Essay: The Importance of Studying Sociology of Education

you not moved to a desert island yet? Then, would you like it or not, you are a part of the society. It does not matter how much proud your personality makes you because you are living in the society and must obey the laws according to which it develops. These laws are the subject which the science called sociology explores.

The development of the society is not a chaotic process, it happens according to a consistent pattern. If you are able to understand some inner workings which provide the existing of our society you can not only understand the path of evolution of any society but as well predict its perspectives. This is exactly what sociology does.

Not every social event is a positive or constructive one. Some of them may lead to the aggravation of the political or economical situation. And that, in turn, may provoke such social problems as mutiny, war, massive suicides. The uplift or apathy, overall enthusiasm or moral decadence all have some particular, scientifically grounded reasons. You cannot properly control a society without taking into consideration the social laws.

But how important may sociology be personally for you?

If you are choosing a career in politics, teaching, or serving in the public sector, sociology must become the base of your professional knowledge because general laws according to which our society develops are valid in its other structures and institutions. A state agent or a politician who does not understand this simple truth is similar to a blind guide. Such a person can luckily guess the right way but as luckily he or she can guide you into an abyss. On the other hand, knowing sociology may help you model the development of any social object and make it successful.

The sphere of productive relations of such a social phenomenon as money is a waste field for the research in terms of sociology. The foundation of any social relations is a satisfaction of an individual’s needs. Labor and money is a cornerstone of such relations. For a person who is making a career in the sector of the material production, a degree in sociology may become a utility tool for using in his professional activity.

However, if you are just a man or woman who cares about the history of the civilization, studying sociology will help to understand why the development of humanity went exactly the way it did and not some other ones. Traditions, material values, behavioral norms in various cultures — all can be explained from this science’s standpoint.

If sociology is your hobby and you are interested in studying the nature of subcultures (fan or fringe groups, cults, various youthquakes) you can also always find if not an answer than a direction in the sociology textbook. The crowd behavior is an object that is rather interesting for studying but knowing the laws of this phenomenon can save your life by helping you survive some unexpected critical situation.

Creative personality may also find curious such social events as the fashion, art, or Internet. The evolution of these areas of the human activity is not all that spontaneous as you may think. They also exist and develop according to the social laws, which means they can be predicted and controlled.

And yet another object sociology studies is the interaction between an individual and the society. One way or another any of us is an object of manipulation on the various levels, starting with ads and ending with the election campaigning. To be able to disclose the myths which are imposed upon us, to live according to your own understanding and common sense, to understand the reason for your own rules and principles — all that means to add a little piece to your personal freedom because most often we do not know how much our decisions are influenced by the society. Thus, studying sociology may become a weapon in your personal struggle for freedom.

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