Research Paper on Hate Groups

Hate group is an organized group or movement of people who are calling for hatred or violence against certain racial, ethnic, political, religious, gender, sexually-oriented or any other social group. Hate groups usually support the agitation against other groups or individuals. The violence against the object of hatred usually passes through certain stages of development where verbal violence is transformed into physical violence in which the ultimate goal is the destruction of the object of hatred.

The impact of the Internet on the further development of hate group is very significant these days. Hate groups usually individually invite new members and spread their propaganda through leaflets and pamphlets. In contrast to the traditional method, it allows the recruiting all over the world, and the members can talk to each other in real time, no matter where you are. It is, in fact, became the catalyst for many hate and extremist groups, because with the Internet as a medium, they have a virtually inexhaustible source for new members, especially younger people. The Internet has been a boon for hate groups in terms of promotion, recruitment, and expanding their base to include younger audiences. Hate groups on the Internet do not have to be part of some traditional factions such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Rick Eaton, an expert from the Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, shows some of the approximately 14 thousand Internet hate groups, covering all the continents, of all the racial prejudices and ethnic hostilities.

Eaton says that the Internet allows very easy dissemination of hate material, “with the Internet, these messages are transmitted and spread like a contagion: the one and only video recording, which set some hate group or a terrorist organization, can appear for a short time on hundreds of other websites.”

With the advent of Facebook and other online social networks, hate groups use it as an excellent platform where they can easily create group pages and with the ease recruit new members and to spread their propaganda. Anyone can open and create a Facebook group and invite those that write their comments on the group page, you can easily share the pictures, videos, and actively participate in the debate on the pages of the groups of which you are a member. In order to become a member of some groups on Facebook, a candidate must have his own user account on Facebook and have to just like the group he wants to be a participant in. Facebook environment makes it so easy that it is often the only reason for a group to exist. Facebook has taken some measures about combating the hate group in their area after accumulating complaints from influential communities and groups. Measures have been introduced in respect of contractual obligations for new colleagues and groups as well as some of the new measures in the treatment of the complaint. However, these new measures are not significantly change the number of hate groups.

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