Dante’s Peak Movie Review

Emergency management is a prudent organization of resources and allocation of responsibilities to minimize losses from any hazard, including disasters, by effectively dealing with the aspects of preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. What happened in the Dante’s peak and did they manage to contain the situation?

Thesis Statement
The 1997 American disaster movie Dante’s Peak which contains a situation in which the inhabitants of a fictional city by the same name struggle to escape a volcanic eruption in the absence of an adequate emergency management plan. This paper will investigate Develop an “Emergency Management plan for the 1997 movie Dante’s Peak, starring Pierce Brosnan, define the community (Physical and human elements), Detail scientific knowledge- data, facts,4) Model what happens when a dormant volcano starts showing signs of activity that strikes this community. It will also Detail damages and response to that hazard by the community and the Included civil viewpoints, such as awareness, evacuation and crisis prevention. Finally, it will Suggest improvements to the plan based on the model result.

The film starts with Dr. Harry Dalton, a United States Geological Survey (USGS) volcanologist, setting out on a mission to investigate the town that is shown as somewhere in the State of Washington and is located near a dormant volcano.

Mitigation is applicable both before and after the occurrence of a disaster. It is employed in anticipation to minimize the effects of an emergency situation. The public should be given correct information on the impending danger and how to respond to it. Safety training is crucial for an effective mitigation. For instance, in the film Dante’s Peak, there were signals that a volcano was about to erupt. Various measures in terms of preparedness would have been taken as soon as Harry noticed things such as a boiling spring and a drying up vegetation near the volcano.

The crucial step Harry would have taken when he got to the town was preparedness. He would have helped put in place plans to save lives in case of volcanic eruption. The first step would have been to work closely with the local government and the local inhabitants to come up with a preparedness plan and allocate the resources at their disposal to effectively deal with the emerging situation. The action plan would have included steps like identifying safe areas for evacuation and stocking food and water. Each family should also be notified to have its preparedness, evacuation and communications plans, and disaster supply kits.

The response plan would have been initiated long before the first explosion occurred. When Harry and his team experienced an earthquake at the volcano site, the town inhabitants would have been advised to take precautionary measures with an immediate effect. With a communication plan in place, it would be easy to alert people to initiate evacuation, as a result of which residents will move to safer grounds before the eruption takes place. Also, measures like turning off gas pipes as soon as the earthquake hit the area would be helpful. During a glacial flood, the evacuation teams would have been deployed promptly to ensure people like Ruth have been taken to safe locations.

Recovery in Dante’s Peak was both emotional and physical. With adequate resources set aside by the local government, the inhabitants would be able to lead normal lives by returning to their homes and carrying out repairs. Also, most families will require emotional support to deal with the loss and the subsequent trauma in the wake of the calamity. For instance, the Wandos watched their grandmother sacrifice her life to bring them onshore when the motorboat couldn’t move anymore. Most people also lost their property and loved ones in the eruption. Therapy will, therefore, be helpful for such people. Disaster management is not a one-person job as it is an ongoing process involving businesses, the government, and civil societies. These stakeholders seek to restore normalcy through mitigation and swift recovery.

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