The Probable Secret of Success Essay

Success is the broad category which includes the desire to achieve the certain important social status, reach a certain goal or solve a serious problem. Success is the common dream about the better life, solution of all problems and achievement of respect, capital, love and friendship. Although the term is universal, everyone has his own idea about the state of success, because everyone has the personal limits of wealth, career development, position in life, etc. In spite of the differences in the understanding of the characteristic of success, there are common ways to achieve it.

First of all, the person should define the target and understand what he wants in this life. The target should be direct, but not an abstract one, because it will be difficult to concentrate on the aim. The target should be real and possible to achieve, otherwise all the attempts are useless.

After that one should divide the major target into the smaller targets. It is quite obvious that the limited and narrower aims are easier to achieve, so it is wise to solve the little problems which would gradually solve the major one and bring you to the desired success. For example, one wants to become an artist. He should start from the drawing of the small sketches and even if they are not successful, the person develops her skill and with the run of time she is able to draw bigger pictures and finally the person masters the skill in the appropriate level and succeeds in drawing.

Probably the most important secret of success is the hard and constant work. If the person wants to achieve something, she should work hard and do her best gradually accomplishing the small targets becoming closer to the main one. Without work and patience nothing is possible in modern life.

Ambitiousness is the important factor which can make the person closer to her of dream of success. If one dares to desire something, he will achieve it, because if the person is afraid of her dreams and does not believe in herself, she will never reach success.

Finally, one must never listen to the advice of the ignorant people who laugh at his failures and attempts on the way to success, because these people only discourage and prevent you from the further activity. Probably they simply envy you that you have started to work for your dream and they can not gather their efforts for it.

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