Discussion of Results in Social Work and Human Services

From the results, it is clear that many people appreciated the value of their personal lives. The mean for people valuing their personal lives is 3.67 as compared to those who understands the spiritual issues. Positive religious coping is a plan that uses religion as an effort to relieve depressing situations. The coping method can be illustrated through intercession, asking for direction from God, or seeking prayer guidance from one’s worship mates or the priests. The level of spirituality, discovering the basis or meaning of life and having a strong relationship with Jesus and other people can most times be practiced by individuals that take part in this method of coping. Therefore, seeking help or assistance from prayer partners, nuns and the clergy, is of great importance to the people who are facing challenges because it reduces suicide instances. On the other hand, post-traumatic growth is the positive psychological change that a person develops as a result of facing many challenges to ascend to a high level of functioning.

According to the findings from the discussion, people who have faith and also display high levels of post-traumatic growth have always prospered. Natural calamities are very dangerous disasters that cause the loss of loved ones, destruction of property and injuries. Individuals who have been affected by these calamities need to establish a strong relationship with God so that they can find peace and healing. Post-traumatic growth individuals who display the act of faith and seek guidance from God have always had an easy time because God provides comfort to the heartbroken individuals.
The results also show that most of the citizens in countries that experience natural calamities have been depending on their religious societies and faith more today over the past decade so that God can help them to heal and rejuvenate from the problems they have faced, victims who conquer the situations pray and trust in God. From the discussion, Studies have shown that victims become more religious and spiritual when they have been affected by disasters and traumas because they have no any option but to trust and pray to God since he provides healing. Diseases may cause the traumas; heartbreaks or loss of loved ones.

Disaster victims often engage in religion due to the situations that they encounter. The situations mainly expose them to death, sickness, and violation of moral beliefs. People who live in the Virgin Islands have been affected by five hurricanes a quite often. It is not an easy encounter; thus it is only God who can intervene their condition. Following the various calamities and disasters, the Caribbean Island on a whole is widely religious; there are numerous places of worship and various religious beliefs that exist among the occupants of the Island. The religious coping skills from such locations have been used widely to determine the level positive religious coping, from the results, the conclusion that was made is that people move closer to God only when they face problems. The coping methods in which each person takes part in is heavily related to their level of Post Traumatic Growth. Every individual goes through circumstances that affect their lives positively or negatively, the main importance is establishing a strong relationship with God to conquer the main problems.