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Cannabis sativa (aka hemp) is a very durable and fast-growing annual herb with fingering of three to five leaves. Hemp is one of the oldest and most hardy of cultivated plants, with an ability to grow on poor soils in most climate zones, and at altitudes up to 3000 meters above sea level. In favorable cases It can be nine feet tall. In northern Europe, it grows to about two meters. The species is dioecious and has male and female flowers on different plants.

If you look through free sample research papers on the topic you will know that Cannabis sativa has been grown and processed at least since 4000 BC, both for the textile industry and for some medicinal purposes. As drug – for the recreational, religious, and more medical stimulation – it arose in India after the plant was imported from China, and is referred to in the earliest religious writings dating around 1500-2000 BC. In Europe, hemp was historically used in the textile industry.

It was grown in Europe in the early 1900s, according to the 1912 edition of Nordic Family, and almost completely lacked the narcotic proprties that distinguished what was then called the Indian hemp, namely cannabis. The psycho- and neuro-active substances known by a common name for cannabinoids. The most active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly abbreviated as THC.

As a cultivated plant, hemp has many potential uses. Before synthetic materials became available, the plant fibers were often used as raw material for making ropes, sacks, and nets. Because of competition from other types of fibers that were cheaper or less labor intensive, the cultivation of hemp almost stopped in many parts of Europe before the 1920s.

Cannabis sativa, which was primarily used for its fibers is characterized by long stems and weak branches. One of these high-growing variants called Futura. The demand for these fibers has increased in recent decades, particularly when new preparation methods was developed, which also makes the fibers suitable for textile industry. From a plant’s seeds can be extracted hemp oil, which can be used in the production of cooking oil, lubricants, soap, shampoo, and as a fuel. Parts of the plant have long been consumed because of their psychoactive properties, a practice which in many places is illegal and therefore entailed far-reaching restrictions on the management of the plant in relation to its other uses. Hemp is also interesting as biofuel in the form of briquettes and possible fast-growing raw material for ethanol production from cellulose. Hemp fibers are still held to be strong and durable. One of the drawbacks with ropes of hemp that hemp is susceptible to rot and need to be treated with tar. It is called then drove yarn.

Within the EU in 2010/2011 hemp were grown on about 11 000 hectares. This was a decrease from the previous year. 66% of the land was in France.

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