Research Paper on Childhood Vaccinations

To date childhood vaccination is one of the most effective methods for preventing infectious diseases. The principle of vaccination is introducing a pathogen (or artificially synthesized albumen identical to albumen of the pathogen) in the patient body. Such an injection is intended to stimulate formation of antibodies that are to fight the infection, which allows the body to produce proof immunity to the certain disease.

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Childhood vaccination in modern medicine is a successful way to protect the body from different family viruses (measles, German measles, poliomyelitis, contagious parotitis, viral hepatitis) or causative agents of tuberculosis, whooping-cough, diphtheria, haemophilus influenzae, tetanius, other bacteria.

Childhood vaccination can take place both singly and repeatedly. As a rule, the vaccination from contagious parotitis, tuberculosis, measles and other infections are done only once during lifetime. In turn, DPT vaccine is to be administered several times.

Booster vaccination is a procedure aimed to enforce the immunity that was built-up as a result of previous vaccination. Usually booster vaccination is done in an algoristic interval after the first vaccination.

In the first day of life a newborn the first vaccination against viral hepatitis is to be done. This virus presents a large threat exactly for child’s organism. If suffered in early age, in most cases the disease will not be cured fully, and will pass into the chronic form. Such scenario is very unwelcome as it often results in cirrhosis or even primary cancer of liver.

In most cases, a newborn can become the carrier of viral virus: frequently the disease develops unnoticed, the symptoms of the classic icterus do not show up as a rule. For this reason, the best method to protect the health of the child is to do a vaccination. This absolutely painless procedure will prevent possibility of development of serious and dangerous disease. If the first vaccination against viral hepatitis is done in a maternity hospital at first twenty four hours of child life, then second is to done in three months.

To prevent tuberculosis, the BCG vaccine has to be injected under the skin of child on the third-seventh days of life of the kid. The BCG vaccine is the effective enough, tested means of protecting from this disease.

In subsequent years of the child’s life other measures are to be taken on strengthening the immunity. Primary vaccinations and booster vaccination are to be done for building up immunity against one or another infection.

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