Essay: Newton’s First Law of Motion

human being is a very dependable creature that cannot exist in isolation from the surrounding people. In fact people are always influenced by different forces which may be divided into internal and external. It has always been an important question that philosophers and thinkers of different epochs and different nations attempted to answer, what these forces are and the extent to which they can change our life.

Speaking about external forces that influenced me in person I should say that at first glance my life is full of different events and I am surrounded by many people that seem to be important for me but, on deeper reflection, I realise that our life reminds me a river that flows constantly without changing its direction and it is out of our will to change it somehow. In actuality it is really seems to be that the direction can be changed very seldom but what is important is the fact that it is changeable and it is me who can change my life or the direction I move.

At the same time I realise that often my decisions or a change in direction may be influenced by external factors. From my personal experience I know at least one of such events that has moved me in another direction and probably to a certain extent has changed my life.

Actually it happened a few years ago. I and my family had a trip to the countryside and suddenly I come across an anthill. I don’t know why but I started to observe what is going on and how these little, eve tiny insects move and I found myself in a kind of amazement. In fact I was amazed by the order reigning within this little structure but I was particularly impressed by the size of the ants and the anthill. It was really unbelievable how these creatures could build it and, moreover, they not simply moved in and out but they worked and the work was properly organised and I understood that each ant fulfil its own function and probably is a constituent part of the whole structure.

At first it was just a kind of amazement but strangely enough I could not forget what I have seen and soon I came to the idea that the anthill and the ant I saw remind me us, I mean human beings and frankly speaking I compared myself to the ants and wondered about my role in the life and the place in this world. To my regret, I had to admit that I lived pointlessly or to put it more precisely I led a regular life I did just what I was supposed to do and often not very good because I wasn’t a kind of person who could keep all things in good order, neither I liked to learn or to do some works my parents asked me to do, for instance. And suddenly I thought if such a tiny being as an ant can be so responsible, well organised that it could build an anthill than why I could not do properly myself what I was asked to.

Since that time on I’ve tried to be responsible, punctuate, do my work well and in time but what is more important I have started to think about the sense of my life, I asked myself what I am living for and whether the things I do worth anything. In fact now I attempt to be useful for others, so that I could be really significant for surrounding people. I think that we cannot live our life just as we do for our own sake. In my opinion every individual has to be supportive and fulfil his/her work well, exactly as ants do when each of these insect provides its own contribution in the building and functioning of the whole anthill. Now it seems to me that human society would have really great perspective if it could exist in such a cooperation and mutual support. At the same time I think that the anthill is a primitive structure compared to what a human mind can create because we can be really creative that will deprive us from the primitive attitude to life, limited by primitive instincts such as desire to eat or sleep, but open new horizons for achieving perfection.

Thus, such a simple thing as an anthill I once saw has changed my views and me completely, otherwise, I would be a person whose interests are limited and who people could not rely on.

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