Risk of Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper

Teenage pregnancy is a pregnancy in the age of 13-17. Teenage pregnancy usually originates in the inadequacy of age to sexual and social maturity. The age and social maturity criteria vary in different countries and cultures.

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Teenage pregnancy has medical, social, economic, psychological and other aspects. In developed countries it is seen as a social issue because of the low level of education and a high poverty rate of teenage mothers. According to the statistical data, 40% of girls were pregnant before age 20, 3.2% of mothers give birth between the age of 15 to 17. In developed countries, the average proportion of teenage pregnancies is about 10-15%.

Teen pregnancy is a very dangerous phenomenon. To ensure its healthy progress, you need to know what the risks of teenage pregnancy are.

Signs of a teenage pregnant:

  • delayed menstruation;
  • morning nausea, vomiting;
  • a sudden aversion to meat and fatty foods;
  • weakness;
  • pain in the chest and nipples.

If most of the signs are present, it is worth to do a pregnancy test, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Pregnant adolescents require especially careful monitoring of their pregnancy, need proper sleep and nutrition. However, in most cases, the girls hide the symptoms from their parents, or are rejected by their parents, and therefore do not receive any assistance. That is why teen pregnancy is dangerous for young mother and fetus.

Teenage body does not always have enough strength to fully carry a child. The hormonal surges that occur in the female body during this period may also hinder the pregnancy.

A normal pregnancy lasts 37-40 weeks. Up to 37 weeks, the birth is considered premature. It happens often in adolescents. A premature baby weighs far less than a baby carried for a full-term and sometimes needs an extra care after birth.

Teenagers, who are sexually active, run particular risk of getting some sexually transmitted diseases. The condom usually helps against infection and pregnancy. However, often teenagers neglect contraception, while in the heat of passion or alcohol. Such activities can have dire consequences.

Pregnant teen girl, having infection is more likely to pass the disease to a child who already is weak. Girl teens during pregnancy particularly need moral support, medical and psychological assistance.

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