Research Paper on Extracurricular Activities

Today, colleges are experiencing a need technology for training and education of creative personality in students, which would include the goals and objectives of education and training, the forms and methods of organization of extracurricular activities, criteria for the selection and structuring its content.

Therefore, it is necessary to search means of forming creative personality in students during the whole education process, both in academic and extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are less regulated and therefore represent a great opportunity for realization of creative potential in young people.

At the same time, existing approaches do not fully take into account the specificity of the formation of the personality during the extracurricular activity of the students.

Social activity, as a form of extracurricular activities, is an integral social characteristic, including the availability of the necessary knowledge and skills manifesting through the initiative, set of socially significant actions aimed at intensive, conscious interaction with the social environment; proper perception of social reality. The development and formation of this characteristic takes place in diverse socially important activity, providing comprehensive personal development.

Organizing such activities, special attention should be paid to factors of personal development activity.

Such factors are in general divided into internal and external.Internal sources of social activity of students, also known as subjective-personal, may include personal needs, interests, abilities, motives, individual opportunity and so on.

Moreover, social activity in some way may be influenced by characteristics of temperament, nature, negative life experiences, excessive shyness, insecurity, health status, etc.

Extracurricular activities are one of the subsystems of training process. They are directly responsible for the formation of skills of socially significant relationships, norms, rules, values, attitudes, motivations, methods, and socially valuable humanistic attitudes towards people, society, and the world.

Extracurricular activities are activities outside school or college curriculum, as a part of individual training. Unlike academic, extracurricular activities are optional by virtue of its essential features, and are a form of personal educational activities of students according to their interests and needs.

The degree of participation of teachers in extracurricular work with students can be an indicator of completeness and liability in the performance of duties and in this capacity be assessed. In general, participate in the organization of extracurricular activities should be considered part of the official functions and as a manifestation of moral and professional position of teacher.

The purpose of extracurricular activity is social and personal development of the student in favorable environment for independent personal training, which transforms them into subjects of private and public life.

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