Summarizing Discussion on Maternal Child

Before and after birth, genetic mutations should be identified via preconception consideration of risk factors, family history, and immunity status. Blood related remedies should be found immediately through carrier statistics. Teratogenesis and affecting factors are studied along with drugs utilized during pregnancy such as DES and anti-convulsants resulting in non-neoplastic alterations, increased incidence of fetal injuries, and congenital heart disorders.

Anticancer drugs, detrimental supplements, alcohol, abusive drugs, cigarettes, exposure to excessive radiation, and the likes should be avoided at all costs. Viral diseases such as toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, HIV, diabetes mellitus, hyperthermia also culminate in minatory fetal diseases. Ways of identification, screening, and diagnosis are listed.

Prevalence of diabetes is curtailed by prognosis. Its detrimental effects, treatment techniques, and types are listed. Pancreatic islet transplantation improves quality of life. Genomic and autistic disorders need to be comprehended better. The role of nurses, food, lifestyle, and genetic disposition is questioned via nutrigenomic concepts. Despite a lack of establishment of link between autism and vaccination, the notion still prevails in the society. Rare occurrences of medical conditions, development curbs, and support from family (its pertinence and adequate training to the suffering) are discussed. The origins, downfalls, and causes of obesity are tabulated along with rectification tools. The impact of milieu on natural disposition is also highlighted, indicating the time-tested debate on Nature versus Nurture. Members have relied on several research articles pertaining to the separation of identical twins resulting in differentiation of their intelligence levels for supporting that atmosphere plays a pivotal role in shaping identities. Therefore, epigenetics, a modern concept, also plays a significant role in directing the orientation of lives and diseases acquired.