MBA Application Essay Questions

1. Are you responsible for achieving objectives? Please state their nature.
Success in business is not an easy thing to achieve. Success is constituted of working 25 hours per day 7 days per week, as well as setting appropriate short-term and long-term objectives and achieving them. On my way to success, I have defined two groups of objectives that are of high priority to me- client focus and focus on my company and its employees. I consider customer satisfaction to be the core objective to achieve in my business. If the customer is satisfied, then our work and efforts are not meaningless. Customer satisfaction includes such essential things as meeting deadlines, providing the best services, doing what we can and cannot do.

As to my company and my employees, my key goal is to provide them with stable salary, social guarantees and crisis-proof interesting and challenging work. I strive to motivate my team and make my company the place not just for work, but for fun; I am aiming to create the family atmosphere and provide my employees an opportunity to develop their professional skills.

2. What is your motivation to study an executive master’s degree?
Even though I am 32 years old already, my motto is: “Never stop learning”. I have a proven experience of 9 years and going to accumulate not less then 30 years of professional experience. I am sure that the person who realized that already knows everything is the lost to society person. To be able to work and properly compete in the modern business environment, and especially in the market of Business Intelligence (SAP BW and Cognos), I have to be know a little bit more then my competitors, and to be a little bit ahead of them, having wider knowledge to meet my short-term and long-term objectives.

3. Describe how you believe a master degree fits with your future career objectives?
I am sure that Master Degree will be very helpful for my business not just in daily operations and routine management tasks, but also in setting more challenging tasks and goals, and developing strategies for achieving them. I expect that Master Degree will broaden not just my business horizons, but also personal ones.

4. What are your reasons for applying to this IE program?
Main reason for application for IE program is that IE Madrid is a top ranked MBA program that speaks for itself already. It is also very attractive to me for the fact I will be able to run my company and at the same time obtain the education of the highest quality- it is flexible and well-structured. I am also very interested in the fact that there is high percentage of international students in IE Madrid, as international study environment is an absolute prerequisite to me. Understanding other cultures and communicating people from other countries could definitely be very helpful for future development of my business.

5. What contribution could you make to a highly dynamic and interactive program?
Being a good leader from nature and having developed leadership and business communication skills during the time of my professional experience, I am an excellent team player. I know how to create a team with one spirit and common goal and how to motivate this team to work as one coherent mechanism. I am curious and greedy for new knowledge and equally share my knowledge and experience with others, and I have a lot of experience in providing consulting services, which might be valuable to someone. I am also open-minded and ambitious.

6. Which of your personal characteristics could be considered valuable for teamwork?
As I have already mentioned, I am very curious and open-minded. I also possess a good sense of humor that helps me not just to establish positive relationships with people around me, but also assist in coping with challenging tasks and problems, as with trifles.

7. Which of your personal characteristics would you like to improve through the program?
I am seeking to improve my leadership skills, as there is always something to improve. The day I realize I have nothing to learn, I will retire. I also want to widen my horizons and improve my business communication skills, which can be improved only with practice. Knowing other cultures, their life and business values will certainly impact not just for my development as a leader, but also as a person.

8. What are your aspirations?

  • Personal
    My greatest desire is to achieve inner harmony and peace with myself. I want to be a balanced and happy person. I like to dream much, though I am not living with those. I am sure that life is meaningless without dreams that become our hopes and finally goals. My personal goals of happy life make me to develop strategies to achieve them and live strategically. It is very important to me to know that I have power to make my dreams come true, to achieve my genuine desires and ambitions.
  • Professional
    My greatest professional aspiration is the growth and development of my company. I care about professional development of my employees and my personal development. I want to attract more clients and deliver services of the highest quality.
  • Financial
    Financial success is not the core of my life. It is probably so because I have already reached financial success, as I have defined for myself. Though I must admit that money are important for my feeling of security. It is undividable part for my professional success and success of my company.

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