Health Coalition Essay

Keys Health Ready Coalition (KHRC), is a coalition within the state of Florida that has come together with the sole aim of improving the healthcare conditions of the state through implementation of awareness policy about spread, diagnosis, and management of AIDS. This body is a state healthcare coalition agency that has different appointees as director regularly. Moreover, the members of this coalition include Florida health, key west, medical reserve corps, lower keys, fisherman’s and mariner’s hospital. The coalition of these entities is formed under the same ideology of healthcare policy improvement such as creating awareness of the spread, diagnosis, and management of AIDS.

The success of this coalition is accredited to the strong leadership that has formed its roots. The implementation of the awareness of AIDS policy; that help in the fight against the spread of AIDS has been a success due to the leaders pushing for the agenda strategically. The implementation of the policy (creation of awareness), has been accredited to the strong leadership that has a strong belief in a healthy population and their dedication to pushing through the policy agenda. The organization has undertaken a strategic approach by caring out research on the current AIDS problem in the state, creating a workable solution, and formulating an implementation plan.

Since the coalition has already established itself in the fight against diseases, it fundamental that better strategies should be included for the efficiency of the coalition. To begin with, the organization leadership should improve its efficiency through sharing of responsibility across the coalition.

This ensures different work is conducted almost simultaneously, which makes it efficiency. Therefore, creating of AIDS awareness would be useful if it is conducted across different regions of the state and at the same time. What this does is ensuring that there is a more comprehensive cover and many people will be sensitized within the shortest time possible.