Military Technology Research Paper

Military technology remains a driving sector where the expenditure on research and development is decisive. At the end of the twentieth century, the USA spent nearly 14% of the budget for defense. Today this figure increased significantly due to the large investment in the field of research and development.

The fact is that advanced technologies, with their new and more refined approach, remain initially reserved for the military or scientific before be extended to the civilian sector. Satellite positioning system, for example, was largely focused on military use before being partially opened to civilian community.

Electronics is particularly dominant component in the weapon systems, in particular, in the air force, for the combat aircrafts and various missiles, as well as in space, with satellites and launchers. To the point that some voices denounce the excessive «technologization» in the weapon industry and its impact on the costs of armaments programs. It appears in fact that 5% of high technology weighing up to 20-25% of the cost of a program. In turn, excessive high-tech may prove prohibitive export to countries that cannot have such an advanced weapons.

Nevertheless, new technologies, especially information technology, have helped revolutionize the development and production, as, for example, Optronics helped open a new market for the sector of intelligence and observation. They have influenced the military industry that has been able to adopt new requirements.

Science does not stand still and the technology that seemed fantastic and unreal has long been used, and even more unrealistic projects already are preparing for implementation. It is no secret that a large number of new technology has long been used in the military before moving to the civil sector.

Now there are is enough quite promising studies in this area. British experts has created a special paint, which is able to ensure invisibility to the enemy eyes on the battlefield. Coat of paint is applied on a surface, and external video cameras collect data about environment and send it to the onboard computer, which analyzed the data, and “re-paints” machine in accordance with certain colors. Thus, the technique almost merges the vehicle with the environment. By 2015, it is planned to supply such samples to active duty.

Israeli experts have developed a system that analyzes thermal images and displays the image on special screens that are on the surface of the military craft. Such a technique allows to be invisible to a variety of night vision devices, as well as weapons, which uses a system of thermal vision.

In America, the same program has been established for the creation of a special camouflage for the fighter, which will be able to blend in with the environment.

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