Seussical Live Production Essay

I had the pleasure of attending the Seussical show together with my colleague students from Wichita State University where the Seussical a musical theatre show was organized and performed live. The show I attended took place between October 25th and 28th and was performed from 7.30 pm to Sunday at 2.00 pm. The performance was prepared to take place at the Wilner auditorium where it was to be based on the work of Dr. Seuss and the book by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Stephen Flaherty made the music while the lyrics were done by Lynn Ahrens and the show directed by the Dexton Bloomquist and assisted by Courtney Wages.

Initially, I had developed the feeling that the show would not be good since there were many people although the place was big. At a glance, my first impression of the show was a geometric shape consisting of metal and a quiet colored light in the background. It was fantastic to learn later on that the geometric shape with metal was used to be climbed on during the show. I was impressed by the dancing done on the geometrically shaped metal. I found it impressive how those who danced in the scene moved quickly through it from one side to another.

In the last scene, there was a cry over the loss of a daughter whom the parents loved dearly. Following the death of the girl, the entire community comes in consolation with the family to mourn for the loss. The cry of the community as a whole community as a whole is heard, and this created a sad mood to those watching. The characters played in a lovely way that ensured that the audience was enlightened and amused by the show. I believe it was through the proper combination of various aspect that I came to like the show that I initially had no likings.

The setting of the play was in a forest, and the animals were the main characters. However, animals such as cats, elephants among others demonstrated various human characters that can form a basis to learn essential behaviors. The scene where acting took place was completely different from the place where the audience sat. The podium was well illuminated, and the lights were more focused on the podium. Moreover, the lights focused on the stage were of purple while the others places where the audience sat did not have specific colors. This is an element to separate and distinguish the stage from other places.

The actors chose the costumes perfectly well. The young girl on the stage wore a shirt and short shorts with a purple color that fit her age with a classic light hat. From the clothes she wore, one got the impression that it was the children’s card that made her move with big energy and also enabled her to run away from the camp. It was amazing that she could not move freely whether her clothes were long or tight. Both the mayor and his wife wore formal costumes that were light in color to suit the peaceful village in which they live in. Moreover, the wife wore wigs made of synthetic hair and resembling the wigs that judges wear in court. Wearing in that way made them the classic Mayor and Mrs. Mayor. The Wickershman brothers also wore unique attires for the show, and the clothes were almost light and comfortable to help them dance. By being the brown colored, it became possible for the Wicjershman brothers to suit the character of the repugnant and somewhat annoying monkeys. Another funny character in the choice of the attires was Horton. Their clothes choice perfectly matched his elephant looking body. The color was well selected, and he matched his pants with the shirt in light gray color. Although I thought that this was funny, I later saw Horton in a gray sweater with square chapes, and he also wore a gray winter hat that had two sloping parts to cover the ears. I saw this cladding to be a metaphor of elephant ears. Although with a large and warm heart, Horton’s character was generally weak and naïve.

During the show, the bird girls demonstrated a narcissistic character in the way they clothed themselves during the show. They wore short fluffy dresses that resembled the ones worn by the little bird. One of the bird wore a gown of the dark phosphorous pink which was indicative of the power of personality. More beauty was indicated by the scarf of feathers that were put around the neck. The cat was in his hat and was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. The cap was long and stripped in red and white. He wore thick black gloves as though to hide the sharp claws, although it helped in sliding on the column when holding something in his hands.

Initially, the sounds were heard in low voices. Many animals were depicted in the show, and such animals formed major sounds during the entire show. The sour Kangaroo possessed a strong personality and a deep voice from which he drew power. Kangaroo could slang something that made me believe that he had a strong personality character. The sound was not only heard from the Kangaroo but also other characters present in the show. A good example of a character is the Horton and the girls. It was marvelous how three girls came to the stage wearing flowered dresses and long socks then begun to sing. Each of the animals rotated in the show and turned to since each of them announcing who they were.

At the stage, the background was lightly colored, and at the start of the show, the lights started to change with the soundtrack. However, it came the point when the lights turned green purplish as the characters danced on the floor. That blinking of the lights was a good plan that helped compliment the performers. A food example is in the way the elephant was illuminated with all the lights focused on it after he finished talking.

Afterward, the focus on the elephant was lost and directed towards a couple of parents. Later the focus was turned towards a little girl who had a great imagination, and her imagination caused her problems. It was, however, amazing how the lights in the back turned blue and the soundtrack was heard even from a distance.

The show was choreographed adequately from all the perspectives of a show. The acting, sets, costumes, sounds, lights were coherently intertwined to form the best show that caught the eyes of every viewer in the showroom. Not at any moment did I feel disappointed by the show although I initially felt as though it would disappoint.