Retirement of a Colleague Speech Essay

There is this hammer in Avengers-End Game movie and since I have always been Thanos, I believe Thor is about to do his thing. It caught me by surprise to hear that my coworker who we have worked and shard moments together for the past 35 years is scheduled for retirement soon.

Although he is a habitual nag when it comes to job’s perfection, we have worked as a team to create a strong personal relationship. We have tested untested waters in the regal realm, but I can say without fear of contradiction, he is not a good swimmer in real life. Nonetheless, he can turn water into ice and vice-versa in law. I have seen him perform legal miracles where least expected. For instance, I have seen him grow since he joined here to become an outstanding lawyer. I once exonerated him for growing out of my advice boots since I welcomed him on the first day he joined the institution. That moment I knew that I will be given the mandate to terminate the case since I started it. Nonetheless, everyone dreams. I thought that since I mentored him presumably, I will be the first to retire and hand over the mantle to him. I do not comprehend how he cracked my secret; he had to beat me to it through unknown legal powers. Now, here we are, about to go against my primary objective, but I have no regrets, our bond still remains solid. Thank you, my friend, for the good memories. As I read this retirement speech, please note that I rarely weep, and so, I will not cry.

Firstly, the lawyer has been a major contribution to the wellbeing of this agency for he has always shown exceptional performance in the past. Despite the inability to win the appeal cases in the recent times, I believe that the reduction in performance is attributed to the issue of work burn-out, which is posing a challenge to meet the desired results. Working in a law firm for 35 years is not a joke, and no one should take that for granted. In my opinion, I would prefer not to lose this colleague forever. The situation would have been better if he took some time off to rejuvenate himself. The experience gained through the long term involvement in the process is a valuable asset to any organization. Filling the gap, therefore, will not be an easy task.

Secondly, the lawyer has an extraordinary level of motivation and dedication to work in different avenues. I will forever recall the lawyer of criminal appeals who always lacked words to argue a case before him. Despite the inability to communicate effectively and share ideas, he was determined to win any situation by performing to his cognitive capacity. The stammering nature could not stop him from performing legal duties as required. In essence, the lawyer prefers to lead by example by advocating what is written within confines of the law. Luckily, he does not apply the same behavior in his social interactions. For this reason, I will call him the great Shrek, no, Thor is better, the individual has overcome the natural challenges to become a prosperous person in the line of appeal.

The lawyer was also creative in the delivery of content, which could make the client win the appeal cases. In most situations, the prosecutor will try to hide different actions done by the defendants that could jeopardize the judicial process. Hence, the lawyer exploited this weakness by applying his natural instincts to cross-examine the accused. I believe he employed his stammering nature to create an emphasis on the wrongdoings of the defendants. I will forever recall the method of interaction and the persistent arguments raised to support the position and produce the idea that some actions were done by the defendants that led to the criminal act. Indeed, my colleague understood the condition and behavior of people, which makes him competent in the law system and a strong believer of diverse legal applications.

Overall, criminal appeal duties are one of the difficult tasks to undertake. For instance, the clients have different positions regarding the case. Some believe that during the appeal, they can introduce new evidence that would favor them and change the ruling. My colleague was, however, able to convince clients that the introduction of new arguments will jeopardize the legal process. He made me believe that new developments of a case of appeal should not form part of the previous evidence that was introduced in the court. The discovery of new evidence during the appeal does not influence the current proceedings of the law (People v. Alvarez n.p.). In principle, the exit of the lawyer presents me with challenges, but vast knowledge to apply in the legal environment. Thank you.

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