The Impact of Music on Shoppers Essay

Experimental stimuli are vital to a research process since they evoke a behavioral or emotional response. The opportunities presented through the effective use of stimulus enhances interaction and engagement among the participants hence providing a hands-on approach to actual experiences in real time. However, for precision in the quest to understand behavior, the focus of the stimulus should be narrow. In this case, analysis will be done to ascertain how the appeal for luxurious and non-luxurious advertisements to the public compare. The major delineation is that luxurious products should be proffered with much enthusiasm in comparison to basic commodities (Chandon, Laurent, & Valette-Florence, 2016).

Firstly, taking into account the scarce nature of money as a resource, the fact that luxurious products are usually more costly makes it less likely for individuals to purchase them. Furthermore, they are stuff individuals can thrive without. Therefore, a comparison of the appeal of luxurious against non-luxurious products will be essential in determining how awe inducing commercials influence the purchasing behaviors of students.

The experimental stimulus will include 10 videos, 5 of which will be for luxurious products and the rest for basic commodities. The five luxurious products to be evaluated will range from smartphones, luxurious vehicles, ps4 gadgets, Casio watches, and Gucci luxurious clothing line (CASIO EDIFICE Concept Film, 2015; Official PlayStation 4 Perfect Day Commercial, 2013TESLA Model 3 Commercial ? “Feel It”, 2018, Samsung India Service (SVC) – Most Watched Video in 2017 – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are, 2016, &Gucci Guilty | & ForeverGuilty campaign film, 2019). On the other hand, non-luxurious products will include healthcare insurance, food ads, housing commercials, education, and drugs. (Best Creative Advertisement ever l Best School AD TV Commercial l Brand Icon Studio l Best TVC, 2018; Healthcare TV Commercials 2018, 2018, – Ghar Dhoondna Koi Inse Seekhe, 2018, Salma Restaurant Commercial Ads, 2016, & Trulicity Commercial, 2017). The null hypothesis sets forth that if the results depict much excitation from luxurious products, then it is certain that the intensity of awe induction is subject to the level of enthusiasm and creativity in developing music for advertisements. Results contrary to this would suggest an otherwise assumption hence the alternative hypothesis would be embraced. That is, enthusiasm in development of awe inducing music has no effect whatsoever to the appeal to consumers.

Establishing the target of the study is yet another primary consideration for the study. The research will therefore focus on awe inducing music for Chinese, Indian consumers. The control for this experiment will therefore be a sample of Chinese, Indian participants. The dependent variable will be rate of excitation as a result of music embedded commercial. In this case the heartbeat rate shall be used to represent the levels of excitation. The independent variable will be quality of awe inducing music used for commercials (TG, 2018). Regardless of this, it is certain that in addition to the enthusiasm that goes into creating ads for luxurious products, the success of different campaigns varies drastically. This may be attributed to the art of creativity utilized in weaving these commercials together. For this to occur, organizations must strive to understand their target population in terms of culture and the norms and perceptions held in the respective societies (Pyrczak, 2016). Therefore, deductions will also be made based on evaluation of the creativity in awe inspiring songs. The conclusions will then be essential in establishing exemplary awe impeling music for commercials aimed at Chinese, Indian customers.

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