Violence Against Women Speech

The current speech was designed to speak about violence against women. The reason for choosing this topic is that violence against women remains one of the burning problems of the modern day, and should be addressed as soon as possible. Thought violence against women exists in many countries; the example of Pakistan will discuss this issue.

Despite the fact that the majority of countries have passed the laws assuring that men and women are equal and have equal rights, it happens that in certain countries women seem to have no rights at all. Such issue as the violence against women is still an acute problem that should be addressed both at the national and international levels. There have been many international organizations established to eliminate the violence against women; however, there are a lot of proofs that evidence about the high rate of such violence in Pakistan as well as other countries.

against women continues to be a burning problem of the modern world. Though we have already stepped into the 21 century and by this time the humanity has reached much progress in its development, women still experience severe violence in some countries of the world. Pakistan would make a good example to prove the statement mentioned above. It has been noticed that in developed countries women became more emancipated, and thus are less likely to experience violence. The contrary situation is revealed in developing countries, where due to the lack of legal protection from the side of government women are being abused, and unfortunately cannot get proper legal assistance to protect them from further violence.

So, what is happening in Pakistan and other developing countries?

  1. The rate of violence against women in Pakistan remains rather high in comparison with other countries. The statistical evidence shows that “violence against women had increased in the past 13 years with the highest record in 2004 when over 8,000 cases of gender-based violence were registered” [1]. Surveys and analysis conducted in Pakistan showed that 5,485 cases of gender-based violence were reported in 2005, while the actual number of cases may be far more” [1]. (It is necessary to give statistical evidence here to say how many women are exposed to violence in Pakistan. Because there are different types of violence against women, it is necessary to give statistics on such types of violence as rape, burning, kidnapping, killing and domestic violence). The federal government of Pakistan faces major problem with the growing number of women’s deaths caused by “honor killings”. It is well-known that Pakistani people are very religious and that they ardently follow all their customs and traditions. It was established historically that women belong to men in Pakistan, and for this reason, women bare a full control from the side of male part of the population. Nowadays, Pakistani women became aware of the natural rights which they should have, however, this awareness caused the only growing number of honor killings. According to the tradition, a female that was killed by a man to protect his honor is not considered to be a victim but a guilty party. On the contrary, a killer is considered to be a victim “as he has suffered loss, first to his honor and then of the woman whom he has to kill” [2].
  2. To reduce the number of cases of violence against women Pakistan takes an active part in the establishment of organizations protecting women’s rights. (In the context of this point it is necessary to speak about such groups, as Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and The International Network for the Rights of Female Victims of Violence in Pakistan (INRFVVP).

In conclusion, it is necessary to speak about possible ways of reducing violence against women in Pakistan). Though Pakistan takes part in various international organizations aiming at reducing violence against women in the country, it is only up to Pakistani government to pass laws according to which violators would be punished, otherwise, the problem will never be overcome And only after such laws are passed, men in Pakistan will stop the violence against women. Pakistani women should be educated and know what rights they have; they should be granted equal to men legal protection in the country and be aware that the government protects them. Another matter that Pakistani government should pay attention to is culture because it seems reasonable that life of a person is more important than somebody’s honor or cultural traditions and customs. We live in the 21st century, a century of progress, and thus it is essential that the growth should touch all countries, no matter if they are developed or developing.


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