Hospitality Industry Essay

want first to thank you for the efforts you have put force in order to develop our community and help people. I also want to share with you some of the issues we have in the hospitality industry as of today.

The hospitality industry traditionally has been the most influenced by the changes in society, such as changing lifestyles, changing patterns of vacation and weekend time spending, even by the changes in attitudes of the groups of people that constitute society at large. There are many solid reasons for such a correlation since hospitality industry is initially designed to satisfy the various and always changing needs of the individuals as well as to serve the purpose of providing people with different means of time spending and entertainment.

The introduction of the World Wide Web has become one of the most crucial factors that influenced the changes in society, it had a profound impact not only on buying and ordering patterns but also on the whole communication and marketing system that had inherently been the cornerstone of the hospitality industry. The internet technologies are deployed almost everywhere in the hospitality industry now since it is virtually impossible to coordinate the inflow of clients as well as all the transactions without the use of the internet, not to mention the new marketing techniques and approaches that became possible due to the availability of internet.

The hotels, which are the fundamental part of the hospitality industry, have experienced significant changes over the last decade. The ever-competitive business environment made it practically impossible to survive for the individual enterprises, since due to the fact that the increase in the global business activities necessitated the demand for hotels virtually everywhere, only large companies that own whole hotel chains and have enough funds for further development are able to adapt to the changing society’s needs.

Another essential component of the hospitality industry – various bars and restaurants, has also undergone substantial changes recently. Lack of spare time was one of the most important factors that facilitated all the major changes in that sphere since the increase in the rhythm of life necessitated the correspondent changes within the whole industry. Certainly, a lot of people still use restaurants mainly for the recreational purposes, however an amount of people that demand good food in a limited amount of time has increased rapidly, since the increase in the business activities and the workload made it impossible for a lot of businessmen to spend considerable amounts of time in restaurants.

It is rather hard to predict what is going to happen to the hospitality industry in a decade or two, however one thing is for sure – all the trends and tendencies within the conceptual framework of the hospitality industry can be traced and anticipated in the corresponding changes within the society itself. Thus, the team of good psychologists, sociologists, and marketing experts can probably predict the future development of the hospitality industry because of their knowledge of society’s dynamics and change patterns.

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