression, hatred and the subject of money that revolves around love. The key reason I selected this title is for the people to understand that one can be addicted to love at some point in life, and they find it difficult to move on when left with their loved ones. The heading also provokes and provides better teaching to those people who are willing to embrace the concept of love in their daily lives.

However, while composing the song, I experienced some challenges like playing instruments such as a piano. This became a major problem because I could not align the sound produced with the piano to the song lyrics. Furthermore, I realized the piano sound mostly repeats itself, sending a different message to an audience. In this way, I focused on ensuring the sound has a repetition line. Also, I experienced the problem of ensuring the chorus was clearer. In this way, I did not meet the expectation and anticipation of every listener. Besides, I was successful in incorporating the correct music notation convention. As my concentration was to ensure it aligns with the significant theme of the song. I also managed to integrate graphics notation and ensure it is lively and relevant to the song’s title. Furthermore, I successfully ensured the song has a whole note that is to be held for four counts. It makes the piece look appealing and engaging for anyone who would like to listen to it.

Composition 2: The Beautiful Girl
The song’s title is, the beautiful Village girl, which talks about a lady who was brought up in the village and later moved to the city. The music highlights some of the problems experienced in the city by the girl because people considered her beautiful and should not engage herself in other activities such as prostitution. In music, my focus is to create awareness about beauty as the only way to be successful, instead, people need to work harder in life. The key reason why I selected this title is for people to relate beauty and the kind of life experiences people face in society. The song’s title also highlights the central aspect of the song, such as the themes. However, I experienced some challenges when composing the song, such as the use of loops. Some of the section could not be repeated; hence it was problematic to create particular patterns. I found it challenging to use piano because the song’s beat was more of the chorus.

However, I successfully managed to use chorus in the song. There was a break in the line at some point, and in such a case, a chorus was placed to ensure the message being delivered is consistent with the music being played. I was also successful in using a clear and steady pulse that was aligned with the time grid. Furthermore, by using the steady pulse, I could count on the number of beats easily and ensure rhythm in the song.