Essay: Global Warming Reduction

Global warming, ozone holes, greenhouse effect and etc – this is not a complete list of all ecological concerns that alarm every person, every family, every country and the world as a single whole. Nowadays the humanity lives under constant threat of enormous ecological disaster that might wipe every living creature off the face of the Earth. Isn’t it awful? I think it is. Maybe I’m exaggerating when saying that every person is concerned about it. It’s is obviously not so, otherwise the necessary measures would have been taken to prevent it by now. But in reality nothing is really done. We continue to live the way we’re used to, consuming a lot of electricity, gas and destroying natural environment. Though, a lot of Americans are used to recycling by now, nobody agreed to reduce the amount of electricity and water being consumed, or gasoline being put into fuel tank to ride hundreds of miles a day. It’s is obvious that a single citizen cannot change anything even obeying all principles of Greenpeace. To fight this problem it’s necessary to unite, and government should be the head.

use and production is the first contributor to greenhouse effect, and consequently the global warming. Energy production produces harmful greenhouse gases besides useful energy by burning fossil fuels. There are no safe methods of fossil fuels processing that don’t harm the environment. In this case government can regulate the amount of harmful substances getting into the air. This can be done by imposing emission taxes, making companies pay taxes for environmental pollution. Government may also increase prices for gasoline, thus discouraging people to use personal transport too often, and encourage the usage of public transportation.

Among other causes of global warming is overpopulation of the Earth. Government can create special family planning centres in order to explain to the population why the reduction of family sizes might be useful to the whole world, otherwise constant growth of the population may lead to the situation when there are no enough resources for everybody, but too many people living on the Earth and producing too much harmful garbage.

Obviously, everybody is aware that carbon dioxide is the main pollutant contributing to the global warming. That’s why government should encourage the usage of emissions inventories to control the amount of harmful gases (including carbon dioxide) being discharged into the atmosphere. It also should support the preservation of old forests and promote planting of new ones.

Being the largest producer of carbon dioxide the USA should take a leadership role in preventing the global warming. The US government should encourage replacement of power plants with new and cleaner plants that would be able to produce the same amount of energy but release fewer pollutants to the atmosphere; increase the usage of renewable energy sources (wind, water and sun energy). And finally, the government should direct more money to the invention of new cars that would pollute the environment to a lesser extent.

Hopefully the named measures will not remain the words, but become real actions.

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