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Home Health Care is services of assisting the individual with the help of the healthcare professional, but the services can also be purchased from private companies. Today, the home health care services are often fused with home care efforts.

Personal home health care consists primarily of nursing assistants but also physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and assistants. Usually, the assisting staff wears special clothing, such as uniform jackets, vests, aprons, and sometimes other equivalent tops and pants. However, for the most part home health care staff works in their own clothes, often with a protective apron over.

Home health care services and home care efforts are guided by several laws, primarily of (Social Services Act), PCAs, the Act concerning Support and Service for the disabled, LSS and Health Act, HSL. It is incumbent upon each municipal social services to decide on the actions to each individual’s need, based on current law, and then decision is taken to grant or refuse sought help. The care provision is decided generally by a doctor but can also be ordered by a nurse and in some cases by a care manager. Thereafter, the respective home-help group in consultation with the individuals makes up an individual work plan on how aid should be designed and implemented.

Regarding the need for medical assistance, these are prescribed by the attending physician and/or nurse.

In addition to medical assistance, the action may consist of, for example, cleaning, shopping, bed, personal hygiene, diapering, meal assistance, walking, walker, for example, medical visits, inspections, and more.

A problem long existed in home health care is the cleanliness. Now gloves, aprons, hand sanitizer, and other means to provide good hygiene conditions are more available – something that was not so obvious just a few years ago. However, there is still much to improve on this point.

Another problem has been the working conditions at home of the care recipients: Often staff works in cramped apartments and even inaccessible areas.

Equally, the staff often works in homes that are smoky and where there are animals or other allergenic items. According to the Social Services Act, staff may not refuse to work in smoky environments, but instead it is the very employer’s responsibility to arrange the appropriate condition for the work. In addition, the routes to and from the care recipients are a major problem, especially in rural areas during the winter.

Other difficulties with home health care work are that it is a work with people. Researchers have studied this interaction in several decades and found that it often happens that you work with your heart rather than a form of caring rationality between the brain and heart. A risk that can easily arise in these meetings is that discrimination of care recipients can occur.

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