Cultural Intelligence Research Paper

No matter what words we use trying to indicate the tasks of education in knowledge translation, reproduction of culture, its values and traditions, we will inevitably have to recognize that education reproduces the existing social order, preparing socialized, competent, and loyal participants of social life, comply with the rules, regulations, and laws in the given country.

Of course, each community has different criteria of loyalty and social adequacy of personality. However, it is difficult to imagine such pluralistic social system, where schools legally prepare offenders and violators of the dominant State order. No matter how much education is strip of an ideological bias, it may not be completely isolated from the social education of personality, more or less adapted to the current rules of the public order. On the contrary, modern cultural understanding of the elite place in the social strata system is built on the recognition of the intrinsic value of the phenomenon of social order as one of the defining cultural factors of any community.

is a group, not only the most affluent, educated, refined group, with priority access to a range of social benefits and the like, but mostly that performing the function of maintaining and reproducing the existing social order and related cultural norms governing behavior and consciousness of the people. It should be emphasized that this elite function is not only political, but just as much cultural, although often elite is only the social customer and intellectuals are the executors. From this point of view, it is significant that the intellectuals, being direct generators and constructors of cultural content, reference to the social system, do not belong to the category of political elite. Thus, voluntarily, for pay or under threat of reprisals, intellectuals create cultural content referential for the social order showing and systematizing what the order wants from people. Of course, this is not about vulgar demands authorities imposed using violence, but about voluntary convention between the individual and the Government that promised security of the person rights, access to the material and spiritual benefits as a reward for political loyalty and social adequacy.

It should be noted that a similar policy towards fellow citizens are inherent not only to totalitarian regimes, but to any solid regime (level of solidity of the regime is measured by its ability to minimize the extent of the police service, compensating it with the expansion of services intellectuals and efficiency the group creates cultural contents). The cultural contents may refer to various genres, such as a religious, philosophical, scientific, artistic, and journalistic.

One of the most effective systems of this kind for working on the reproduction of actual public order is maintaining certain education level.

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