Essay on Game Theory Strategies

According to Watson, the authenticity of any game produced depends on the strategies required by the gamer for a successful mission. In every game, the availability of puzzles or challenges to address makes it attractive to the users. The solving of the various problems and difficulties requires the incorporation of strategies by the player in question. The excellent use of the available strategies results to the player emerging as the winner. Despite that, at times, the loss of concentration profoundly determines the success of a strategy implemented by the particular gamer. The excellent application of the available gaming techniques results in the efficient solving of the possible challenges. Additionally, the presence of payoffs plays a critical role in determining the viability of a strategy. With the consideration of the beliefs that exist among the players, it defines the technique that will be best fit the scenario. Therefore, the primary focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the gaming theory strategies regarding their appliances.    

The dominant strategy is one of the best regarding gaming and the viability of the player in question. The application of the technique helps in determining the leader of the game if it involves multiple players. With the use of the dominant strategy, it means that the player that applies the best techniques comes out as the victorious one hence high payoffs. The dominant approach is the best response since it allows the best player to have the most favourable outcomes. The dominance of the given player allows him/her to have a higher competitive advantage than others in the game (Watson). As such, dominant strategy has the primary purpose of providing efficient survival techniques by the best player.      

Gaming allows the provision of security which enables the process of determining the winner. The availability of security strategies provides the player with good responses to others in the game. Having a suitable security mechanism in a game means the dominance of the best player. The application of the security strategies depends on the knowledge of the player regarding the challenge in question. When a player applies the best security measures, it means that the individual will possess high chances of dominance. As a result, being the most dominant in a game involves the use of the best response by the gamer in question. Therefore, security strategies determine the survival chance of a player hence best response outcomes are realized.    

Regarding gaming, the best responses outcomes are Pareto since it allows the rewarding of the winner. At the end of every game, the player that applies the best response strategy emerges victorious. For one payer to be the winner, the other has to be the looser meaning that he/she gets the few points in the given game. The Pareto principles argue that viability of a given choice depends on the 80/20 rule. The winner has to win the larger share while the loser gets the smaller one. Concerning best response, the winner of a particular game is determined by the gathering of most points. In essence, the loser in the game is usually expected to get the minor share which is 20 according to the Pareto principle (Han 264). Therefore, the viability of a strategy is determined by the outcomes. As such, each player believes in the application of the approach to gain more points hence Pareto principle incorporation.    

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