Essay: How Can Patriotism Be Demonstrated?

Patriotism is defined as love and fidelity for one’s country. Love and devotion are defined by giving, and sacrifice and the same concepts define loyalty to one’s country. First, loyalty to one’s nation can be shown by willingness to serve in in the military (Morales 2). The readiness to combat and willingness to remain in military service define patriotic officers. The attribute goes beyond serving in the military as a profession and entails heartfelt service and dedication to protect one’s country. In extreme cases, patriotic officers sacrifice their lives for the well-being of the country. Secondly, patriotism can be demonstrated by respect and fair treatment to individuals who have served the country, both those who are alive and the deceased (Hutchinson 1). Acknowledging the service offered by these individuals by thanking them, calling them heroes, helping them and protecting their burial places are signs of patriotism.

Patriotism can also be shown by responsibility and concern for the problems of a country. For instance, taking care of the weak and needy in a country is a sign that you value your nation and its citizens (Hutchinson 1). Care for the less privileged simply shows that you acknowledge the weaknesses in your nation and you are committed to helping in every way possible to overcome the challenges. Consistent involvement in activities that concern the nation is the definition of true patriotism. For instance, flying the flag of the nation often shows that one is proud of his/her nation despite all the weaknesses. Patriotism is an attribute of the heart which is expressed through actions of value, respect and love to a nation and its people.

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