Group Activity Essay

Group related activities are inevitable in a classroom setting and one is bound to participate in group assignments severally from some point in his\her school lives. I had an encounter with a group assignment lately and had my experience recorded in my reflection diary. Through reflecting on school based activities, I gained a lot of insight and really progressed and developed skills that would help improve individual learning abilities; it was also considered more knowledgeable thinking through an individual’s real-world experiences and learning. Therefore, the use of reflection in this paper is recommended. Through the experience and the points on my diary I got to gather some few opinions on the activity and reflect on both the process and the outcome of the group activity in this paper.

Process Related
I got to learn a lot while working within the group, thus I believe the experience was great and that the group worked well. Being part of a group had its own benefits because I can attest that it helped me improve and expand my creativity and critical thinking. Working in the small groups helped a lot in terms of allowing us to share opinions and come up with new ideas through brainstorming. As a group, we got to achieve this improvement due to majority of the members had shared goals and ambitions, each of the members understood their roles and responsibilities as well as knew when and where to contribute any input. The ability to work together in a well-coordinated manner contributed to the improvement in our decision-making skills that I believe was the key to the success of the activity and also to achievement the assignments goals and requirements. Therefore, I considered the group to have worked well.

However, despite the positives that I was able to identify and relate with the group, some flaws and limitations that I would consider changing. In the groups, we had a hard time in efficient and faster decision making. Most of the time we had disagreements on simple issues like what materials to use, which method would look more presentable and professional if used in the project. Due to this we ended up losing some crucial and important resources during some of the activities. Members in a group work should: support each other in the activities, develop their reasoning skills and encourage each other to speak out their minds and ideas. Finally, it is important as a group to learn how to organize ideas and work activities that have been initially discussed. Our failure to record some of our discussions cost as a lot and as a result we were repetitive and confused at times.

Personally, I participated in the activities of the group effectively in a variety of roles and responsibilities. I was particularly tasked and required to be part of the team that was in charge of the transmedia campaign. Being a member of the group, I was required to ensure that I participated in the discussions and voiced my opinion and thoughts during them. Additionally, it was also one of my roles to critique and provide more information on the various ideas that were voiced during the group’s activities. I ensured that I carried out my roles and responsibilities excellently and ensured that all members of the group were able to understand some of my works and opinions.

My reflections and contribution to the group activities were important to its functioning and success. Within the group we were able to form a culture of allowing everyone to speak freely and share their opinions. Once one made their thoughts or ideas know we would consider and brainstorm on the statements made and ensure that if the points are relatable to the topic being discussed we consider them. Therefore, since I was a regular participant in the group, some of my ideas and thoughts were considered and were important in presenting the final answers in the assignment. However, I would still change a lot in terms of my perception and attitudes towards some members in the group. I did not relate to every member on the same level, hence, I discarded some ideas and opinions that might have improved my performance. Thus, I would like to improve on this aspect of my participation in the group activity.

I generally got to learn a lot from my peers in the group activity. Ideally the reason as to why group works I believe is to ensure that people improves and develop a better level of reasoning, improve on one’s interpersonal communication, teamwork skills, and critical thinking. My interaction with the group members and the activities that we had undertaken helped gain a lot of insights and developed most of the skills that I had intended to improve. In terms of critical thinking, interpersonal communicating and decision making were some of the greatest skills and roles I was able to improve on from my peers.

Outcome Related
Technology is an important feature to the progress and success of the activities of the group. Therefore, it would be essential if given an opportunity to change or alter the presentation to ensure that I introduce a variety of technological material projector and well-organized power point slides with 360-degeree videos. As for me, when presenting the work and activities, the presentation would have to be lively and involve a lot of questions and answers whereby I would encourage people to participate by providing more information about the topic. This will improve the understanding and participation of the group members in the activities that they take.

From the group accomplishments, I would say that it was not difficult for me to apply the concepts that were learnt during our daily activities. The concepts that were learnt during the group activity were relatable to our daily lives and could be applied in one way or the other. Despite this my greatest challenge was in interpreting some of the videos but through a joint analysis ad explanation from the group I got to understand most of the aspects.

Having recorded my activities and experiences during the assignment on a reflective diary, I realized that reflection of this period ensured that I was able to reflect on some of the process and outcomes of some of the activities. The process revealed my relationship with the group members when before and when undertaking the tasks while the outcome indicated some of the ideas and opinions I got to gather due to the interactions. Thus, it is important to reflect on various activities for it enables one to improve on how he viewed certain processes.

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