Statement of Purpose Essay Example

Although I consider it impossible to give more or less detailed statement of my purpose within only three hundred words, I will still attempt to describe my goals in the current paper briefly. I will make my personal statement as structured as it is possible to consider every vital issue.

Business is an engine of economic development of any civilized society; this fact is indisputable.

The science of business administration is a powerful tool of management and is available to those individuals only who have an appropriate propensity to this study. However, the desire to acquire new knowledge and the ability to dispose of this experience very frequently appears more powerful than any born talent. In the case when both inclination and knowledge take place the value of such specialist increases soundly. Work experience in the appropriate field makes the qualification of this individual even more valuable. Therefore, considering the conclusions above I can suppose that my personal, academic, and professional goals and experience correctly corresponds to the Master of Business Administration program of Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

I was always interested in business administration. Still, I have chosen to study Computer Information Systems at DeVry University in Addison, IL, because computer and web technology is a most intensively developing branch in recent years. After graduating from University in June 2020, I began working as a web developer for an advertising company in Florida. I always liked my job because I was interested in this field. However, I felt another inclination a year ago. I realized that even brilliant knowledge and skills of internet technologies could never make me a good administrator. I faced a situation when two slightly different fields could be much more useful when combined. That is why I decided to take Master of Business Administration at Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University in Chicago Loop since July 2015. However, I was always seeking for more and better.

Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Business seems to be a perfect place to continue my Master of Business Administration. As its MBA program is considered one of the best in our country, I would be honored to graduate from here as a skilled specialist. I am sure that my education and work experience have played a significant role in molding my goals. The degree of Computer Information Systems along with my job as a web developer helped me understand my inclination to business and the necessity of proving myself and other people that I can reach as many goals as I put. For me studying at Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Business will mean more than getting the education. I am sure that this place is the only right one for me and I will be the best student.

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