Sperm Donation Essay

Sperm donation: why is it so difficult?

Parentage, sexuality, moral… Sperm donation is facing many psychological problems, which explain that there are sometimes shortages.

“I read an article in the journal, and the idea of giving my sperm began to make its way, even if initially people laughed when I talked about it. Then, my brother and my sister-in-law faced the problem of sterility, examinations and treatments.

It was a very difficult period for them, and it made me well aware of the chance to have children. The opportunity to be a donor to a couple wishing a baby more than anything then appeared for me of none-importance”, says a father who jumped into sperm donation.

Sperm donation: a worthy act, totally free. Obvious for some, totally inconceivable for others. “Unless you have been personally confronted in your entourage to infertility problems, I think not many men feel concerned by the giving their sperm.”, says Guillaume. If it was just question of generosity, things would indeed be simpler…

The test of the semen analysis
A few figures…
In 2009, 400 men donated their sperm. The Medical Assistance with Procreation with sperm donation has enabled the birth of 1 100 babies and 2300 couples were waiting for a gift.

Inconvenience, embarrassment, shame… These are the words mentioned by men passed through the test of the sperm analysis, examination, which tests the fertility of the potential donor. And his manhood at the same time.

The fear of disease also comes into play. “Some men may fear that we discover things they did not want to know. It is one reason, unspoken, which may constitute a brake on the sperm donation,” notes Dominique Regnault, psychologist at CECOS in Reims. Men, while being fruitful, can have genetic diseases in their family. For others, the sperm cannot withstand the freezing and thawing process. Information that, without calling into question the fertility, can also hurt the ego.

The taboo of sexuality
As any human element, sperm donation is framed by the law of 6 August 2004 on bioethics, recalling 3 legal principles: anonymous, free, and consent.

Who can give his sperm? The man must be father of at least one child, be healthy, be less than 45 years of age and have the agreement of his companion.

Whom is this sperm for? Sperm donation address married couples who cannot have children because the man suffers from a major infertility or risk of disease transmission.

The nature of the collected product – semen, liquid of sexual pleasure – but also due to its mode of collection – masturbation – sperm donation is inseparable of sexuality… and all its taboos.

“The need to resort to masturbation can be a problem. In our society, masturbation is forbidden. In general, one is able to overcome such a prohibition, but in conditions of privacy. However, when a man comes to be donor, we know what he will do in the small room”, explains Dominique Regnault. A reality that does not fail to lead to derision, as evidenced by the number of film scenes parodying this collection, but also word games that are abound on the internet as soon as the subject is discussed. Humor, which introduces a setting on a subject, which, for a few of us, is uncomfortable.

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