University of Michigan Application Essay Sample

From the day of my birth my educational path was dictated by my parents and it was only last year that I personally made this choice of changing my life and doing something interesting on my own. With the permission from my parents to study abroad I started to pursue this eye-opening and personal horizon-broadening experience. I realized that I certainly want to meet new people from different countries and share my personal views, experience, habits and customs I obtained when living in Hong Kong. I wanted to learn new things and enrich my global experience. It did not take me long to understand that the best place to experience the new culture and learn new things would be a university, a place where beside informal learning of culture-specific things I would be able to learn formal skills I could use later in my life and future career back at home.

In order to become more competitive and get accepted I would get involved in various activities that make me an ideal student for your university. I would participate in many local clubs, become an orientation leader, a peer tutor and a secretary for the international club let alone the international representative. Being involved in so many different activities let alone continue my studies successfully made me understand that I can easily study under pressure and handle different academic and social activities with ease.

In the University of Michigan I would like to study science related subjects to improve my fundamental skills in order to subsequently study pharmaceutics in the future and get a position in a large pharmaceutical corporation. During my study in Hong Kong, I got admiration from my peers and chemistry teacher who motivated me to pursue my education further in the United States and apply to the University of Michigan. I was so inspired by my chemistry professor that I would spend most of my free time studying additional material and reading extra literature for chemistry and pharmaceutics. In the future I plan to become a pharmacist.

During my US visit the first person I met was a nutrition professor who was extremely nice, knowledgeable and professional that I decided to certainly take her course to better understand the role of healthy nutrition in human health and its impact on some medicine individuals might take. The course indeed proved extremely useful and educating unveiling me the mystery of healthy nutrients and their role in modern healthcare.

The University of Michigan is equipped with the knowledgeable professors, modern facilities and access to progressive educational base that will certainly allow students like me to effectively pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. I am confident that my time spent with the University of Michigan will provide me with the knowledge and skills I need to excel in my career aspirations as well as provide the university with another bright student to take pride in.

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