Nursing Scholarship Essay Example

At the age of 9, I developed an interest and became fascinated with the world of medicine and the art of nursing. While in grade four, as I played with other children, one of my best friends was knocked down and started to nosebleed. We were five of us, and four of us remained there standing, feeling confused about what to do while my friend laid helpless on the ground, crying with agony. It was an awful experience, seeing my best friend lying helpless on the ground while bleeding and crying in anguish. Though he was helped, as he was rushed to school hospital, I remained devastated, feeling awful for doing nothing to help my friend. During this encounter, I developed the urge to help others, a desire to be a nurse to advocate and champion the health and well-being of others, especially when they cannot do it for themselves.

On my journey to become a registered nurse, I have engaged in various educational and non-education activities that have significantly shaped my urge to become a nurse and nursing experience. For example, after my high school education, I joined Ohio State University to pursue nursing.

However, I later joined Chamberlain University because I felt studying at a place closer home would make me a successful student. Besides being a nurse student, I also worked as a nursing assistant at Chamberlain Hospital and engaged in various community services when not in school or at work. I always volunteered at a nursing home to help transport patients. Through the educational program, work experience, and participating in voluntary community services, I have broadened my nursing knowledge of various nursing practices’ techniques and procedures. For the period I have been a nursing assistant and a volunteer at the nursing home, I have been able to assist nurses that I was assigned with, performing their duties effectively, and also have actively helped patients with persona care tasks such as dressing, toileting, grooming, bathing, and eating; enhancing their comfort level ratio by 52%. Every day has been a new experience and learning process. I also like engaging in extracurricular activities such as competitive dance, which has shaped me into who I am today.

Doubtlessly, I have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have lost some relatives and friends to coronavirus. Further, the pandemic has forced me to study from home, which has become a little challenging due to the new learning environment. Also, the state of economy due to COVID-19 has rendered my parents jobless. Life has become quite complex as I struggle to keep everyone in the family safe and have something to eat, despite having no current income. I am also struggling to pay for my tuition fee, which makes me apply for the scholarship. Despite the current situation, I still hope that there is a brighter tomorrow, that coronavirus will be contained, and life will go back to normal. I still believe that one day, we will go back to in-person learning, complete my nursing program, and become a registered nurse as I have always wished. I want to be a registered nurse, a person who smiles and brightens the day for others while bringing happiness and comfort to patients in need of nursing services together with their families to improve people’s quality of life.

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