History of International Relations Essay

The research question that will guide the discussions throughout the semester is the history of international relations in political science.

Understanding the role that political science plays in examining political behavior and outcomes will assist in understanding the current and future of the global political landscape and why people make the decisions they do. I shall also discuss its impact on life today through reviewing statistical data from the QoG 2018 Update codebook. Such an analysis will improve the quality and coverage of statistical data researched. In the United States, the higher the voter’s age, the higher their chances of voting in the general election. The implications are that voters in America are more likely to head to the ballot box if they are older. The older citizens profoundly feel the general influence of the political wave as opposed to the younger ones. This is due to their outlook on their responsibility mandate for voting and their high regard of responsibility the exercise means to them.

The dependent variable in the above hypothesis is the voter turnout aspect that is set for all citizens. The independent variable is the age that differs from one person to another. Therefore, the increase of older citizens means that there will be positive voter turnout at the ballot, while the decrease of older citizens will see negative or minimal voter turnout in most states. To measure the independent and dependent variable, we have to consider all aspects leading to this variable. Measuring the attendance or absenteeism through cities, municipalities, and regions will highlight areas where such preferences are highly regarded. This can be done using original data sources that also seek to classify groups of voters by their ethnicity, language, and religious fractionalization. For instance, the QoG codebook depicts different measures for the above classifications with necessary explanations. This will help in differentiating whether older voters are swayed by their ethnic, religious or linguistic and whether these characteristic increase voter turnout, or whether older voter turnout is constant regardless of the fractionalization aspect.

One of the likely causal mechanisms that link my hypothesis involves the choices of older citizens as opposed to the younger citizen to head to the ballot box. This cause to effect involves the reasons for younger voters to abstain from the ballot boxes due to either observable variables or mechanisms that cannot be altered or controlled. Therefore, the fact that the younger voters are not highlighted as the ones with high voter turnout seeks to involve a causal agent or underlying problem in the society. It can be maybe due to lack of interest in the political landscape and direction of the country, sheer loss of willpower or disappointment from previous leadership which has sought to dispel any hopes that they might have to change the course of the country by casting a vote.

A confounding variable that may be related to both the independent and dependent variable is gender. This might affect the increase of old voter turnout due to the different characteristics of the two genders. For instance, older men may be the cause of higher voter turnout as opposed to older women or even a mix between genders is imminent. In this argument, the dependent variable which age can influence the voter turnout due to certain factors as mentioned above.

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