Essay on Racism Here and Now

editorial I would like to talk about, called Racism Here and Now printed in…..paper, written by….. deals with a very sensitive and controversial topic. It is the topic of persistent racism in the United States of America. The article dwells upon an accident that has occurred in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There a group of African American and South American school children, participating in the day-camp, has been denied weekly access to the pool. In fact, the campers did make their appearance at the pool once, though after that the fee the camp had paid was refunded. Thus the future access was banned.

The witnesses say that while being at the pool, the children heard racial remarks addressed to them. In fact, some parents disliked even the idea of their children being in the same pool with the day-camp group and removed them from it. According to the future investigation, the clients of the discussed beach club were white people, and even the marketing of the organization mainly targeted at the area with the mainly white population. Evidently, the owners of the club tried to explain their behavior, by telling the reporters that the measures were taken to ensure the security in the organization, which could not be achieved with a large group of unprofessional swimmers at the pool.

The editorial is written in a very emotional manner, though such style is often used for articles that are supposed to present the opinion of the author. However, from my point of view, the author made the editorial too emotionally. Indeed, he/she appears to support the argument that is that racism is still a huge and very relevant issue in the United States of America. Though, to assist his/her case he/she presents only one example of a situation where a racist act may have occurred.

The authors go on to make generalizations as well when he talks about the owners and members of the club pointing them out to be racist. We, as readers, realize that the author is infuriated by the situation, and is willing to attract the public’s attention to raise the awareness. Though, I do not think that stating that the club has mostly white members and that it targets primarily white-populated region is a reason strong enough to call the club racially intolerant. Yes, the story with the camper does suggest that the last argument is valid, however, before concluding, the author should have gathered more information on the matter. It, in my opinion, would make the argument stronger and more conclusive.

The editorial successfully transmits the author’s opinion. This opinion presented clearly, and the language used in the article is vivid and appropriate for the topic and style of the publication. I agree with the editorial, as to the fact that racism is still a huge issue today. I also wholeheartedly agree that in case proven, that the young not-white campers have suffered because of their race, the question should be taken to the court and the club should be sanctioned. Though, I believe that to make the point stronger the author should have provided us with more examples of the problem.

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