Research Proposal on Micro and Small Enterprises

Micro and small enterprises are the small types of business which are characterized with small investing, low profit and rapid turnover of the capital. Evidently, micro and small enterprises can be called the most important sector of the state economy after medium business. The average developed country has the 34% profit into its budget form micro and small enterprises and the sums are really serious and improve the country’s economy profoundly.

Naturally, these enterprises solve several problems – economical and social ones. For example, due to micro and small enterprises the country solves the problem of unemployment and poverty, because many people have the chance to start their own profitable private or family business and provide themselves with everything they need. Moreover, these types of business supply more than 30% of the country’s income and provide more than 30% of goods for export, what can be called serious profit for the state. Micro and small enterprises are extremely popular in India and for the majority of people these firms are the single source of profit.

Due to the growing popularity of these types of business India is developing rapidly and defeats the problem of poverty in the intensive ways.

Micro and small enterprises have got their names due to the limited financing for equipment and machinery used in business.

The owners of these enterprises have received little credits and have the chance to develop their business further. Micro and small enterprises are characterized with high capital turnover, because in order to earn a lot one has to produce and sell his cheap goods frequently. The majority of the firms of these types are involved into agriculture and the sphere of services.

Micro and small enterprises are the forms of business which do not involve serious capital into their establishment and development. The student who has the task to prepare a good project about micro and small enterprises should dwell on the issues which can be regarded as the most important and urgent ones. The young professional has to design the list of the points and questions which will be observed in the research paper and provide the professor with the methodology of writing and research of the assignment. Finally, one should remember about the persuasive manner of presentation of information about these types of enterprises.

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